The Magus Era Chapter 1277 – WN

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“Do we have to eat all of this?”

Looking at a snow-white piece of meat from a thousand-years-old electric eel, Shermie asked Ji Hao with a bitter look.

“You have to eat all of it. Otherwise, you won’t have enough spirit blood for your future cultivation.” Ji Hao looked at Shermie seriously. He gently cut his finger into the meat, tore off a one-foot-long slice, put into his mouth and began chewing slowly.

Tender`and crisp, the meat melted in Ji Hao’s mouth, into a slightly sweet juice, flowing into his stomach through his throat. A strong warmth spread through his body, making him feel so comfortable.

Spirit electric eel was one of the best kinds among water-kind spirit creatures. They were born with a great thunder power. Therefore, nourished by the thunder power day and night, electric eels were pure and clean. Except for the purest life-force, no spirit creature power could linger in their bodies.

This thousand-year-old electric eel deserted in the face of a battle, from the battlefield before the Kui Gate. A dark water serpent, as a supervisor, discovered this fleeing eel. He killed the eel right on the spot, and ate a half of it. The remaining half of the eel was sent back to the camp and sold in a restaurant.

Yes, these water-kind spirit creatures were learning everything from human beings. They opened hotels and restaurants in this large Kui Water camp, along with brothels, which were Yu Chi’s favorite. These places were all modeled on large markets in human cities.

The nine-hundred-meters-long, tens of meters thick eel body was sent into a restaurant, immediately attracting a large group of enormous spirit creatures.

Ji Hao had his spirit power covered the whole area the whole time, watching on everything in the surroundings. Seeing the half of electric eel, he immediately rushed into the restaurant with Shermie and a group of crayfishes, dropped a pile of top-grade magic crystals, and purchased it.

“Eat, it’s good for you. If you want to grow strong, you have to strengthen your body. But in order to strengthen your body, you have to eat meat or drink blood to replenish a great amount of life-force. Otherwise, you would be drained during your cultivation.” Ji Hao looked at Shermie and said seriously. Meanwhile, he pushed the eel meat towards Shermie.

From all directions, quite a lot of fierce-looking large spirit creatures had their eyes fixed on Ji Hao and Shermie, who were sitting around a large square table. If the terrifying spirit creature power released from ‘Summer’, the spirit crayfish transformed from Ji Hao, didn’t frighten them, those large spirit creature would have rushed up and looted the meat long ago.

When they looked at Shermie, they seemed to be even more angry and vicious, ‘You damned crayfish, this was such a delicious meat. If you don’t want it, give it to us!’

Shermie frowned, slowly cut off a large piece of eel meat, and put into his mouth. He chewed, then swallowed slowly. Ji Hao sat by the table, while Shermie stood up, politely facing Ji Hao. He slightly bent his knees and made the gesture for the first grade of the Cultivation Method with Nine turns. His blood started to boil, circulating rapidly inside his body. The eel meat he swallowed just now had already disappeared into his body, even before it reached to his stomach.

Shermie looked at Ji Hao in shock. When he started his cultivation based on the first grade of Cultivation Method with Nine Turns, he felt that his body was a giant blackhole, craving for more life-force and energy. He clearly sensed that if he didn’t replenish enough life-force and spirit blood power, his cultivation method would turn him into a dried corpse!

What a powerful cultivation method, what a dreadful power!

Suddenly, Shermie was even more grateful to Ji Hao, and he venerated him more, hundreds of times more than before. Lowering his head, he started wolfing the eel.

Normally, a lowly crayfish who luckily became a spirit creature couldn’t possibly be guided well. Everything Shermie had learned before was learned by struggling for survival, with his gifts and instincts. He didn’t only need to survive on his own, he also had to protect a group of weak children.

For the fist time in his life, Shermie felt relaxed. He didn’t need to worry about tomorrow anymore. At the moment, Ji Hao was like a towering mountain, bringing Shermie an incomparable sense of security.

He finally had someone to depend on, and this felt great!

“To be honest, this meat, is truly much tastier than mushrooms and kelps.” mumbled Shermie, “Before, I couldn’t bear to eat the other living beings, neither did I dare to do it…”

“Hm, from now on, when you see evil spirit creatures, chose the tasty ones to eat.” Not so responsibly, Ji Hao drew the topic away. “In fact, being a water-kind spirit creature is so lucky! Steamed large crabs, boiled green crabs with vinasse, stew soft-shelled turtles, spicy snakes…”

Ji Hao forgot about the fact that he was ‘Summer’, a large spirit crayfish now. While drooling, he glanced at the other spirit creatures in the surroundings. Wherever his eyes reached, all water-kind spirit creatures were frightened away immediately. The dish names murmured by Ji Hao’s mouth were way too creepy!

Shermie blinked his eyes and looked at Ji Hao in confusion. He knew Ji Hao’s true identity. But what did Ji Hao sneak into the Kui Gate for? For breaking the Kui Gate? Or for fresh seafood?

Ji Hao chuckled. Suddenly, loud noises could be heard in this simply built, tilting restaurant.

Not far away, a few gorgeously dressed snake girls and clam girls darted out of a stone building while crying and wailing. An enormous Yu rushed out of the stone building in an unstoppable way while roaring deeply, with purple-red poisonous sand puffing out from his mouth.

“How dare you try to hurt me?!” This Yu screamed pretty hysterically. This area was circled up by countless water-kind spirit creatures, but the Yu widely opened his mouthpart and sprayed out the poisonous sand in all directions.

Yu’s poisonous sands were highly lethal, and not even those higher grade ones could survive it. This Yu was as strong as low-level Divine Magus, which meant he was able to threaten high-level Divine Magi with his poisons sands.

Most of those spirit creatures in the market were low-grade, weak ones. Wherever the poison sand reached, large groups of little spirit creatures burst with shrill screams, then melted into puddles of toxic liquid. Some little spirit creatures were also poisonous, but they only lasted for a slightly longer while amidst the purple-red sand. Spirit creatures who stood further away watched these poor ones rot rapidly. Their skins and fleshes turned into a red, toxic liquid, while bones and internal organs slowly melted as well.

“Someone…tried to…to assassinate…”

Followed by a disordered footstep sound, Yu Chi staggered out of the stone building with his upper body bared. With difficulty, he made a few steps forward while yelling at that Yu, which was aimlessly spraying poisonous sand.

“Idiot! Didn’t you see me…I…I am…Bring me back…now…”

That Yu seemed to not yet realize what had happened. Ji Hao smirked and dashed out, then flashed across the air and showed up beside Yu Chi, leaving a shred of afterimages in the air. He attentively held Yu Chi’s arm with both hands.

“Sir, you looked familiar to me! We are neighbors!”

“Sir, do you remember me? I am Summer, and this is my nephew, Shermie. We’re neighbors!”

“Sir, are you…ill? Cursed? Ah, I think you are cursed! Look at your face, white as a corpse. You must be cursed.” Clicking his tongue, Ji Hao continued.

“Sir, don’t panic, don’t be afraid. I have no other ability, but I am good at undoing magic curses.”

“Lord, we are neighbors. Neighbors should look after each other, be friends, right? This evil curse you’re having now, I will deal with it for you, I promise!”

“Sir, let’s go!”

Before Yu Chi could refuse, Ji Hao grabbed his neck and carried him up like carrying a chicken, then walked away quickly.


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