The Magus Era Chapter 1294 – WN

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Ji Hao, Netherworld Hierarch, and Tushan Inkstone glanced at each other, then laughed out loud together, sounding delighted.

Ji Hao and Netherworld Hierarch had run a discussion regarding the great Dao. Both of them gained from the discussion. They felt that a gauze before their eyes was broken suddenly, which allowed them to see a bright, beautiful scenery. The feeling was great. Naturally, they laughed out loud.

Tushan Inkstone knew nothing about the profound great Dao of nature that Ji Hao and Netherworld Hierarch talked about. After all, human Maguspriests had a different system of cultivation, and it was indeed difficult for them to understand the mysterious and confusing great Dao of nature.

Having no understanding about the great Dao of nature didn’t mean that Tushan Inkstone gained nothing. Earlier, Netherworld Hierarch pointed a finger at Ji Hao’s forehead and taught him a series of cruel secret blood pool magics. Meanwhile, they talked little bit about those dark blood pool magics. Tushan Inkstone memorized these pieces and bits from their conversations, which was more than enough for the power of Tushan Family to grow largely. Tushan Family people were good at business, but were not so gifted at fighting. Mastering a few powerful secret blood pool magics could surely deliver a considerable improvement of the power of the entire family,

While laughing, Ji Hao released a strong power vibration from his body. In his spiritual space, aside of his embryos of Dao of sun, extreme negative, destruction, space, and evolvement, the sixth embryo of Dao slowly emerged. It was covered in blood, and had been releasing a scary fierce sense of power.

Netherworld Hierarch was generous. He shared Ji Hao all his understanding about the great Dao of blood pool. Therefore, this embryo of blood pool was impressively strong. Once it was generated, its power vibration suppressed the embryos of Dao of space and destruction.

The blood power rose, while a coldness swept across the entire spiritual space. Ji Hao’s embryo of Dao of blood pool glowed with a bright blood-red light. At last, it seemed even to suppress the embryos of Dao of sun and extreme negative, and become Ji Hao’s strongest embryo of Dao.

If Netherworld Hierarch knew that a few breaths after he pointed his finger on Ji Hao’s forehead to teach Ji Hao what he knew, Ji Hao managed to grow a seed of Dao, develop an embryo of Dao, and successfully generate the embryo of Dao with a giant amount of original soul power…No matter how shameless this might look like, and even if he had to carry his pair of spirit divine swords to put up a desperate fight against Yu Yu, he would strive to turn Ji Hao into his own disciple, to inherit his power!

However, the Pan Gu bell hid inside Ji Hao’s body and covered all changes that had been happening in Ji Hao’s body with the strong Chaos power. Netherworld Hierarch was powerful indeed, but this one standing in front of Ji Hao was only one of the eighteen hell clones. He had no way to find out that Ji Hao had actually accomplished something so unbelievable.

In front of Netherworld Hierarch and Tushan Inkstone, Ji Hao rubbed his own face. The sense of power releasing from his body changed instantly, as he immediately became ‘old crayfish Summer’, about six-meters-tall, wearing silver-blue shells.

Watching Ji Hao’s magical shapeshifting show, Netherworld Hierarch couldn’t help but click his tongue in surprise. Netherworld Hierarch was immeasurably more powerful than Ji Hao, but he was not a good shapeshifter. In this sphere, he wasn’t even as good as Ji Hao.

As for Tushan Inkstone, other than being shocked, he was envious. But soon, he realized that Ji Hao, this amazingly powerful young man, was a die-hard supporter of Si Wen Ming. This meant that Ji Hao was also a die-hard ally of the Tushan Family. Having such a strong ally was a great thing for the entire Tushan Family.

Thinking of this, Tushan Inkstone grinned brightly, even squeezing his eyes into a pair of curved lines. He hurriedly gave his order, following which, three-hundred guards from Tushan Chamber of Commerce lined up orderly. Added with the one hundred shrimp warriors brought by Ji Hao, four-hundred guards surrounded Ji Hao and Netherworld Hierarch and left the shop, heading to the auction house in a formidable array.

Ji Hao was still mounted on a seahorse, followed by Shermie and Heng Xing. Netherworld Hierarch was mounted on a purely black reindeer. He narrowed his eyes and looked around at the street and all shops on both sides with strong interests.

Moving forward for about ten miles along a broad street, they saw a building, which was carved out of an entire rock. Large groups of spirit creatures, wearing all strange kinds of armor, had been walking into the building.

Ji Hao looked at these spirit creatures, and felt that he was looking at the strangest creatures in the world. What made him even more speechless was that many of these spirit creatures were carrying giant beast hide bags. Through the joints of hide pieces, one could see the special glow of magic crystals. Apparently, these spirit creatures didn’t have space treasures, and could only carry all their crystals to attend the auction.

Watching a group of tall and strong spirit creatures carry hill-huge bags, walking like house-moving ants, Ji Hao felt that this scene was a bit amusing.

Abruptly, Ji Hao heard a sizzling noise. Following that, a nearly ten-meters tall hippo’s giant bag was torn up, probably because some other spirit creature accidentally bumped into that bag. A six-foot-long breach was left in the bag, and countless magic crystals leaked out from it.

The hippo paused, turned around abruptly, and looked at those crystals on the ground.

A group of small pond loaches immediately dashed over, screamed shrilly while intending to grab those crystals on the ground. But before those small loaches could pick up one crystal, the hippo’s eye suddenly turned blood-red. Roaring thunderously, he widely opened his giant mouth and released a dark stream of smoke. Within a smoke, a fifteen meters long spiked club flew out. Gripping the club with both hands, the hippo smacked madly, and smashed the tens of small loaches. Around ten innocent spirit creatures around the hippo had their heads broken as well.

“Who dares to take my crystals?!” The hippo leaped up and roared. Somehow, he was going completely crazy. Raising the picked club, he pounced on the surrounding spirit creatures, and seemed to even slaughter all living beings on the scene.

“Evil creature, kneel!” The club stirred up a blood-red beam of light, and was about to land on the head of a dumbfounded globefish, when a deep shout could be heard from a long distance away suddenly.

This shout sounded like an echoing bell ring, which vibrated the hippo’s body, and instantly turned his blood-red eye back to the normal color. His legs were softened, and his knees thudded heavily against the ground. Dropping the club, he lied down, his forehead and palms on the ground.

Deep footstep sounds came from far away. Ji Hao saw four strong men walking over with big steps, in a straight line. The four men were wearing coarse clothes, with their long hair hanging loosely on their backs. Each of them was holding a cyan-colored wooden staff.

The four men were tall and sturdy, all having square faces, and looked strong and mighty. Followed behind the four men were a lion, a tiger, a flood dragon, and a mammoth. The four creatures had been releasing a terrifyingly strong power vibration. Clearly, they were all incredibly strong.

“Evil thing, how dare you kill innocent lives in broad daylight? I think you are destined to be one of us. Are you willing to follow me as a disciple of mine?”

The man with a lion followed behind him walked to the hippo, reached out his hand, and pressed on the hippo’s head while saying harshly.

The hippo quivered intensely. Politely and respectfully, he kneeled on the ground, kowtowed to the man, and said, “I am!”

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. Netherworld Hierarch sneered abruptly, “He’s even using these nasty tricks now…Priest Mu, my friend, you’re going lower and lower lately!”


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