The Magus Era Chapter 1262 – WN

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Absorbing the warm sunshine, being healed by carefully concocted magic medicines, and enjoying cereals and fresh meat shipped ceaselessly from Pu Ban City, the warriors under Si Wen Ming’s command regained their strengths and energies in about one day. Those scrawny warriors had enough food. Their injuries and skin diseases were all healed. Soon, they were again strong and energetic.

All the warriors were healthy and muscular again.

These years, Ji Hao had slaughtered countless water-kind creatures. He had sent all the useful materials he collected from those dead water-kind creatures to Pu Ban City. Those materials were turned into high-quality armors and weapons by craftsmen in the Magi Palace. A great batch of armors and weapon were shipped over from Pu Ban City and given to Si Wen Ming’s warriors.

A day later, an elite, capable and well-equipped troop raised.

Scanning across countless warriors on the mountainside with his spirit power, Ji Hao nodded. Their power vibrations were strong as wild beasts. Without a doubt, every one of them was a marvelous fighter.

Struggling in the flood, showering in blood for years, the senses of power that came from these warriors all turned as strong and steady as the roots of an ancient, towering bamboo. Looking at their eyes, one would know that they were all determined, and would never give up.

Ji Hao sighed in praise silently. Because of the endless flood, the spirit of this troop under Si Wen Ming’s command had been forged into a ‘military soul’. Whenever it was needed, this troop would release a great power that could amaze the whole world.

What touched Ji Hao even more was that all these years, Si Wen Ming lived and fought side by side with these warriors. He led his men with his actions; he fought the flood, the storm, billions of water-kind creatures. Therefore, the ‘military soul’ of this troop was carried by Si Wen Ming.

Si Wen Ming was the soul of this troop. His influence had gone far beyond all clans and families. His warriors now followed nothing else but his orders. No clan or family could ever command these warriors again.

“We gained more than we’ve lost!” Siting by the entrance of the large hide tent, Ji Hao poured Si Wen Ming a steaming cup of water. Si Wen Ming conveniently sprayed some salt into his tea.

Ji Hao threw a sideway glance at Si Wen Ming’s cup, slightly shook his head, then poured himself a cup too and started sipping.

The tea was raised with a Magi Palace magic, not as good as the naturally grown ones. However, the green power contained in this tea was hundreds of times stronger than any naturally grown tea. Therefore, the tea tasted amazing; its refreshing aroma would linger between the teeth, nourishing the internal organs, and make one feel great.

“Nice tea!” Si Wen Ming held the cup with both hands. But he did feel the tea made by Ji Hao was flavorless. Therefore, he found a thumb-sized piece of rock salt, threw into his cup, then said, “Yesterday, they only tried to find out how strong the enemies are. But today, they’re truly fighting…Where did You Chao Family find so much ‘nine-sky gales’ and ‘Aurora magnetic power’?”

They were truly fighting now. The Ghost Chariot Clan, Qiong Sang Family, and You Chao Family had over ten-thousand warriors from these three families attack the Kui Gate, which was merely about three-hundred-meters wide.

Ghost Chariot Clan people were still rising strong dark fires. Other than those twisted, hazy yet fierce evil ghosts, some strange spirits and dark souls were also mixed in the dark fires, screaming and striking the defensive line of the dark water serpents before the gate constantly.

Thousands of elite warriors from Qiong Sang Family stood about a hundred miles away from the Kui Gate, in perfect square-shaped arrays. They pulled open their beautiful glowing longbows, releasing waves of arrows towards the gate.

This was the most commonly used and annoying fighting style created by Eastern Wasteland archers. These elite Qiong Sang warriors were much stronger than Ten Sun Country archers. Within every second, each of them could release thousands of arrows. Waves of arrows swept across the air like a storm. As a result, many dark water serpents, spirit boas and snakes had arrows stuck all over their bodies by now.

The most astonishing ones, the ones who made the deepest impression, were those You Chao Family warriors. Since always, You Chao Family people were good at building palaces, mansions, and designing defensive formations for all kinds of building. They had a special talent for architecture; they were the best architects among human beings.

But, they were never good at fighting. Based on the same power level, You Chao Family warriors were at least three-grades weaker than human warriors from other clans. Which meant, a peak-level Divine Magus from You Chao Family could only rival a low-level Divine Magus from other clans!

This was a bit embarrassed. You Chao Family played an important role among all human clans. People from their families were respected by the others. After all, they were all descendants of a human emperor. Nevertheless, they were not strong enough; consequently, their voices were never loud enough in the Town Hall.

But this time, their performances even shocked Ji Hao.

The nine-sky gale, earth-core poisonous fire, flowing flame lava, thunderbolts, magnetic earth power, void aurora…

From those flying forts controlled by You Chao Family people, all kinds of rare and powerful things, those that could only be found in the most dangerous areas in Pan Gu world, had been spurting out, transforming into dazzling, colorful torrents, and pouring down towards the Kui Gate.

The nine-sky gale blew souls away.

The earth-core poisonous fire could melt almost all metals.

The flowing flame lava would never die before the targets were burned out.

The thunderbolts were unstoppable.

The magnetic earth power was constantly changing and unpredictable.

The void aurora was cruel and destructive…

You Chao Family warriors had been launching all kinds of rare attacks without a break. Sometimes, these rare powers would merge together and generate something new and even more powerful.

Many enormous dark water serpents were severely injured by the violent gale, or had all their scales burned broken. Some water-kind creatures were strangely twisted into sharp or obtuse angles in the sky, or spiraled, because they were hit by the magnetic earth power.

Some dark water serpents suddenly had countless holes on their bodies, without knowing why. Around those holes, their skins fell off rapidly like ashes. Apparently, these serpents were harmed by the void aurora.

After the first day, the warriors from the three families roughly learned how powerful these dark water serpents and the other water-kind creatures under their commands were, and had discovered some of their weaknesses. The three families combined their strengths and fought side by side. Hundreds of dark water serpents were forced back further and further, even about to draw back into the Kui Gate.

Coiling on the dark clouds and having remained unmoved all this while, Dark Water Serpent abruptly moved.

Once the moved, even the sky seemed to collapse. His body suddenly expanded to hundreds of miles long, while his mountain-like head smashed violently, swiftly down towards warriors from the three families, causing a rumbling buzzing noise.

“Damn it!” Qiong Sang Sheng, You Chao Yu, and Ghost Chariot Green Grass shouted out simultaneously. They attempted to rush up and stop Dark Water Serpent, but how could they ever make it?

A series of howls was generated the first. In the frontline, hundreds of flying forts that belonged to You Chao Family were crushed by Dark Water Serpent. Hundreds of You Chao Family people desperately fled out of their forts, but ended up being swallowed by this tremendous serpent; not even a shoe survived.


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