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“So stupid!” Watching Dark Water Yao Yao send You Chao Rock fly away, Qiong Sang Sheng criticized straightforwardly, “So stupid! If he stayed on that rock, that serpent would have been able to do nothing to him.”

While sneering, Qiong Sang Sheng glanced at that mountain on the cloud and said, “However, he was actually stupid enough to come out…This You Chong Rock didn’t think that he is as strong as our talented Qiong Sang boys, who can manage all kinds of challenges, did he?”

Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming both remained silent, watching the fight. On the other side, sQiong Sang Sheng bragged about young men from his family and depreciated You Chao Family at the same time.

The mountain on the cloud also remained silent. However, many people walked out from buildings on the cloud, looking down at You Chao Rock, who was sent flying away. Ji Hao clearly saw that many You Chao people nervously clenched their fists. Obviously, they were all worrying about You Chao Rock.

If Qiong Sang Sheng weren’t on the scene, these You Chao people would have launched their moves already to rescue You Chao Rock. But, Qiong Sang Sheng was there, and so were so many Qiong Sang people, looking straight at them. Therefore, no matter how much these You Chao people were worrying about You Chao Rock, they wouldn’t do anything to help him. The honor of the family sometimes truly mattered more than lives.

Dark Water Yao Yao widely opened his mouth. Flashing across the air, he started a strong gale as he swiftly wriggled to behind You Chao Rock. All of You Chao Rock’s bones were whipped broken by Dark Water Yao Yao long tail, but by now, those injuries had recovered halfway. Seeing Dark Water Yao Yao chase up, he hurriedly pointed at the rock fort.

From the fort, a white mist puffed up hundreds of meters high. Followed by a clattering noise, the mist spread out and rolled up like an enormous flag in the sky. Causing an ear-piercing swishing noise, the misty flag flew towards Dark Water Yao Yao.

Ji Hao scanned across this mist with his spirit power, and instantly knew what it was — The essence metal power from the west mixed with ten-thousand-year-old rock milk found in earth meridians. It was heavy and sticky like glue, yet strangely sharp. Once the mist wrapped up its target, the target would feel like being wrapped in thousands of sharp blades, being cut and sliced by the sharp metal power.

This was a special method of attacking, yet considerably efficient.

Nevertheless, it was too slow. After all, this white mist was partially made from ten-thousand-year-old rock milk from earth meridians. This special material was especially heavy, usually used in all kinds of large-scale weapons, such as battering rams, to improve their hardness and toughness.

The heaviness of the white mist disabled itself from catching up with Dark Water Yao Yao. While the mist was still seven to eight miles away from Dark Water Yao Yao, Dark Water Yao Yao had already rushed to You Chao Rock. He suddenly let out his long forked tongue and penetrated You Chao Rock’s chest like a sharp, heavy spear.

You Chao Rock howled in pain. Instinctively, he raised both arms and punched on Dark Water Yao Yao’s tongue.

Apparently, You Chao Rock was not a good fighter. He was indeed a low-level Divine Magus, but in Ji Hao’s eyes, his pair of fists were not even as strong as those of a peak-level Magus Kings from other human clans.

Dark Water Yao Yao rolled back his tongue and generated a shrill scream, as You Chao Rock was dragged into his mouth.

The others on the scene watched Dark Water Yao Yao secrete a great amount of highly corrosive dark saliva in his mouth. Soaking in the dark saliva, You Chao Rock’s skin and flesh fell off layer by layer. Dark Water Yao Yao smirked complacently, then slowly raised his head and swallowed You Chao Rock up.

He slowed his moves down intentionally, such that You Chao Rock was still alive, even after being swallowed into his stomach. Everyone else on the scene could hear You Chao Rock’s despairing screams coming from Dark Water Yao Yao’s stomach.

“Delicious! Who else?” Dark Water Yao Yao laughed proudly. Without its controller, the white mist released from the rock fort had slowly drawn back into the fort. Dark Water Yao Yao transformed again into his human shape, standing on the fort with a vicious grin. He scornfully reached out his left hand, and pointed at Qiong Sang Family people and You Chao Family people.

“Qiong Sang Family? The descendants of Shaohao. Are you even men?”

“You Chao Family, hehe, also descendants of a human emperor. Don’t humiliate your family!”

Qiong Sang Sheng threw a sideway glance at the mountain on the cloud and said blandly, “A small spirit snake. Just let our brave Qiong Sang men cut it!”

Before his voice faded, a figure suddenly showed up on top of the mountain on the cloud. That was an old man with a long beard coiled around his waist, and skin wrinkled like tree bark. He was wearing a strange shirt made of yellow leaves.

“You Chao Yu…The oldest elder in You Chao Family. It’s said that he had taken a magical fruit when he was young, which gave him an extra long lifespan…Some also said that when he was young, he once served Emperor You Chao as a minister. No one knows if these stories are true or not.” Si Wen Ming lowered his voice and told Ji Hao about this old man. “But no matter how, he is just like Elder Candle Dragon Gui. No one wants to offend him.”

Paused briefly, Si Wen Ming lowered his voice further and continued, “Except for old people like Qiong Sang Master Magus, no one dares to offend You Chao Yu!”

“Qiong Sang Sheng, are you despising our You Chao warriors?” You Chao seemed to hear that Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao were talking about him. From a long distance away, he glanced at Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming, then paid his whole attention back to Qiong Sang Sheng and said, “How about we make a bet? If my warrior kills this little black snake…”

Before Qiong Sang Sheng responded, a cold and high-pitched voice interrupted You Chao Yu from far away.

“Bet? On what? You Chao Yu, Qiong Sang Sheng, you old dudes, how many years it has been since we saw each other? Qing Sang Sheng, last time you shot me with an arrow made from a ‘gold tattoo bee’ stinger. It made my entire body swollen for twenty-three years…But I also managed to send a gust of ghost mother wind into your ears, eyes, nose and mouth. How did it taste?”

Ghost screams could be heard without an end, while a great castle built with the bones of countless human beings, beasts, birds, fishes, and even Yu Clan people, Ji Clan people, Xiu Clan people, and all kinds of mysterious creature in the world, flew over speedily from the west. It was surrounded by a strong dark fire and a sky-devouring negative power.

“Human beings are facing a disaster. We should combine our powers and get through the difficulties together. You lowly spirit creatures, how dare you hinder our great flood-control plan…Hehe, we are the Ghost Chariot Clan. We will surely not fall behind…Hehe, you two old b*stards, get the hell away! As for those little spirit creatures, my boys will surely take care of them all!”

Swoosh! A thirty-meters-wide, giant skull flew over, burning with a raging green fire. Meanwhile, a young man standing on the skull pulled out three bone spears and threw them out from a long distance away. This young man was wearing a scarily styled bone armor, with a deathly pasty face, and dark-green circles around the eyes.

Following a sizzling noise, the three spears transformed into a gray, widely spread gas once they flew out from the young man’s hand. Dragging streams of green fire, the poisonous gas poured straight down onto Dark Water Yao Yao.


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