The Magus Era Chapter 1265 – WN

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Cloud Sun Family people were descendants of an ancient divine god, half-god and half-human. They were capable of controlling the wind, the rain, and all animals in the world. They were the beloved ones of the world. Cloud Sun Family was one of the few families and clans in the alliance of human clan which possessed the highest status.

Wuchang Family people were descendants of another ancient divine god, also half-god and half-human. They had the power to control wind and thunder, turn mountains and oceans upside down. These people were mysterious and secret, and this family was known as the one closest to the divine world.

Chu Wu, literally meant ‘the first Magus’. As the name stated, Chu Wu Clan people were originated from the oldest Magi in the world. Back in the ancient time, the strongest and wisest Magi with the most extreme thoughts and the oddest tempers from many human clans gathered together and created the Chu Wu Clan. They were proud. They believed that they were as powerful as divine gods. They despised divine gods; they looked down upon the humankind.

Changwu Clan people were known as the closest ones to divine gods, but Chu Wu Clan people believed that they were even more powerful than true divine gods!

The Chu Wu Clan had a long history. From this clan, the first Magus who actually managed to regrow his body from a single drop of blood emerged, as well as the one who regrew his broken head. Back in the era of Emperor Fuxi, a Chu Wu Clan Magus claimed that he had created the ‘drug for immortality’.

Chu Wu Clan people were crazy. Each of them was perusing the great Dao they believed in. For achieving their goals, they could do anything. When Emperor Shennong was ruling the human world, a Magus from Chu Wu Clan believed that Shennong’s spirit blood contained the essence herbal power, and with that, a new drug for immortality could be created. For this very reason, that Magus crazily attempted to assassinate Emperor Shennong three times!

Si Wen Ming was only slightly stressed, as Cloud Sun Clan and Wuchang Clan both came for the credit. However, when Chu Wu Clan people suddenly showed up, Si Wen Ming’s face turned pure dark, as if thunderbolts would dart out of that face at any time.

Ji Hao silently recalled what he had read about Chu Wu Clan in a secret record in the Magi Palace. He looked at the sky speechlessly. These Chu Wu Clan people, they were truly mad scientists. For their magic studies, they could do all kinds of crazy things completely beyond other people’s understanding.

The problem was that these crazy Chu Wu Clan never had any interest in the power of the human society. Normally, they lived solitarily in the Magi Ancestor Mountain, without coming out. Ordinary people couldn’t even find a trace of them.

But why did they show up to attack the Kui Gate? Did they suddenly think it through? Had they tasted the sweetness of power now? Did they want the throne too?

The Ghost Chariot Clan, You Chao Family, Qiong Sang Family, added with the eighteen families and clans that arrived later, sent out their warriors and formed a great army which surrounded the Kui Gate.

Between the Kui Gate and the army was the pyramid formation, which looked like a glowing, enormous pyramid. Dark Water Serpent was trapped in the formation, with countless dragon-like thunderbolts striking heavily on his body, burning his skin and making him scream.

This formation was constructed with one hundred and eight dark small pyramids, each containing an after-world spirit treasures as the core. That meant Dark Water Serpent was being beaten by one hundred and eight after-world spirit treasures together. Even as the first dark water serpent, one of the first generation of living creatures un the world, he was harmed awfully, such that even his roars sounded weak now.

“You Chao Family boys, you leave all of this old loach’s spirit blood for me! All its spirit blood is mine! If you dare to take one single drop, I will go to your hometown and try my new bloodline curse there!” screamed a Chu Wu Clan Magus, who was wearing a dragon-bone helmet, body wrapped in a long piece of dark dragon skin.

This scary-looking old man laughed and continued screaming, “You boys listen carefully. Among all the trophies, my people and I will pick first, then you pick. Otherwise, our Chu Wu Clan will never forgive you!”

Cloud Sun Family, Wuchang Family, You Chao Family, Qiong Sang Family…All the other families and clans either originated from ancient divine emperors or had raised human emperors. But facing the crazy Chu Wu Clan people, they glanced at each other, and none of them said a word.

Violent people might be afraid of strong people, strong people might be afraid of desperate people, and desperate people might be afraid of bigots!

Chu Wu Clan people were typical bigots. Any sane human being would never want to start a conflict against them!

One had to mention again that they even tried to assassinate Emperor Shennong! Back then, Shennong was the human emperor and the most powerful being in the human world. Besides, he had a great reputation, and was respected and supported by almost all human clans.

These crazy people dared to try to assassinate even a man like Shennong, not to mention anyone else! Going to one’s hometown, and curse or poison their families? These people would totally do what they said!

Seeing the leaders of all the other clans remain silent, this Chu Wu Clan old man laughed proudly and said, “I am Wu Gu. Wu as Magus, Gu as that Gu you know…As my name states, my art of Gu is the best among human beings, the best in the world!”

Holding his head high, Wu Gu continued proudly, “This time, our Chu Wu Clan came to the Kui Gate not to make contributions, but to collect materials! Therefore, to do what, and how, you should all know! If you don’t, I can help!”

Looking at Wu Gu from a distance away and hearing him yell at the others, Ji Hao sneered, said, “This old man, how dare he talk like that? Uncle Wen Ming…”

Si Wen Ming slowly nodded and said in a deep voice, “Wu Gu? I’ve heard about him. He…meant what he said. His art of Gu can truly be counted as the best among human beings. Be careful if you have to talk to him. Try your best to not offend him.”

Ji Hao paused. Si Wen Ming sounded serious. As he made Si Wen Ming talk so seriously, that old man named Wu Gu seemed to be a truly big deal.

Wu Gu was still stating his requests. Being trapped in the pyramid formation, Dark Water Serpent suddenly burst with a thunderous roar.

“What are you doing? Watching the show? If I die, none of you can live!”

Following his voice, raging flames rose into the sky from the mountains on both sides of the Kui Gate, even turning the dark clouds in the sky red. Scorching hot airstreams surged over from all directions, while the one-thousand-miles-wide area in the sky above the Kui Gate became like a boiling red ocean.

Shrill crow caws could be heard. With his sharp eyesight, Ji Hao saw hundreds of thousands of expressionless strong warriors show up in the air above the Kui Gate. Each of them was holding a large red flag, which were all the same. They gripped the flags with both hands and waved strongly, releasing countless glowing-red fire crows.

Unlike fire crows who lived under the Gold Black Mountain back in Southern Wasteland, these fire crows that flew out from those flags didn’t have tangible bodies. Instead, their bodies were condensed from fires. Apparently, these were creatures of the natural fire power.

Those fire crows cawed with high-pitched yet hoarse voices, which were not so pleasant to hear. They created an ocean of flame while darting towards the great allied army from the twenty-one families and clans, leaving blinding beams of fiery light in the sky.

Within a blink of an eye, the army of over a million was covered entirely by these fire crows.


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