The Magus Era Chapter 1310 – WN

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The pair of swords made from the horns of the dragon ancestor used to be kept in the ancestral temple, worshipped as an incarnation of the dragon ancestor. Before, this pair of sword would only be taken out from the ancestral temple for important ceremonies. But now, it was right here, in front of Ji Hao.

Ji Hao grinned in speechlessness, looked at Netherworld Hierarch, and asked, “Elder, do you dare to take this pair of swords?”

Netherworld Hierarch’s facial expressions were very interesting to watch at this moment, as he looked at Pan Jia in a very complicated way. A long, long while later, he slowly responded, “So, this is the pair of swords made from dragon ancestor’s horns, I’ve truly never seen it before…I don’t want to be hunted by a group of crazy dragons, so…”

Pan Jia’s eyes shone sharply. Pointing at the pair of swords, she smiled and said, “My friend here, if you like these swords, just take them. As for the so-called dragon-kind, once I recreate my physical body, I will surely solve all leftover problems for you.”

Ji Hao bared his teeth, while Netherworld Hierarch’s face twitched.

They glanced at each other, then turned to White Feather simultaneously. Laughing hollowly, Ji Hao said, “Mr. White Feather, we’re friends now. Before you demonstrate your sincerity on behalf of the Westin Family, please do me a favor.”

Glancing at the group of dark water serpent men, who sat aside with long faces, Ji Hao continued with a deep voice, “Those girls I purchased earlier, Mr. White Feather, please send them to Tushan Inkstone, and ask him to send those girls to a safe place for me.”

Before White Feather said a word, Ji Hao carried on with a relaxed tone, “About a hundred thousand top-grade crystals, presumably, this tiny amount of crystal means nothing to the Westin Family. Therefore, the payment of those girls will be covered by the Netherworld blood ganoderma. Is everyone okay with it?”

Pan Jia rolled up her eyeballs and shouted aggressively, “Old crayfish, what do you mean?”

White Feather and the other representatives hurriedly grinned and responded, “We understand, we understand. No matter who gets the ganodorma at last, you don’t need to pay for those girls. Take those girls as a gift from your new friends, Mr. Summer.”

Ji Hao smilingly nodded and then glanced at Tushan Inkstone.

Who knew what would happen later? Pan Jia even offered a sacred treasure that belonged to the dragon-kind. Judging by her behavior, one could easily tell how crazily she craved a treasure that could rebuild her physical body.

Ji Hao decided to prepare for the worst, letting Tushan Inkstone send the two-hundred and forty-thousand girls to a safe place, so that Ji Hao could play the game with all these strong creatures without worrying. Ji Hao was curious. What did the Westin Family need the netherworld blood ganoderma for? And what did the others need it for?

He was more curious about why Pan Jia come to Pan Gu world, and why did Ao Li and Feng Qinxin act so weirdly.

White Feather called a couple of guards and whispered a few words to them. Soon, Tushan Inkstone walked out with these few guards. Smiling to Ji Hao, White Feather said, “Those human girls are kept right in Kui Gate. Before long, Mr. Tushan will bring them to wherever you want them to be.”

Ji Hao nodded, smilingly pointed at those treasures from the Dragon Palace, which floated in front of Pan Jia, and said with a deep voice, “So, my friends, let’s see what you can offer. This lady’s offer was very, very astonishing. Apart from this pair of dragon horn swords, the other few treasures she offered are all truly precious. If you really want the Netherworld blood ganoderma, you have to prove it!”

Netherworld Hierarch grinningly held the ganoderma. The Netherworld blood ganoderma was held in his hand anyway, so no one could take it away easily.

No matter what those people offered, the final decision would be made by him. He was curious too. Pan Jia, and all these representatives, what did they want the Netherworld blood ganoderma for?

They were so eager for this Netherworld blood ganoderma…Netherworld Hierarch smiled more proudly. No one knew what did that smile of his mean. Was there a way to make all these people suffer a loss, but without being able to complain? To the others, the Netherworld blood ganoderma was indeed an extremely rare treasure, extremely difficult to find. But to him, who controlled the blood pool in hell, it was not exactly like that. One could not find a large quantity of Netherworld blood ganoderma in the blood pool, but in the vast blood pool, this kind of treasure was not so rare.

Should he give each of these people a Netherworld blood ganoderma that was specially processed by him?

Thinking about this, Netherworld Hierarch gave an even larger grin, that was even harder to understand. He sat still without hurry and haste, letting Ji Hao say whatever he wanted.

White Feather took a deep breath, then calmed himself down and said in a deep voice, “Sir, you didn’t offer this Netherworld blood ganoderma for the lady’s treasures because those treasures are from the Dragon Palace, did you? What attracted you were the powers and magical functions of those treasures, right?”

Netherworld Hierarch curved his lip corners down. He did want those treasures from the Dragon Palace, but he wanted Pan Jia more. Of course, he would never tell anybody about his real target. Therefore, he nodded and responded, “You’re right. Can you offer anything as good as those treasures from the Dragon Palace?”

White Feather nodded, quickly took out a series of exquisitely crafted pieces, and began working. A few breaths later, he built a three-feet-wide teleportation formation, then instantly filled it with a large amount of crystals. All crystals disintegrated the moment they touched the formation, transformed into energy streams, and were absorbed by the formation.

After swallowing a hundred thousand top-grade crystals, the core of this tiny teleporting formation was lighted up.

Flicking his finger, White Feather cast a spell. A straight beam of light was released from the formation core, and from the light, a dark-purple light sphere flew out. Within the human-head sized, purple light sphere, countless faintly visible stars were sparkling.

“Back then, when my-kind invaded Pan Gu world, my ancestors fought against the ancient heaven. They killed a divine god from the heaven, and this treasure flew out from his head.” White Feather smiled faintly and continued, “Later on, my ancestors searched for information about that divine god, and found that he was known as the most powerful magic formation artist in the world. This treasure… is the core of all magic formations he created.”

“This is ‘star-controlling ring’, a pre-world divine treasure. It can activate the powers of all stars in the world, and build a tremendous magic formation with natural stars. It can deliver all kinds of possibilities, and is unimaginably powerful.”

Hearing this, even Netherworld Hierarch popped out his eyes in surprise. “This treasure…This treasure…The heaven and earth great formation was created for defending the heaven, and the fundamental great formation used by the ancient heaven for attacking, was generated from this treasure.”

Looking at the ‘star-controlling ring’, Netherworld Hierarch whispered to Ji Hao using his spirit power, “Ji Hao, even my friend Yu Yu wanted to seize this treasure back then, but he was too ashamed to do it. Yu Yu started his cultivation from the arts of sword and magic formation, and most of your brothers and sisters are good at the arts of sword and magic formation as well. With this ‘star-controlling ring’, your achievement on the art of magic formation will soar.”

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. He glanced at White Feather, then took a glimpse at Pan Jia. Before he said anything, White Feather continued talking, “Including this one, our Westin Family owns twelve supreme divine treasures from the ancient heaven like this!”

White Feather looked at Netherworld Hierarch and said with a big grin on his face, “We are willing to trade all twelve supreme divine treasures for this Netherworld blood ganoderma!”

Ji Hao slowly stood up. As he prepared to say something, Pan Jia suddenly burst into a shrill scream from aside, and pulled out the pair of dragon horn swords with both hands. One sword pierced straight to White Feather’s heart, while the other sword hacked down towards Netherworld Hierarch’s wrist.


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