The Magus Era Chapter 1246 – WN

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Sighing slightly, Priest Hua gave a complicated glance at Ji Hao, then all the lotus petals folded back together, and he disappeared abruptly. Ji Hao had no way to find out where he went to resist the erosion from Great Freedom.

“How lucky you are!” In his spiritual space, the mysterious man showed up. Lowering his head, the mysterious man’s eyes shone with a bright blue light as he carefully observed Ji Hao’s new embryo of Dao.

“Lucky?” Ji Hao had lost his eyesight temporarily, his body softened. Silently, he was even cursing Priest Hua. All that Priest Hua had learned about the great Dao of evolvement ever since he was still a lotus, growing in the Chaos, was forcibly ‘injected’ into Ji Hao’s body, to form a new embryo of Dao. This new embryo of Dao knew everything that Priest Hua knew regarding his great Dao. It had all Priest Hua’s power, his secret magic, and his final results of the great Dao. It had everything that belonged to Priest Hua. As a direct result, Ji Hao’s primordial spirit power was drained by this new embryo of Dao.

Every embryo of Dao of Ji Hao needed his primordial spirit power. Simply speaking, his embryos of Dao needed to be nourished by his primordial spirit. If one compared embryos of Dao to fruits, the primordial spirit would be the tree. Only when the tree was strong and healthy enough, it could grow large and juicy fruits. This new ‘fruit’ Priest Hua gave Ji Hao was way too large, and Ji Hao’s primordial spirit couldn’t even afford it.

This embryo of Dao of evolvement was already mature, and Ji Hao’s primordial spirit power was drained already. At the moment, in Ji Hao’s body, no primordial spirit power was left for him to use. Therefore, he couldn’t benefit himself from the embryo of Dao of evolvement, not even a little bit.

He didn’t have enough energy to control his own body now, nor cast any magic based on the great Dao of sun or the extreme negative.

Priest Hua might seem to have given Ji Hao so much, but in fact, he pushed Ji Hao into trouble. If Ji Hao were an average cultivator, the embryo of Dao of evolvement would become his deathly burden. With that embryo of Dao, he wouldn’t be able to use his primordial spirit power anymore; he wouldn’t be able to think or move, and at last, he would fall into an everlasting sleep. In this way, Ji Hao would become a storage, for Priest Hua to preserve his powers and Dao.

Perhaps, Priest Mu or a disciple of Priest Hua would find Ji Hao, and then take back everything belonged to Priest Hua…

After that, Ji Hao would finally have a chance to wake up. But, one must remember that the embryo of Dao of evolvement was generated by Ji Hao’s primordial spirit power. Therefore, after it was taken out of his body, Ji Hao’s primordial spirit would suffer a great loss. As a result, his cultivation might be downgraded by a few levels, and in worse cases, his primordial spirit might even collapse.

“How could Priest Hua give me all this for no reason? He knew that I couldn’t withstand his great Dao of evolvement. He made me keep his Dao for him, in case he dies in Great Freedom’s hands…In the meanwhile, he disabled me by doing this, easily taking out a major enemy for his disciples.”

An extremely pure original soul power had been flowing out of the five-colored cauldron, into Ji Hao’s spiritual space like an endless river, being absorbed by his red sun primordial spirit and his five embryos of Dao.

Gradually, Ji Hao could feel his body again. The darkness before his eyes faded slowly, as his body and powers were all back under control.

“Unfortunately Priest Hua, you don’t know that I have such a powerful treasure inside me. Eighteen ‘Zun’-level sky devils, over ten-thousand regular sky devils, and tens of thousands of disciples of yours…” Ji Hao stood up slowly, with a faintly visible, seven-colored lotus spinning in each of his eyes.

The seven-colored lotus had tens of thousands of petals which glowed with a mystical light. When the lotus appeared in his eyes, the power vibration released from his body suddenly turned faintly sensible, as if he had merged with the entire universe. Through every single move of his, Ji Hao sensed a response from the universe itself.

In a way, Ji Hao had now become another Priest Hua, because he had all the results of Priest Hua’s great Dao. But, he was only an awfully weakened Priest Hua. After all, the real Priest Hua was far more powerful than him. Not to mention the fact that even through Ji Hao now had all Priest Hua’s results of great Dao, it still required an immeasurably long period of time for him to absorb it all.

“If he knew that I can already move again, would he still give me all this?” Ji Hao stretched his limbs, and asked the mysterious man while laughing.

Remaining silent for a short while, the mysterious man murmured, “Kid, you are way too lucky. Unreasonably lucky. But this makes sense somehow.”

“Eh? Are you saying that I am supposed to be so lucky?” asked Ji Hao curiously.

The mysterious man didn’t answer this question. Instead, he continued murmuring to himself, “Priest Hua, Priest Mu, they were only two drifting seeds in the Chaos in the beginning. They had an incredibly strong power of creation and thriving life-force. Therefore, they were almost eaten by those ferocious Chaos creatures many times. They looked after each other and suffered through countless disasters.

“Later on, they drifted to Pan Gu, who was not yet born. Pan Gu found those two pitiful seeds, and allowed them to root on his amniotic sac. Nourished by a trace of Pan Gu’s spirit blood power, they began to grow, and became a linden tree and a lotus with ten-thousand petals.”

“The tree was stable, while the lotus was variable. Not to mention their natures, the friendship between them and Pan Gu was profound…Therefore, after witnessing Pan Gu’s death, they changed.”

“Eh?” Ji Hao exclaimed out of curiosity.

“They always believed that they were true brothers with Pan Gu…The dragons, phoenixes, human beings, those prehistorical creatures, and even Yu Yu, Dachi and Qing Wei, those were later generations…They don’t like Dachi, Qing Wei, and Yu Yu.”

“The dragon-kind inherited Pan Gu’s body, the phoenix-kind inherited Pan Gu’s soul, and human beings inherited Pan Gu’s bloodline and wisdom…Dachi, Qing Wei, Yu Yu, they were generated from a trace of Pan Gu’s true spirit after Pan Gu’s soul faded away. Priest Hua and Priest Mu, they hate all of them.”

Sighing slightly, the mysterious man disappeared, but his long and deep sigh lingered in Ji Hao’s spiritual space, “Their hearts changed, and so did their methods. If they didn’t take the initiative to gang up with those sky devils, how could the lotus be entrapped? Great Freedom has planted a seed in him. Unroot it? Hehe!”

Nothing could be heard from the mysterious man anymore.

The original soul power released from the cauldron grew stronger and stronger. It gradually became a torrent, and rapidly flew into Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit.

The dim red sun was nourished, glowing brighter and brighter. The five embryos of Dao were nourished as well, becoming clearer to look more like real human beings. Especially the strongest one, the embryo of Dao of evolvement, it had even been walking around in Ji Hao’s spiritual space like a true human being. With every step it made, a golden lotus would be left behind him.

“Wonderful!” Ji Hao straightened his body and waved his hands.

All of a sudden, within the area ten-million-miles in radius, thin golden light beams descended from the sky and struck on the head of all water-kind creatures, burning them into ashes.


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