The Magus Era Chapter 1240 – WN

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‘Dong! Dong! Dong!’

After a quick series of explosive sounds, the beautiful glow in the sky faded, and Ji Hao walked slowly out of the disappearing infinitude lotus world. Flags and other treasures, which were used by those priests to build this great formation, flew into Ji Hao’s left sleeve like birds flying into the woods.

“Yeah! Ji Hao won!” Seeing nothing was left behind Ji Hao, Man Man excitedly waved her arms and leaped up. If Shaosi weren’t smilingly holding her hand, she would have bumped straight into Ji Hao’s arms.

Yemo Shayi walked out of the air, hands dropped on both sides of his body and head slightly lowered. He politely and closely walked by Ji Hao’s side, looking at Ji Hao’s dark face.

“My dear master, you seem to not be happy. Are you unhappy? Is anything wrong?” asked Yemo Shayi gently.

Ji Hao frowned. He walked back into the nine dragons chariot and sat in a golden armchair on the top deck, supporting his chin with his both hands while gazing at the vast water down below.

Of course, something was wrong. In fact, something was very wrong.

Those disciples all had Priest Mu’s linden leaf magic talismans. But, those powerful talismans showed no sign of saving their lives. Instead, those talismans did nothing but protect their original soul and send them into the netherworld.

This looked like Priest Mu had made the plan long ago, and he sent these disciples to die on purpose.

More importantly, something was badly wrong about the powers of those priests.

Ji Hao was indescribably lucky. He was taken as a disciple by Yu Yu, then guided by Priest Dachi and Priest Qing Wei and a large group of brothers and sisters. Those brothers and sisters of his almost generously taught Ji Hao everything they had ever learned. More importantly, the mysterious man who lived in Ji Hao’s spiritual space, that powerful old freak with an unknown background story, had led Ji Hao onto a thoroughly different path. For all the above reasons, Ji Hao improved stunningly fast not long after he started his cultivation. By now, he was no weaker than those powerful beings who lived since the prehistorical era.

“I clearly understand that no matter how largely I have improved, I shouldn’t be able to defeat powerful beings like Priest Corpse and Gold Water easily.” Ji Hao slowly nodded and pondered upon his confusion.

He killed Priest Corpse with one single sword move, then easily destroyed his embryos of Dao. Somehow, Ji Hao felt that Priest Corpse was like a balloon, large but empty. His cultivation was still there, but his power and life-force were not even ten-percent as powerful as before.

In the infinitude lotus world, Priest Corpse was far weaker than before when Ji Hao met him the first time. He was weakened awfully. Nevertheless, Priest Corpse never realized that.

Ji Hao had met Priest Corpse before. Therefore, he could tell that Priest Corpse was weakened, so it was reasonable for Ji Hao to kill Priest Corpse with one move with his powerful Taiji divine sword.

Gold Water’s background story was unknown. But, as he was powerful enough to control the all worlds monument, he should be more powerful than Priest Corpse. However, Gold Water was killed by Ji Hao so easily too, with one single sword move. He didn’t even manage to trigger his life-saving treasures before he died.

Except for these two powerful ones, who were already famous back in the prehistorical era, all those priests Ji Hao met in the infinitude lotus world seemed to be weakened and exhausted.

Ji Hao indeed had a few top-grade supreme treasures. As a mysterious treasure from the Chaos, the golden bridge suppressed the all worlds monument. Therefore, Ji Hao should be able to easily break the infinitude lotus world and leave. But killing tens of thousands of elite disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu at one time? Even Ji Hao himself felt it unbelievable. Those priests were too weak. Their powers were way under their cultivation levels. It seemed that their powers were taken away by someone through some special method.

“They were too weak.” Smiling at his friends surrounding him, Ji Hao said, “I’m fine, I just felt that, they were too weak. Those priests, they had cultivated for at least a thousand years…”

Yemo Shayi frowned as well. Today, he killed at least three-thousand priests with his sword. He also felt that it was a bit too easy.

“Whatever, we won!” Man Man proudly raised her head. The sixty-four flaming beads had been slowly hovering around her, covering her body with a red light. She chuckled and continued, “Strange or not, we won, and that’s good!”

Ji Hao smiled too.

Man Man’s personality hadn’t changed at all. But her words made sense. No matter how weird it was, they won, didn’t they? Priest Hua and Priest Mu set such a large trap and tried to do something to Ji Hao. But as a result, tens of thousands of their elite disciples were turned into ashes, while Ji Hao was the only one who benefited.

From the five-colored cauldron, extremely pure original soul power was slowly released, merging with Ji Hao’s embryos of Dao.

Ji Hao’s embryos of Dao had been growing rapidly. In his spiritual space, thunders were blaring, and lights and shadows were shaking. Ji Hao had been stably growing stronger.

“Next time, if they send the same number of people, I will tear them in a frontal fight!” Gradually, a gray mist spread out around Ji Hao’s body, surrounding him up. He looked like an evil dragon hiding in a bottomless chasm, such that no one could ever see him clearly.

In his spiritual space, aside from the three embryos of Dao, a hazy silhouette slowly emerged.

The golden bridge devoured the all worlds monument, after which, the connection between the golden bridge and Ji Hao himself was suddenly tightened. Through the connection, Ji Hao started understanding the great Dao of space, and in the meanwhile, his fourth embryo of Dao, the embryo of Dao of space, was gradually generated.

Because of the embryo of Dao of space, the broad spiritual space of Ji Hao, and the boundless void inside his body that contained three enormous spheres of light, started expanding speedily. Ji Hao faintly sensed that the immeasurable space was now becoming clearer and clearer, closer and closer.

Glancing at the location of the disappeared infinitude lotus world, Ji Hao waved his broad sleeve and said with a deep voice, “Let’s head back, we have other things to do.”

The nine dragons chariot gave a rumbling roar. Standing on top of the chariot, Mr. Crow cawed brightly.

Yuan Li raised his whip and lashed down violently. Hundreds of chained priests screamed shrilly. The chariot slowly turned around and raised dense fiery clouds, flying to a flood-control troop which had sent Ji Hao an SOS message just now.

But before the chariot moved, a translucent lotus quietly bloomed in the air.

With a grim look, Priest Hua walked out of the lotus in big steps. Seeing Ji Hao, he flicked his wrist and sent out a golden bolt of thunder, without saying a word.


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