The Magus Era Chapter 1302 – WN

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In large human families, sons of concubines did not have the right to inherit the power and wealth of the family. Nevertheless, if a son of a concubine was cruel and fierce enough to kill his brothers and father, awe all family elders, and earn the support of all family warriors, even as a son of a concubine, he could take over the entire family for sure.

This rule was also applicable to the spirit creature society, but in a much crueler, bloodier, and more direct way.

Once the dragon whale was killed by Ji Hao with the nine blood flying knives, all spirit creatures on the scene felt that they were soaking in an ice-cold water. Both their bodies and souls were frozen. None of them could say a word; none of them dared to say a word either.

That dragon whale was from the North Sea, a peak-level one. In its original shape, it was eight-thousand-miles long, and it had lived for millions of years. Not to mention his other abilities, merely with physical strength, he could easily crush peak-level Divine Magi. He was a greatly powerful ‘spirit creature king’, but because of nine one-inch-deep wounds, he was turned into a puddle of blood within a few seconds.

If Ji Hao only killed his physical body, he would still have a chance to live. As a powerful spirit creature, as long as his soul survived, he could always forcibly occupy the body of a strong descendant of his. With the new body, he would be able to recover in merely hundreds of years.

However, the nine blood flying knives didn’t even spare his soul.

When his body was destroyed, his soul was eroded by the blood power too. Witnessed by countless spirit creatures, his soul disappeared.

Around the dead dragon whale, over ten dragon whales stared at Ji Hao, stunned. Abruptly, tens of ordinary whales attacked together from the crowd behind these dragon whales following a shrill howl. They pulled out their weapons fiercely and hacked on the bodies of seven to eight dragon whales in the front. These whales showed no mercy when they attacked, and gave those dragon whales no chance to dodge.

The few dragon whales didn’t see this coming. Firstly, they never thought that their trusted warriors would try to kill them; secondly, they were frightened by the power Ji Hao released. Because of that, their reaction speed was slowed down by a hundred percent.

As tens of heavy blades and axes hacked down crazily, the seven to eight strong dragon whales were injured severely within a blink of an eye.

Dragon whales had incredibly strong bodies, with an extremely thriving life-force. A flew dragon whales even had their necks chopped off halfway, and got tens of giant wounds on their chests and stomachs. Some of their internal organs were even squeezed out of their bodies. But still, they roared in rage and attempted to struggle up and fight back.

“Dear leaders, why don’t we just yield to the ‘king’? What are you waiting for?” The tens of dragons growled out loud and attacked even more brutally.

The other few dragon whales, who were standing aside and were completely stunned, finally realized what had truly been happening. They glanced at each other. As a fierce, bland blood-red light shone in their eyes, a deep blue power burst from their bodies. Next, they pulled out their weapons and pounced on the seven to eight dragon whales too.

Heavy weapons landed on their bodies like raindrops. The seven to eight dragon whales screamed in pain. Some of them had been asking the other powerful spirit creatures, who were present on top of the surrounding stone pillars, for help, but no one responded.

Silently, all spirit creatures on the scene watched this internal fight of the whale dragon gang. They watched the few direct descendants of the dead dragon whale be chopped into meat paste. Following shrill, heartbreaking screams, the souls of these few dragon whales were torn apart and swallowed by the others.

What happened next was a muffled series of thudding noise. Along with the thudding noise, large groups of dragon whales, whales, sharks and the other spirit creatures leaped down from stone pillar tops, then kneeled under Ji Hao’s feet and kowtowed to him.

“King!” Reverently, these spirit creatures kneeled and put their foreheads on the ground. No one dared to make any other move.

“Did all descendants of that one die?” Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. These whales and dragon whales seemed to be quite smart. In order to earn Ji Hao’s trust, they neatly chopped the dead dragon whale’s die-hard followers.

“A few were left in our camp. If…” A dragon whale politely kowtowed to Ji Hao, then responded with a muffled voice.

“Alright, let them be. Hehe, a few little things, there’s nothing they can do.” Ji Hao proudly looked at these spirit creatures and said, “So, are you planning to follow me from now on? Which means, I’m your ‘king’ now, right?”

The group of dragon whales and whales hurriedly kowtowed to Ji Hao, and swore that they would pledge their loyalties and even risk their lives for him.

Ji Hao showed the whites of his eyes. Even among human beings, there were many that he couldn’t trust, so how would he ever trust these spirit creatures? But, he wasn’t worried about that. When the auction was over, there would be plenty of methods for Ji Hao to turn these spirit creatures into his true loyal warriors.

Snorting slightly, he turned around and smiled to Netherworld Hierarch, then said, “Elder, please, forgive all this.”

Netherworld Hierarch glanced at those dead dragon whales, who were already minced, as if he couldn’t bear to watch such a waste. Then, he shook his head and said, “It’s alright. These spirit creatures…I’m not surprised by what they did. I’m just hoping that we can have some good treasures in this auction.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. A watery cloud rose from under his feet, then carried him up to the thousands of meters tall stone pillar, which was occupied by those dragon whales. Waving his sleeve, he released a cold light that swept across the pillar top, cleaning all the blood and body parts on it. Afterward, Ji Hao sat straight on the giant rock that the first dead dragon whale was sitting on, then coldly glanced at those ‘spirit creature kings’ on top of surrounding stone pillars one by one. The facial expressions of those ‘spirit creature kings’ were all complicated.

The hundreds of ‘kings’ each squeezed a faint smile out of their faces while slightly nodding at him.

Ji Hao’s power was admitted by these ‘kings’. Even though ‘Summer’ was only a lowly crayfish, he was powerful enough to earn these kings’ respect now. In the eyes of these ‘kings’, Ji Hao was now a truly powerful being, who was on an equal footing with themselves.

Ji Hao and Netherworld Hierarch sat side by side on the stone pillar, surrounded by a large group of strong dragon whales and whales. Down below, a great number of spirit creatures, who willingly chose to follow Ji Hao, surrounded the pillar.

Groups of spirit creatures and other beings walked into the auction house ceaselessly. Ji Hao saw the four men on a large rock. Some rocks were occupied by Yu Clan, Jia Clan, Xiu Clan people, and some weird-looking creatures that Ji Hao couldn’t recognize.

After about a quarter of an hour, as a group of black water serpents walked in, an echoing bell ring could be heard in the auction house.

In the middle of the auction house, on a round-shaped stage that was kept empty on purpose, an especially handsome merman slowly walked to the middle. Water streams hovered around this merman, while tens of water-tank-sized blue pearls floated above his head, covering his body with a sparkling watery light.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the auction hosted by all chambers of commerce here in Kui Gate.”

“I assume you are all here because of the few legendary treasures. But other than those, the chambers of commerce in Kui Gate have also provided quite a few rare pieces. Ladies and gentlemen, please, let’s take a look.”

“Enough of the small talk. As the warm-up item of this auction, this first one is truly great.”

“Tow-hundred and forty-thousand young human girls… Starting price, thirty-thousand top-grade magic crystals, or three-million high-grade crystal. Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re interested, please start bidding.”


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