The Magus Era Chapter 1255 – WN

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“Great, Qiong Sang Men!”

Ji Hao suddenly acted aggressively, and he was surrounded by Yemo Shayi, a true Supreme-level powerful warrior, along with Yu Mu, Feng King, and Yuan Li, three strong beings. Meanwhile, Si Wen Ming seemed ready to put up a desperate fight against Qiong Sang Sheng at any time as well. Seeing all of this, Qiong Sang Sheng shrank back.

He was worried and frightened, but he was even more infuriated. Nevertheless, Qiong Sang Sheng dared not to start a conflict directly against Ji Hao.

Qiong Sang Shuang seized a perfect opportunity to attack as he swung his longbow. The bowstring broke the fierce blade beams released by Dark Water Yao Yao and caused an echoing clang, then landed violently on Dark Water Yao Yao’s face. The bowstring was strangely sharp, easily cutting off half of Dark Water Yao Yao’s face, exposing his dark, metal-like bone.

Seeing Qiong Sang Shuang take an advantage in the fight, Qiong Sang Sheng took the chance to smoothly change the topic. Instead of confronting Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming tensely, he turned around and clapped his hands, laughing out loud as he encouraged Qiong Sang Shuang.

On the back of that enormous golden-winged roc bird, tens of thousands of elite Qiong Sang warriors raised their weapons and growled in chorus, “Marvelous! Qiong Sang Men! Fabulous! Qiong Sang Men!”

The strong and dreadful power of Qiong Sang Family was demonstrated perfectly by their resounding growls. Ji Hao’s eye corners twitched slightly. From the voices all tens of thousands of Qiong Sang warriors, he sensed at least ten powerful beings who had already reached the supreme level. Over fifty percent of these Qiong Sang warriors were Magus Kings and Divine Magi; the rest were Senior Magi indeed, but as they growled out, faint starlights shone from their bodies. Apparently, these Senior Magi were about to grow their spirit star power and step into the level of Magus Kings.

Ji Hao was surprised. Qiong Sang Family was indeed legendarily powerful. No wonder Si Wen Ming tried his best to tolerate Qiong Sang Sheng. Not to mention how many greatly powerful beings existed in the family, merely this army under Qiong Sang Sheng’s command was strong enough to destroy ten territories at the level of Yao Mountain territory if Ji Hao, Yemo Shayi, and the other few especially powerful ones weren’t there to defend.

Ji Hao looked at the battlefield while frowning. He heard Dark Water Yao Yao snort in pain, but still, he gripped his blade tight and wielded swiftly, steadily, and smoothly. He created dazzling blade light beams to defend himself against Qiong Sang Shuang.

From time to time, Dark Water Yao Yao would let out his long fork tongue. Ji Hao didn’t know how enormous Dark Water Yao Yao’s true body was, but his for tongue could reach out for hundreds of miles sometimes, like a nimbly moving, twisting, soft spear, lunging at Qiong Sang Shuang from strange angles.

But, Qiong Sang Shuang was fast as lightning bolts, such that not even Ji Hao could see his moves clearly. White, misty afterimages created by him flashed all over the sky. Dark Water Yao Yao’s fork tongue brushed against his body over and over again, yet failed to harm even a hair of his.

All of a sudden, Dark Yao Yao howled in pain once again, while a large stream of blood spurted out of his mouth.

Ji Hao clearly saw it. For an unknown, unreasonable reason, Dark Water Yao Yao spiralled his long fork tongue and attempted to coil Qiong Sang Shuang’s body. As a result, Qiong Sang Shuang darted into the spiraled tongue and slightly swung his longbow, cutting that forked tongue into tens of pieces.

Fist-thick, squirming tongue pieces fell from the sky, while Dark Water Yao Yao retracted his remaining tongue, which was still bleeding ceaselessly. He hissed loudly in pain, while blood gushed out of the wounds on his face. Covered in blood, he looked like a devil that crawled out of the blood pool in hell.

