The Magus Era Chapter 1274 – WN

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Ji Hao would never admit that his impulsion of taking Shermie as a disciple came from those deliciously fried crayfishes in hot spicy sauces that he had tasted in his precious life, during those summer nights. He felt slightly sad when thinking about those deliciously fried crayfishes.

He probably should quote Priest Hua and tell Shermie, ‘Shermie, you are gifted. You have amazing talent. You are destined to be my disciple!’

Sitting on a white, round rock, with his legs crossed, Ji Hao delightfully nodded to Shermie, who was standing right in front of him. Destiny, this was true destiny…Ji Hao would never admit that his very first official disciple was taken because of a delicious food that he missed.

“Relax your mind and body, don’t resist!” Shermie was respectful and cautious, while Ji Hao laughed in satisfaction.

Before Shermie gave a response, a splendid golden sun and a mystical silver moon rose from behind Ji Hao. The embryos of Dao of sun and the extreme negative stood in the sun and the moon. The two embryos of Dao looked at Shermie with lightning-like bright eyes. A tsunami-like spirit power descended and suddenly rolled Shermie in.

Shermie quivered, then looked at Ji Hao, stunned.

Ji Hao’s spirit power was highly concentrated, and was tangible now. He wrapped Shermie with his spirit power, which made Shermie feel like being sealed in a thick layer of crystal, both his body and soul. His body couldn’t move, while his soul couldn’t generate even half a thought. Facing Ji Hao, he was like a tiny bug facing a destructive natural disaster; he had no power of resistance at all.

Ji Hao’s spirit power was vast like an ocean, while Shermie’s soul was like dim lamplight drifting on the boundless ocean. If Ji Hao wanted to destroy Shermie’s soul, he could crush it with a single thought.

“Not bad, not bad, you’re a spirit creature indeed, but you have never taken a life.” Ji Hao looked at Shermie in surprise. This crayfish’s hands were perfectly clean. He had no sin, no sin at all. Apparently, ever since he started cultivating himself as a spirit creature, he never killed a living being!

Furthermore, his soul was especially pure. Shermie’s soul still lingered at a very low level, and his original soul power was weak. But, it was pure and clean, like a flawless white crystal. The other large spirit creature’ souls were mostly filled with the scent of blood and evilness, yet Shermie’s soul was totally different.

“Great, great!” Ji Hao grinned delightfully and asked, “I did take you as a disciple on impulse, but you are indeed a rare talent. You, you’ve never killed a living being, have you? Don’t you eat meat?”

Ji Hao took back his spirit power, and Shermie finally had the chance to take a breath. With softened legs, he kneeled straight on the ground. Hearing Ji Hao, he hurriedly raised his head, and carefully responded, “Shifu, I have always liked vegetables and fruits. This is my nature. I like all kinds of ganoderma mushrooms the most. If I can’t find any, old kelps are delicious too.”

While grinning, Shermie blinked his eyes and continued, “Besides, if I eat meat…Hehe, what if I accidentally ate a kid of a powerful and brutal one that I can not afford to offend? I would be bringing disasters to myself, wouldn’t I? And meat makes you stink, I hate stinks.”

Hearing him, Heng Xing and Yuan Li were dumfounded. A large spirit creature…who had never killed a living being, nor eaten meat? Yet this one was so strongly gifted that he could even puncture the iron-wall-like body of a Henggong fish with his bare fists! He was such a strong one, but he had been a vegetarian his whole life?! How could such a strange being even exist among spirit creatures?

Even Ji Hao couldn’t help but laugh. Smilingly, he looked at Shermie, and asked, “So, earlier, when I was a water ape, you didn’t want to be my disciple, but why did you suddenly change your mind after I showed my true face?”

Ji Hao was curious about Shermie’s behavior. Why did he decide to be Ji Hao’s disciple once he saw his real face?

“This…” Shermie blinked his long, slim eyes, and said politely, “This is probably because I am born cautious. I always feel that even though Lord Gong Gong has raised a flood, and has been playing all kinds of tricks, he will eventually lose to the humankind.”

“I am happy to be a disciple of a human being, even if he is equally strong as Lord Gong Gong. At last, facing the counterattack of human beings, we will be destroyed. Being a disciple of a human being…I am not afraid of death, but I’ve been working so hard, so carefully for years. Finally, my family now has tens of little spirit ones, who know things. I can’t drag them all to hell, can I?”

“Shifu, I know you. You are Marquis Yao Ji Hao, the most brutal, famous young human being among your generation. You’ve sneaked into Kui Gate. Obviously, human beings are launching heavy strikes soon. We will lose Kui Gate, and all these spirit creatures gathering in Kui Gate…Judging by all the cruel things you’ve done in the past few years, they will definitely be wiped out.”

“You offered to take me as a disciple. This is a perfect opportunity for me to survive, not to mention what I will learn from you in the future. Therefore, once I saw your face, I decided to be your disciple. What would I be hesitating for?”

Shermie gave Ji Hao every reason. Hearing him, Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. Shermie was indeed too careful and cautious, but that was also good. Ji Hao had enough of fearless, brave fighters around him. For example, Yuan Li and Heng Xing were typical two. But at the moment, Ji Hao was just in need of a cautious and careful follower, someone with plans.

“Great!” Once again, Ji Hao clapped his hands and laughed delightfully. He looked at Shermie, pondered for a while, then slightly shook his body. Afterward, Ji Hao’s body changed slightly, and gradually became about eighty percent similar to Shermie.

His body turned long and slim, covered in dark blue shell with thin, dark-golden stripes. His eyes turned long and slim too. Occasionally, his eyes would sparkle brightly when he blinked. Ji Hao clenched his fingers towards Shermie, and took a wisp of Shermie’s power, then patted his own chest. Soon, he released a strong spirit creature power that seemed exactly the same as Shermie’s power.

“In Kui Gate and all the other water gates, I am now your uncle, Summer.” Ji Hao grinned and said, “I am a crayfish named Summer; It’s my new identity now. Shermie, how many warriors do you have? Send them out to get some information for me, as soon as you can.”

Shermie did have some capable ones under his command. He had nearly one hundred children, who were also crayfishes. He raised all of them himself. Among those young crayfishes, twelve were as strong as Magus Kings, while the rest were mostly at the level of Senior Magus.

Spirit crayfishes were extremely rare. But, every spirit crayfish had strong fists. Besides, more or less, genetic relationships existed between crayfishes and shrimps. Therefore, even though Shermie didn’t recruit warriors intentionally, quite a number of shrimp warriors willingly followed his lead.

Right in the Kui Gate, about one-hundred-thousand shrimp warriors followed nothing but the orders of Shermie and his boys. These shrimp warriors were not so smart. The relationship between Shermie, his boys, and these shrimps warriors, was about the same as the relationship between an owner and a pet. Shermie gave his order, his boys spread it, and soon, a lot of information was brought back.

For example, who the owner of the rock building next door was, and how many days had that young man in a red robe stayed for in Kui Gate… who were with him, and what was he doing…

Ji Hao learned every detail about that young man in a red robe, and what he did in Kui Water.


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