The Magus Era Chapter 1251 – WN

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Dark Water Yao Yao approached rapidly.

Ji Hao stared at him, not being careless at all. He glanced at that eight-feet-long, thumb-wide, paper-thin, and cyan-blue blade held in his hand, with extra vigilance. The oddly-shaped and colored blade emitted a sweet aroma once it was pulled out. Something was not right about it.

The power vibration released from Dark Water Yao Yao was sharp and aggressive. As he approached Ji Hao, the blood scent coming from his body grew stronger and stronger. When he was less than ten miles away from Ji Hao, a hundred-miles-long stream of blood-red mist had already puffed out from his head. Within the sticky and stinky mist, countless twisted faces were faintly visible. Obviously, these were the souls of human beings killed by Dark Water Yao Yao, being sealed in the blood mist with a special magic.

Indeed, Dark Water Yao Yao was a spirit serpent who had transformed into his human shape. He was an ‘elite’, who had slaughtered incalculable lives. Carefully sensing the power vibration released from him, Ji Hao ranked him as a ‘top-grade elite’.

To be a so-called ‘elite’ didn’t just require cultivation. These years, Ji Hao killed countless water-kind spirit creatures, especially those from the twelve water worlds, at the levels of Magus King and Divine Magi. They had cultivated themselves long enough, and were all quite powerful.

But, those spirit creatures couldn’t be count as ‘elites’, because they had never been through true deadly fights, and had never rolled on the mountains of corpses and oceans of blood.

Dark Water Yao Yao, right in front of Ji Hao, was a true elite. He was not only as powerful as a peak-level Divine Magus, but was also greatly experienced. He survived countless life-threatening dangers. Therefore, he was a true elite, one of the most terrifying enemies on battlefields.

“I am Marquis Yao Ji Hao! Under the order of the human emperor, I can be in charge under any occasion. Anyone who dares to go against the flood-control plan of our humankind will be killed!” With a pair of dagger eyes, Ji Hao looked at Dark Water Yao Yao and said coldly, “However, the world is merciful. You have cultivated yourself severely for years, and you didn’t attain your power easily. If you are willing to surrender and follow our humankind, serve our humankind for the rest of your life…”

“Be a slave?” Dark Water Yao Yao grinned and opened his mouth. He was no taller than three-meters and two-feet, but all of a sudden, a seven to eight-feet long fork tongue hissed out of his mouth and licked the edge of his blade.

A sticky venom was spread on the blade, and soon seeped into it. The blade shone brighter with the cyan-blue light.

“Marquis Yao, listen carefully. From now on, the human emperor’s orders will no longer be followed, because the whole world will be under our lord Gong Gong’s control…No, it’s Emperor Gong Gong!” Dark Water Yao Yao shook his head and said, “In the future, all human beings will be slaves of our water-kind. Men will work for us like animals, and women will bear our children!”

Dark Water Yao Yao smirked and pointed at Ji Hao with the tip of his blade as he said, “Be slaves, this is your fate!”

Ji Hao took a deep breath and said nothing else. Instead, he slowly raised his Taiji divine sword. He had already brought a Henggong fish under control, and now, he was quite interested in making Dark Water Yao Yao surrender and follow his lead too. After all, Dark Water Yao Yao was a peak-Divine-Magus-level warrior!

Yao Mountain territory was still far from powerful enough. Stronger the forces he could gather, the better.

But, Dark Water Yao Yao refused to accept Ji Hao’s kindness, which left Ji Hao no choice but beat him to the ground, then make him kneel and beg to follow him!

Ji Hao grinned and slightly raised his face, giving a sharp, echoing howl that sounded like a dragon roar. At first, his not so loud voice swept across the water surface like a long needle, faintly audible. But gradually, it grew brighter and brighter, stronger and stronger. The water surface down below was vibrated violently. Struck by Ji Hao’s voice, giant waves were raised.

The dark clouds in the sky were shattered by the roar. An enormous cloudy swirl appeared in the sky, immeasurably deep, spinning swiftly. From the swirl, the sunlight poured in, weakly.

This was a something Ji Hao learned from Priest Hua’s results of the Dao of evolvement, called the ‘Sky Dragon Roar’. The ‘Sky Dragon Roar’ was not as violent as ‘Lion Roar’, but it was long-lasting, and was highly lethal to all kinds of evils and spirit beings. In addition to that, it could shake the internal organs of its owner and boost up the thriving life-force. This was a perfect move to attack enemies and strengthen oneself.

Dragons were the strongest scaled creatures. Once Ji Hao cast ‘Sky Dragon Roar’, Dark Water Yao Yao’s look changed instantly. The dense blood-red mist above his head suddenly turned thin and weak, as it was pressed down by thirty miles. The power vibration released from Dark Water Yao Yao’s body was also weakened. His cold, merciless eyes were now unfocused, and his face was instinctively twitching.

With a dragon roar, Ji Hao took away Dark Water Yao Yao’s confidence.

Laughing out loud, Ji Hao made a step forward as he gripped the hilt of his sword with both hands. The eight-feet-long Taiji divine sword hacked down fiercely, straight towards Dark Water Yao Yao’s head as it brought up a sharp gust of wind.

Dark Water Yao Yao immediately fixed his unfocused eyes on the sword while stabilizing his disordered power vibration momentarily.

Vibrated by the dragon roar, Dark Water Yao Yao’s blood boiled. But, he was a truly elite fighter; after a resonant howl, he calmed back down. Shaking his fork tongue, he closed his eyes and raised the long blade softly, as if his arm had no bones. All of a sudden, thousands of extremely thin cold light beams dazzled to Ji Hao.

A high pitched roar came out from Dark Water Yao Yao’s throat, “Marquis Yao, you are a human being, and I am a serpent, a black water serpent! Can a human being live longer than a serpent?”

Snakes and serpents had thriving life-forces. Even an ordinary snake could struggle to live for a long span of time after its head was cut off, not to mention a black water serpent, a strong, spirit one like Dark Water Yao Yao.

Dark Water Yao Yao’s life-force was definitely over one hundred times stronger than the life-force of an ordinary Divine Magus. This was not about cultivation. Instead, this was a pure gift.

Ji Hao seemed to hear nothing from Dark Water Yao Yao. The Taiji divine sword hacked down strongly, straight at Dark Water Yao Yao’s head. Ji Hao had no intent to dodge those sharp light beams, and seemed to put up a life-risking fight.

The Taiji cloak glowed with a clear light and transformed into a giant lotus that spun around Ji Hao silently against those sharp blade light beams.

Ji Hao and Dark Water Yao Yao were about to bump into each other, but all of a sudden, they both sensed something.

Bursting with a growl, Ji Hao and Dark Water Yao Yao looked at each other for a short while. They put down their sword and blade, raised their left hands, and each launched a palm move. With the counterforce caused by this palm stroke, they both drew back swiftly, darting over ten miles away from each other,

Two arrows almost brushed against their bodies, along with an ear-piercing swishing noise, which left two thousands of meters long, frigid beams of light in the air.

The lotus created by the Taiji cloak moved slightly and rolled up the metal arrow that attacked Ji Hao, easily grinding it with a soft yet especially strong power.

Dark Water Yao Yao snorted in pain. The arrowhead sliced across his body, tore apart his skin, and brought out a stream of blood.

“Which stupid thing is attacking from the darkness?!” Dark Water Yao Yao was enraged, growling out loud.


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