“You’re nothing but a small water-kind spirit creature. How can you ever defeat a Qiong Sang man?” Qiong Sang Sheng turned around proudly, glanced at Ji Hao, and said, “How can these water-kind spirit creatures ever imagine the power of our Qiong Sang Family? We may not do much, but once we start one thing, we will make it perfect!”

Ji Hao remained silent. He looked at Dark Water Yao Yao, who was now awfully bleeding. He felt weird.

Dark Water Yao Yao shouldn’t be so weak. Ji Hao sensed the shockingly strong intent of killing from him, but how could he be so weak?

Qiong Sang Shuang was indeed a powerful one, but he was not powerful enough to crush Dark Water Yao Yao, was he? Judging by the power vibration released from his body, Ji Hao could easily tell that Qiong Sang Shuang was a well-protected ‘noble’ who had never been through a real deadly fight. He might have a lot of experience, but he must have gained those experiences through carefully arranged battles under the protection of his strong guards.

Him? How could he ever push Dark Water Yao Yao into such a bad situation?

“Not to mention Shuang’s ‘sky-splitting silver scale bow’, which is a half-step Supreme-level treasure, that feather cloak worn by him is made from the feathers of ‘void white phoenixes’.” said Qiong Sang Sheng to Ji Hao with a strange tone that one might hear when a rich person living in the town talked to a poor guy from the countryside, “Void white phoenixes is a legendary kind among all phoenixes. They can flash across space, as fast as lightning bolts, even faster than regular phoenixes.”

“Our family only has thirteen feather cloaks like this. Wearing this cloak, Shuang is faster than anyone in the world. On battlefields, he can attack his enemies, but will never be attacked!”

Qiong Sang Sheng laughed proudly.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, but didn’t say anything. Wearing a void white phoenix cloak, did that make Qiong Sang Shuang the fastest one in the world? What a narrow view! What about the golden bridge? No to mention the golden bridge, the East Emperor Taiyi’s nine dragons chariot was scarily fast. How could a feather cloak ever race Taiyi’s chariot?

“Hit!” Qiong Sang Shuang was fighting against Dark Water Yao Yao, but he had been paying his attention to Qiong Sang Sheng all the time.

Hearing Qiong Sang Sheng’s praise, Qiong Sang Shuang couldn’t help but grin. Shouting out, his bowstring speedily sliced across Dark Water Yao Yao’s shoulder, tearing off a large piece of meat.

“Hit!” Following another shout, Qiong Sang Shuang took the risk and suddenly darted into the defensive range provided by Dark Water Yao Yao’s blade. He swung the bow and sliced off a large piece of skin from Dark Water Yao Yao’s chest.

“Hit!” “Hit!” “Hit!” Qiong Sang Shuang’s aggressive, proud shouts could be heard from every corner of the battlefield. Every time he burst with a shout, Qiong Sang Shuang could always cut off a slice from Dark Water Yao Yao. Soon, Dark Water Yao Yao was covered in wounds, almost looking like a skeleton.

“Marquis Yao, how’s our boy?” Qiong Sang Sheng proudly threw a sideway glance at Ji Hao. Ji Hao squinted at Qiong Sang Sheng as well. Abruptly, he sensed something. Scanning across the battlefield by using his spirit power, he finally realized what was wrong. He growled out a nd started moving, attempting to rush into the battlefield. But Qiong Sang Sheng raised his eye corners and immediately pointed at Ji Hao.

An invisible, strong force descended from the sky. Ji Hao was strong, but he was still sealed by this force for a one-tenth second.

While Ji Hao struggled, Qiong Sang Shuang’s bowstring cut towards Dark Water Yao Yao’s neck. “Kill!” Roared Qiong Sang Shuang while launching the killing move. When the bowstring cutting into Dark Water Yao Yao’s neck, he grinningly turned around and glanced at Qiong Sang Sheng.

Dark Water Yao Yao suddenly popped out his eyes. He threw away the blade, shaking his body. His upper body suddenly became an enormous serpent with widely opened jaws, and swallowed Qiong Sang Shuang up.

Followed a series of bow cracking noise, Qiong Sang Shuang was shredded into meat paste.


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