The Magus Era Chapter 1282 – WN

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“An interesting spirit creature, a smart one, one with stories, one that can be used… But, you also have to be careful with him, in case he uses you against your own will.” Ji Hao quickly made his judgment about Dark Water Ao Ao.

Dark Water Ao Ao was super fat, and one might think he had nothing but fat in his head. However, he wasn’t as silly as he looked. Ji Hao believed that normally, a super fat creature was either stupid, or truly smart.

Dark Water Ao Ao wasn’t stupid, which meant he should be very smart!

“Shermie, did you hear Commander Dark Water Ao Ao? How big is his section? You send out your boys now, and keep an eye on every single corner!”

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, held his hands behind his back, and murmured a few words to Shermie. Then, he turned around and laughed to those old Yu in the rock house, “People, if you want to save your ancestor, remember what I said. All in all, the more herbs you find, the bigger chance we will have to save his life. Don’t forget what I said. If your ancestor dies… hehe!”

Laughing in a weird tone, Ji Hao puffed out his chest and walked back into the bone house next-door.

Shermie and his boys began darting all over the market area. Tens of thousands of shrimp warriors and all lower-grade spirit creatures, who were willing to follow Shermie’s lead, were put to use. Soon, Dark Water Ao Ao’s section was filled with warriors, such that even if a fly flew past this area now, these warriors under Shermie’s command would be able to tell its gender immediately.

Apparently, Dark Water Ao Ao was at a rather high position in Dark Water Serpent Family. The Kui Gate camp was huge, yet he was in charge of nearly five percent of it. This meant that the camp was divided into twenty parts, and one part was under his direct jurisdiction.

All kinds of information gathered to Ji Hao from every direction. Soon, Ji Hao found something interesting.

“Are you sure?” Ji Hao looked at Shermie curiously. The Chi Ban Market he visited back in Chi Ban Mountain was shocking, but he didn’t think that similar places existed in this crappy water-kind camp.

“I am sure, Shifu. Before you came, I’ve heard about places like that. But, I didn’t want to cause any trouble, which might harm my boys. So, I never went to those places.” Shermie looked at Ji Hao seriously and explained carefully, “But Shifu, you’ve taken the task from Dark Water Ao Ao. Those places were the only choices for human beings to hide in this camp.”

“Lead the way!” Ji Hao was seriously intrigued.

Right in this Kui camp, a super-scale underground market existed. According to the information provided by those shrimp warriors, this market would hold a small action every noon, a medium auction every five days, and a large auction every ten days.

According to those shrimps, one could buy anything in Pan Gu world from those auctions, anything one could ever imagine!

Ji Hao didn’t believe that. That sounded way too exaggerated. Anything one could ever imagine? Even including Gong Gong’s head?

A quarter of an hour later, Ji Hao, Shermie, and a few of the strongest crayfish boys and Heng Xing, came to a dark cave in Dark Water Ao Ao’s section of the camp, with a high-profile. They were mounted on silver-beard seahorses, and surrounded by weak but carefully selected, beautiful shrimp warriors, who had transparent, silver-white shells,

Tens of fierce-looking crocodile men guarded before the three-hundred-meters-wide entrance of the cave, holding alloy spell symbol blades as they blocked Ji Hao’s way.

“Who are you? Who are you? Do you know what this place is? How dare you just walk in like this?” A six-meters tall, muscular crocodile man stood in front of Ji Hao, popped out his eyes, and yelled, “Poor shrimps, piss off!”

Shrimp warriors served as the main, fundamental force of almost all water-kind armies. Shrimp warriors were mostly weak, and their bloodlines were lowly. Therefore, they were cannon fodder on battlefields. Even the strong ones among shrimp warriors were poor. They wouldn’t have too much money to spend.

These crocodile men didn’t let Ji Hao, who was a crayfish now, and the others in. Instead, they wanted to drive them away. Reasonably, these crocodile men didn’t do anything wrong. Their only mistake was misjudging Ji Hao.

Ji Hao took out Dark Water Ao Ao’s bone tablet, and injected a strand of extremely negative power in. A sharp snake scream could be heard from the tablet, then a dark mist rose from it. Within the mist, a hundred-miles-long, extra fat, dark water serpent, which could only lie straight on the ground instead of coiling, appeared.

This strangely shaped, super fat snake slowly raised his head, and hissed weakly.

The group of crocodile men immediately kneeled on the ground, deferentially kowtowing to Ji Hao and the others. Ji Hao snorted, and without saying a word, he put the tablet back into his sleeve, then pointed at the dark entrance of the cave. The seahorses roared happily, and carried Ji Hao, Shermie and Hengxing, darting into the cave.

One hundred shrimp warriors carefully selected by Ji Hao glanced at each other as they thrillingly jumped into the cave behind Ji Hao, Heng Xing, and Shermie. A few daring shrimp warriors even made faces at those crocodile men while walking past them.

The path in the cave was tilted downwards by thirty degrees. Moving hundreds of miles forward along the path, Ji Hao and his people finally saw lights. Every tens of miles, a torch made from beast oil hung on the wall, illuminating the broad path. One could see many people walking down or up in the path. Occasionally, one might even hear whispers and chuckles.

Coming down to this area, those shrimp warriors were all frightened badly. The curled up their bodies and tremblingly followed behind Ji Hao, daring not to make one single jump anymore.

Moving straight down, the cave was suddenly ablaze with lights around a corner.

Tens of thousands of fist-sized mermaid pearls floated in the air, emitting a white light that illuminated every corner of this enormous underground cave, like the daylight. Rows of buildings stood in this tens of miles wide underground cave. These buildings were masterpieces apparently; every single one was exquisite and beautiful, completely different from those slanting sheds in the camp.

Groups of water-kind spirit creatures silently and quickly walked on the broad street. In some shops by the street, four-eyed Jia Clan warriors were wielding their dazzling weapons, advertising their products. In some other shops, five-eyed Xiu Men old men were secretly guiding their customers into the rooms behind their shops. Those customers had their faces covered in masks.

Ji Hao immediately spread his spirit power. He saw many non-humankind shop owners in this market, and many shops run by rare water-kind creatures.

But suddenly, Ji Hao quivered slightly, then popped out his eyes, stunned. He couldn’t even believe his own spirit power.

He even suspected that he was again fooled by sky devils.

He saw a flag belonging to the chamber of commerce run by Tushan Family!


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