The Magus Era Chapter 1260 – WN

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Before the Kui Gate, mountain-like Dark Water Serpent coiled on the dark cloud like a mountain. You could see scorn from his green eyes, while he coldly looked at the three ghost fires released by Ghost Chariot Lie.

He didn’t take Dark Water Yao Yao’s death to heart. He had too many children, and Dark Water Yao Yao was only a relatively more talented one among them all. Dark Water Serpent was born to be cold and unsympathetic. No matter how many of his children died, their deaths would be worthy, as long as he could guard the Kui Gate well.

A dark-skinned, bald, strong man trod on the water, rushing out swiftly. Facing Ghosts Chariot Lie’s ghost fires, he roared resonantly, “I am Dark Water Hugh Hugh, the one who kills you!” Clicking his tongue, he continued, “Dark Water Yao Yao was so useless! I should have eaten him back then!”

Screaming shrilly, Dark Water Hugh Hugh opened his mouth and released a tens of meters wide, dark-green poisonous fireball, that swooshed across tens of miles and bumped heavily on the three ghost fires.

When the poisonous fireball and the there ghost fires struck against each other, something changed magically. A three-hundred-meters-wide, dark-blue fireball emerged in the sky, burning ragingly, letting out slight ghost cries along with large streams of poisonous gas and frigid gusts of wind.

Ghost Chariot Lie narrowed his eyes and laughed evilly. Raising his arm, he pulled out a weird long flag. The flagpole was made from a white bone, while the flag was woven from human hair. Painted on the purely dark flag were hundreds of twisted, strange spell symbols. Ghost Chariot Lie gripped the nearly ten-meters-long flag, and waved fiercely. All of a sudden, people on the scene heard a high-pitched bird scream, which was not so pleasant to hear.


Following the bird scream, waves of pasty phantoms rushed out of the flag. Like dim white shooting stars, countless ghosts with hazy and twisted faces screamed across the sky, marching towards Dark Water Hugh Hugh while releasing a strong, dark power vibration.

From the castle built with bones and burning with a dark fire, hundreds of more young men with pasty faces and wearing white bone armors flew out, holding all weird kinds of weapon.

Bird skeletons, beast skeletons, dragon skeletons, different sized skulls, or simply single bone sticks, or a large piece of skin from an unknown living creature…

A frigid gale blew while the dark fire burned. Hundreds of young Ghost Chariot Family men rushed out, silently waving long flags which were same as the one held in Ghost Chariot Lie’s hands. Ear-piercing ghost cries echoed through the dark clouds, while torrents of phantoms surged towards the Kui Gate.

“My!” Qiong Sang Sheng and You Chao Yu glanced at each other, and both sneered.

Abruptly, an extremely frigid power emerged around Ji Hao, while a deathly pale hand silently reached out of a gray mist, fiercely towards Ji Hao’s neck.

If Ji Hao were an ordinary human Magus who never cultivated his soul and spirit but relied purely on his physical strength, his neck might be gripped in this suddenly appearing hand already. However, Ji Hao had his spirit power spread all the time, and everything within the area thousand-miles in radius around him was right under his watch.

Ji Hao discovered this hand once it appeared. He pretended to know nothing, just staring at the Kui Gate. As the hand was about to land on Ji Hao’s neck, he suddenly gave a cold snort, as a three-feet-tall golden fire burst from the back of his neck.

In his spiritual space, his embryo of Dao of sun locked its fingers together with its eyes dazzling with a golden light. That embryo of Dao triggered the essence sun fire, as much as Ji Hao could control with his current power.

The pale hand pressed directly on the essence sun fire. The essence sun fire was a purely positive fire, the natural destroyer of all evilness and darkness in the world. The moment this hand touched the golden fire on Ji Hao’s neck, it was set ablaze, burning intensely.

The scream that came next was rather loud and shrill. A young man showed up behind Ji Hao, jumping like a flea while crazily shaking his burning right hand. This young man was wearing a long cloak woven from human hair. His skin was awfully pale, even slightly translucent, such that countless slowly squirming spell symbols were faintly visible under his skin.

Along with a sizzling noise, the skin and flesh of this young man’s right hand were burned into ashes instantly, dissipating in the air. But, his gray, translucent bones remained. Those bones were probably cultivated with a secret, dark magic. Even after being burned by the essence sun fire, those bones were actually squirming like a sticky liquid. Twisted, hideous faces constantly emerged on those bones, screaming, crying, and turning into wisps of white smoke in the fire.

These twisted faces had been neutralizing the essence sun fire to keep this young man’s hand from burning out.

Qiong Sang Sheng and You Chao Yu smirked together.

Si Wen Ming coughed slightly. He pulled Ji Hao’s sleeve and said to him, “Ji Hao, this is Ghost Chariot Green Grass, the Master Elder of Ghost Chariot Clan. You can also call him Mi Green Grass…He was joking with you. Take the fire back!”

More or less, Ji Wen Ming knew about Ji Hao and his strangely strong powers. Ji Hao was born in the Southern Wasteland, Fire Crow Clan. At first, the power he used was the power of Gold Crow, inherited through his bloodline. Gold Crow fire was also highly destructive for all kinds of evil. Later on, Ji Hao improved amazingly fast, and the Gold Crow fire he mastered upgraded into the stronger, more dreadful essence sun power.

Ghost Chariot Green Grass was indeed the Master Elder of Ghost Chariot Clan, as old, famous, and experienced as Qiong Sang Sheng and You Chao Yu. However, the essence sun fire was the natural enemy of all Ghost Chariot dark magics. He was old, and Ji Hao was young. Therefore, he intended to make fun of Ji Hao, but ended up humiliating himself!

As the Master Elder of Ghost Chariot Clan, he was injured badly by Ji Hao. If anyone else knew about this, Mi Green Grass would be too ashamed to see anyone ever again.

Ji Hao snorted coldly, then waved his right hand. The golden fire burning on Ghost Chariot Green Grass’s hand disappeared instantly. He breathed deeply, then the skin and flesh on his hand speedily grew back. Within a blink of an eye, that hand recovered completely.

“Marquis Yao Ji Hao!” Ghost Chariot Green Grass proudly held his head high and shouted, “Wen Ming, little grandson, you’ve been working so hard under the storm these years. You must be exhausted, right? You’ve made enough contributions already. The last bit of work, just leave it to us!”

He smirked and continued coldly, “Our Ghost Chariot Clan is a member of the humankind. Some evil things attempted to bully us, surely we can’t just sit and watch. These lowly spirit creatures, just let our boys deal with them!”

Once Ghost Chariot Green Grass finished, You Chao Yu took an enormous step forward, reached to Si Wen Ming and said, “Yeah, yeah, Elder Green Grass is absolutely right. Si Wen Ming, you go and rest. You can’t take all the credits, can you?”

Before Si Wen Ming responded, Qiong Sang Sheng laughed out loud from aside and said, “Isn’t that right? Si Wen Ming, and you, Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you just go rest! Guards, escort these ministers to get some rest!”

Without giving Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao a chance to talk, nearly three-hundred warriors from Qiong Sang Family, You Chao Family, and Ghost Chariot Clan rushed up and surrounded Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao.

Ji Hao glanced at Si Wen Ming.

It seemed that if Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming refused to take their warriors away to rest, these three old powerful men from these three strong families and clan would truly do something to them, wouldn’t they?


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