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The young man mounted on the Yu went away to find his source of fun.

Ji Hao’s spirit power covered that building up like a giant web, then drilled in. Touching the building with his spirit power, Ji Hao found that all rock blocks in this building were thickly covered in spell symbols! Those were ancient spell symbols from the heaven, dark-golden, carved in those rock blocks, and releasing a strong sense of power. If Ji Hao were an ordinary cultivator, he would trigger natural thunderbolts by touching these spell symbols with his spirit power. Then, his spirit power would be crushed by those thunderbolts. But Ji Hao carefully activated his embryo of Dao of the extreme negative, and merged the extremely negative power with his spirit power. Thus, his spirit power turned soft and faintly sensible, seeming to melt completely in the air. Spell symbols in those rock blocks slightly quaked, but failed to discover Ji Hao’s spirit power, and all dimmed down.

Ji Hao’s spirit power silently went through the thick wall and scanned across this rock building, which was hundreds of meters in square.

The building was filled with a strong space power. A silver-white lamp floated in the middle of the largest room, with a thumb-sized, silver light sparkling on it, emitting powerful waves of space vibration that sealed the surrounding space. Because of this lamp, the inner space of this building was extremely broad, about one hundred miles squared.

Tens of human-shaped puppets in golden armors stood in the room. These puppets were made from an alloy mixed with large amounts of magic crystals, with the natures of earth, fire, water, green, and metal. They were holding golden, large swords, guarding a dark, round-shaped altar.

Cold airstreams had been flowing out of the altar ceaselessly, touching those golden puppets and covering them up with a thin layer of ice, causing a sizzling noise. But soon, those puppets heated themselves and melted the ice.

The room was suffused by a watery mist. On the round-shaped altar, three asleep Yu we surrounded by a dim blue light. The dim blue light had been shaking like water. Occasionally, a stream of light would rise tens of meters high, and within the light, a tall figure would suddenly appear.

Ji Hao clearly saw the three figures above the three Yu, in the three light streams. Suddenly, he sensed a sharp pain from his teeth, as if countless needles had pierced into his tooth roots. Because of the pain, a half of his face twitched intensely — He recognized one of three figures. That was an old Gong Gong, one of the three he saw back in the Huai water eye!

Back in the Huai water eye, he opened a coffin, and saw a clone of an old Gong Gong lying in it. Ji Hao remembered his face. Lying on this dark altar in the stone building were not human-shaped, fleshy bodies. Instead, those were three Yu in a deep sleep. But in the dark blue light above the three Yu, three figures were sparkling, and one of those looked exactly like that old Gong Gong. In the meanwhile, Ji Hao sensed something familiar from the three Yu.

That was a special power that belonged only to Gong Gong Family, the family of the Water God!

Carefully, Ji Hao reached his spirit power to the three Yu. Faintly, he sensed that the water god power that came from the three Yu had been growing stronger and stronger, rapidly. Ji Hao did a rough calculation, according to which, in a couple of days, the water god power contained in the bodies of these Yu would go beyond the grade of peak-level Divine Magus.

Ji Hao looked at this large rock building in shock.

Didn’t the twelve former human emperors destroy the nine water eyes? They were sure that all clones of old Gong Gongs were destroyed! And in order to prevent future problems, Ji Hao asked Taisi to curse Yu Ancestor to death with the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book. Taisi confirmed that Yu Ancestor had ceased to exist in this world, because he couldn’t sense anything from Yu Ancestor anymore after the curse.

Ancestor Yu was dead, while all clones of old Gong Gong were destroyed, which meant Gong Gong’s plan of bringing old Gong Gongs back to Pan Gu world had failed completely…But why would three strange Yu exist in a rock building, that seemed to be nothing special, in the water-kind campsite on the Kui Gate?

These Yu had the water god power releasing from their bodies, and the figures of old Gong Gongs sparkling above their heads. Their water god power was growing stronger at a shocking rate. Besides, Ji Hao also sensed that because of the increase of the space power released from the silver lamp, the water god power from the three Yu was somehow connected with some mysterious beings from extremely far away!

The plan of Gong Gong Family wasn’t ruined. Gong Gong and his people found another way to restart it. The twelve water worlds were now very close to Pan Gu world. Therefore, the water power contained in the air had reached an unreasonably high point. For this reason, the water god power contained in the bodies of these Yu had been rising fast. In all probability, the twenty-seven old Gong Gongs would be able to return to Pan Gu world anytime they wanted now!

“Damn it…Taisi…Yu Ancestor is still alive, he must be!” With a dark face, Ji Hao held his hands behind his body and slowly approached this building.

He couldn’t blame Taisi for this.

Taisi was silly and confused, but his magic curse was terrifying. Furthermore, he possessed the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book, and was guided by the lingering true spirit of a fallen ancient devil god. He had learned a lot from the devil god. Therefore, the magic curse he cast to Ancestor Yu must be successful!

It must be Gong Gong or Yu Ancestor. They found a way to survive the curse. Something about Yu Ancestor changed magically, which allowed him to survive under the power of the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book,!

Inside the embryo of Dao of evolvement, hazy lotuses sparkled. From Priest Hua’s countless centuries of experience, Ji Hao quickly found about ten methods to survive after being locked by the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book. Then, he found over a hundred ways to change the features of his power, and to cut off all connections to the past.

The Nailhead Seven Arrows Book was powerful indeed, but facing these methods Ji Hao found from the embryo of Dao of evolvement, a great probability was that it might miss the target.

Taisi wasn’t the one to blame. Gong Gong Family was certainly powerful and resourceful. Otherwise, how would they even dare to raise the flood and try to seize the greatest power of Pan Gu world?

Taking a few steps forward, Ji Hao turned around and looked at the house right next to the rock building.

The rock building was large and sturdy, square in shape, while the house Ji Hao looked at was a section of the spine of an unknown, giant spirit creature. Seven to eight holes were opened on it as the door and windows, which made this piece of bone a house.

Seven to eight small spirit creatures stood by the door of this three-hundred-meters-long, tens of meters tall bone house. They were chatting and laughing.

Ji Hao glanced at these small spirit creatures, then walked towards them in big steps. He conveniently grabbed the neck of a small spirit creature, then threw him away.

The other spirit creatures instantly stopped talking and laughing. In panic, they looked at Ji Hao, and sensed the frosty power from him. They trembled, and dared not to say a word.

“Go tell your master that I like this big bone!”

“Tell him to move away as soon as possible. Otherwise, I am feeling really hungry now!”

Ji Hao patted his belly, then grinned. He had turned himself into a water ape, and by grinning, he bared all his sharp shining teeth, which were truly scary!


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