The Magus Era Chapter 1299 – WN

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White Feather widely popped out his five eyes, his face filled with shock and confusion. Shaking his hands, he rushed over to Ji Hao.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight! Please, we’re all friends, all frie…”

Ji Hao moved. Making the Big Dipper step, he numbly flashed across the air like a ghost, leaving a few clearly visible, dark space cracks in the air. Like a drunk bear, he slightly turned his body and bumped straight into the flood dragon man’s chest with his shoulder.

Before the other three could rush up to save the flood dragon man, everyone else on the scene clearly saw that under Ji Hao’s translucent silver-blue shell, his arm suddenly swelled, turning even thicker than the flood dragon man’s waist.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Followed by a quick series of thuds, wrapped in an agitated, frigid spirit creature power, Ji Hao activated the seventh turn of the cultivation method with nine turns. The physical strength, which was even hundreds of times greater than the strength of an enormous dragon, was put forth through his muscles and bones. Faintly, Ji Hao sensed that his physical strength had already reached the limitation of his body.

Activating the seventh turn of the cultivation method with nine turns, with every strike he launched, he would be launching it with the strength that was one hundred and twenty-eight times greater than his own.

Ji Hao screamed. His twisted face made his scream sound even scarier. Through every single punch, he seemed to crazily turn all his energy into a bomb, and throw it out like a shooting star.

Every punch he made would bring him an unbearable pain, as if his entire arm was going to explode right in the next moment. But, in the meanwhile, because of the magical body-strengthening effect of the cultivation method with nine turns, every punch Ji Hao launched would make him stronger, tougher, and would allow them to generate a greater strength.

Within a blink of an eye, Ji Hao threw three-thousand and six-hundred heavy punches onto the flood dragon man’s chest like flashing light beams.

The flood dragon man’s body was glowing with a cyan-colored light. At first, when Ji Hao’s punches land on his body, nothing but large ripples were stirred up from the cyan light. But soon afterward, the ripples were shattered, and the cyan light was gradually torn apart as well. Ji Hao’s fists landed on the man’s chest, dented his skin, and squeezed blood out of his broken muscles in streams.

Soon, followed by a continuous series of muffled thuds, the flood dragon man’s ribs broke, one after another, then were smashed, piece by piece. This ‘unbreakable linden body’ contained an incredibly strong life-force, because of which, his broken bones healed ceaselessly, only to be broken by Ji Hao again.

“Mr. Summer!” Seeing Ji Hao punch the flood dragon man insanely, and the other three men screaming hoarsely while waving their wooden staffs and chasing after Ji Hao, yet failing to even touch a hair of his, White Feather’s five eyes shone brightly.

“Freeze!” White Feather suddenly closed his eyes, then opened those eyes in the next moment. Instantly, rapidly swirling airstreams emerged around Ji Hao’s body, tying him up from all directions, like countless soft yet strong ropes.

“Err…Break!” Ji Hao turned around and grinned at White Feather, who tried to stop him with an unknown magic. He stopped putting forth his strength through his right fist. Instead, he launched the combined the sky-opening and earth-splitting.

Ji Hao accurately aimed at the weakest vital spot of the flood dragon man’s body, and launched the strike. All his spirit power was compressed into a tiny spot, then erupted along with the earth-splitting move. Added with the one-hundred and twenty-eight times greater strength generated by the seventh turn of the cultivation method with nine turns, Ji Hao’s fist cracked the space, created a purely dark slash in the air, then punctured the dragon flood man’s chest.

Boom! A human-head sized hole was left on the man’s chest.


Penetrating the flood-dragon man’s chest, Ji Hao suddenly spread his five fingers. Making a strange hand gesture, he slightly waved his hand. That terrifying force generated by his fist was dispelled, seeming to have never existed in the world. Except for puncturing the man’s chest, Ji Hao’s fist didn’t even stir up even a slight gust of wind, neither did it cause any harm to the surrounding spirit creatures or environment.

Watched such a marvelous strike launched by Ji Hao, Netherworld Hierarch couldn’t even stop nodding. He almost slapped his thigh and laughed out loud.

Through this strike, Ji Hao perfectly demonstrated the pure, violent strength, the fiercest strength. Netherworld Hierarch even sensed a mighty Dao from this strike.

If this strike were launched by someone else, the destructive force would certainly spread for hundreds of miles, and every single thing in this area would be turned into ashes. But, being launched by Ji Hao, this fierce strike could also be so gentle. To the enemy, this strike seemed to even destroy the entire universe, like the intense battle between a hundred dragons. But afterward, it was as gentle as a dust landing on the hair bun of a sixteen-year-old man, nothing else but the target was affected.

Ji Hao controlled his power so perfectly; what he did was almost a ‘Dao’.

Ji Hao was also quite satisfied with this strike he made. He slowly took back his fist, turned around, and glanced at White Feather, who was completely stunned now. While grinning, Ji Hao said, “White Feather…Are you…on the same side as these four guys? Do you want to die?”

Ji Hao didn’t try to conceal the strong intent of killing in his heart at all. He merged the scary dark power and blood power from his embryo of Dao of blood pool with the spirit creature power he created. Visibly, a bloody red, strong power spurting out of Ji Hao’s body condensed into tens of blood-red serpent-like streams, and instantly around White Feather’s body.

All of a sudden, the boundless blood-pool appeared before White Feather’s eyes. In the blood pool, countless twisted faces struggled and screamed. White Feather saw many familiar faces in the blood pool… His elders, his relatives, the ones who used to be under his command, the ones who had lost their lives long ago… Those people were soaked in the blood-pool, crying, wailing, screaming. They reached out their hands, trying to drag White Feather into that blood-pool, where he could never be free…

“No!” White Feather howled heartbreakingly, then staggered backward with big steps.

Cold sweat oozed out of his skin in ceaseless streams. Tremblingly, White Feather stared at Ji Hao and screamed, “Mr. Summer, we, we are only business partners…I, I’m not with them…But, Mr. Summer, if you kill anyone here, you won’t be able to attend the auction later!”

“Ah, I see!” Ji Hao scratched his forehead and said blandly, “We have to give Lord Dark Water Ao Ao some respect. We shouldn’t cause troubles in his zone! So…You four, apologize, apologize now! Otherwise, I will kill you…Then kill White Feather. In this way, the treasures he’s sending to the auction will naturally be mine!”

Ji Hao laughed with a hissing voice, while carelessly releasing his frightful, bloody spirit creature power. He then continued, “Kill the man and take his treasures, I’ve done things like this. This kind of thing is fun to do!”

White Feather’s face suddenly turned deathly pale. He looked at Ji Hao in shock and fear. Why on earth did he sell things to this old crazy thing?

The four men looked at Ji Hao expressionlessly. After ten whole minutes, while Ji Hao’s spirit creature power grew stronger and stronger, and Ji Hao seemed ready to pounce on them, the four men lowered their heads and bowed deeply to Ji Hao, together.

“Summer, our friend, we shouldn’t have offended you. We are very sorry. Please, kindly forgive us!”


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