The Magus Era Chapter 1280 – WN

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Ji Hao walked to Yu Chi. Yu Chi was twitching, eyes rolling in the back of this head, and seeming to be at his last breath. Because of what Ji Hao did to him just now, he couldn’t open his mouth and swallow the medicine. Therefore, the group of Yu cried and screamed, dislocated his jaw, and poured a bowl of extremely bitter liquid medicine into his mouth.

Poor Yu Chi. Those Yu were too violent, and when they dislocated Yu Chi’s jaw, they also knocked off seven to eight teeth of his.

The bitter water snake vine Ji Hao mentioned earlier was already boiled and poured into Yu Chi’s mouth. The liquid medicine was extremely bitter. A strong bitter scent was emitted from Yu Chi’s pores, suffusing the entire room, and making the being present want to throw up.

But apparently, the medicine didn’t suit the condition. Yu Chi’s fever was brought down slightly, but he twitched more and more intensely, like fishes on the ground. Blood had been spurting out from his toothless gums.

“You hit him too hard, the poor ancestor of yours.” Glancing at those old Yu, who had completely no idea what to do, Ji Hao sighed heavily. As Ji Hao waved his hands, all herbs taken out by those old Yu flew into his sleeves, then he turned around his palms, and released a dim-blue dark fire.

Inside the three-feet-tall fire, countless herbs could be seen faintly, flying and rolling in the fire. A refreshing aroma was released from the fire. Within a couple of breaths, all herbs in the fire were melted into a colorful liquid, and a while later, the liquid became a fist-sized, round-shaped pill.

The fire dimmed, leaving the steaming, large pill, floating upon Ji Hao’s palms.

Ji Hao opened Yu Chi’s mouth and forcibly put in this fist-sized, scorching hot pill. Flicking his finger and patting on Yu Chi’s mouth, he sent the pill into Yu Chi’s throat. Yu Chi’s throat swelled instantly as the pill slowly fell into his stomach, like a snake swallowing an egg.

Ji Hao then locked his fingers together, cast a strange spell, then pointed his finger at the spot between Yu Chi’s eyebrows. Afterward, he incanted the odd spell again.

Yu Chi suddenly made a long gasp. For a while, he twitched even more intensely. Large streams of sticky and turbid perspiration oozed out of his pores, then his body temperature dropped quickly. Next, he opened his eyes abruptly, and weakly looked at the group of old Yu.

Ji Hao used some transformation magics he learned from the great Dao of ‘evolvement’, in cooperation with some sky devil magics. In this way, he privately took possession of those valuable herbs that belonged to those old Yu, then made a valueless pill with some cheap leaves and tree barks, and thrust it into Yu Chi’s mouth.

That pill he made was ineffective fore sure. But sneakily, Ji Hao had cast a spell on Yu Chi to relieve the magic curse. Therefore, the effect of the magic curse was temporarily weakened. In addition, he also froze the toxins from the Disease God Streamer, inside Yu Chi’s body, with the extreme negative power. All symptoms Yu Chi had were eased by fifty to sixty percent, after which, Yu Chi finally opened his eyes.

“Ah, eh, eh!” Yu Chi opened his mouth and moaned like a retarded person. Saliva flew out of his mouth corners in streams, but he couldn’t even say one word clearly.

“See, I didn’t brag, I am good.” Ji Hao stood up, his head held high. Smoothly, he brushed the pair of feet long feelers on his mouth corners with his fingers, and said, “Back then, I was walking in a mountain area.” Clicking his tongue, Ji Hao continued, “I met a strange person, who taught me his excellent leechcraft. I can cure all illnesses in the world.”

Giving a few coughs intentionally, Ji Hao touched Yu Chi’s forehead with his palm, then nodded in satisfaction and said, “About your ancestor’s condition, it’s mainly because he had too many women. So…he is a bit exhausted, which caused these strange problems.”

The few Yu paused for a second, then nodded quickly without an end to agree with Ji Hao.

Earlier, Ji Hao created a dark fire, melted all those herbs, and within a couple of breaths, made such a large magic pill. In these old Yu’ eyes, what Ji Hao did was pure magic, and it truly stunned them.

At the moment, they saw Ji Hao as a mysterious, greatly powerful creature, even more powerful than their Yu Ancestor.

Ji Hao said that Yu Chi had all those strange problems because he was with too many women, and this was very true! These old Yu clearly knew what Yu Chi had been doing lately in this Kui Gate camp. He did nothing but going out for all kinds of girls all day!

He must have gotten himself ill!

“Women are disasters. If you want your ancestor to recover, those herbs will not be enough!” Ji Hao waved his hand and said blandly, “Your ancestor awfully lacks life-force right now. You should get him more, better herbs, the old ones, like ten-thousand-year-old ginseng, one-hundred-thousand-years-old multiflorum, million-years-old ganoderma, and all kinds of old natural treasures…”

Generously looking at the few old Yu, Ji Hao continued, “Those herbs are rare and expensive, indeed… Very rare, but highly nourishing! Your ancestor is depending on those herbs now. You need to get those herbs, then I can make pills to save his life!”

“Er…hm…” Yu Chi opened his mouth widely, seeming to say something. But no one took a glance at him.

He couldn’t even say one word; looking at him was useless at the moment. Therefore, the few old Yu looked at Ji Hao humbly, responding to every word Ji Hao said with the word ‘yes’. They promised that they would do whatever they could to collect those life-saving herbs immediately.

Ji Hao looked at the few ‘honest’, ‘simple-minded’ old Yu, who ‘loved their ancestor’, then smiled and said, “However, you need to be careful when collecting those herbs. You better don’t let anyone know about this. Otherwise…Think about it. Your ancestor suddenly fell ill under your care and protection…hehe!”

Ji Hao vaguely mentioned it, and the few old Yu instantly understood.

Indeed, they needed to collect herbs. But as Ji Hao said, they must not let anyone else in their family know about this. Yu Chi was under their care and protection, yet he was suddenly down with an illness; what a huge sin they had made!

The problem could be solved only when they collected the herbs and cured Yu Chi secretly!

Yu Chi’s eyeballs rolled in his eyes quickly. Seeing Ji Hao and the few old Yu, hearing their conversation, Yu Chi was anxious. Because of the anxiousness, he fell unconscious once again.

Ji Hao nodded instantly, pointed at Yu Chi, and smilingly said, “See, his internal organs have absorbed the medicine. Your ancestor fell asleep, because his internal organs are growing life-force!”

The few old Yu nodded again quickly and endlessly. Then, a high-pitched, ear-piercing noise came from the outside, “Oi, where is Shermie? I, master Ao Ao, am back! Why didn’t he come out to welcome me?”

“Shermie, Shermie, I am telling you now. Your crayfish boys, you need to prepare them for something life-risking!”


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