Tempest of the Stellar War – Chapter 846 – Suppression Through Intelligence

Night Mode

The second day of battle had begun. Because of the way the first day turned out, some of the less interested military schools had also sat up and paid attention. Most importantly was that it was voluntary.

Spectating this competition was not compulsory, but rather an opportunity that the school provided. A significant proportion of the students were unwilling to give up on their weekend, but when night fell, found their circles of friends talking incessantly about the match, about how cool Arbiter was, about how impressive the Ability X were.

Many of those who regarded themselves as capable were of course less than satisfied. They wanted to see how strong this Elite Academy really was.

Seeing was believing.

The same competition, but the spectators’ mood was completely different.

Today featured Aslan people, and Atlanteans might very well take the stage as well. When Aslan and Atlantis Battle Teamed up together, what kind of result would emerge?

But the first match was Wang Zheng’s Saruman Snake Battle Team against Jian Zihao’s Icefire Battle Team.

“Saruman Snake, what is that?”

“I went to check it out. It seems to be a venomous snake-like creature on the Titatitan Star. It’s said that once bitten, even a giant will die.”

“D*mn, that’s brutal. The name sounds promising, but I wonder how a Battle Team with so many nationalities will fare.”

“There was already one such Battle Team yesterday. Dynasty Battle Team. They won, very fearsome.”

“In that Battle Team, the Mayans played a crucial role, or they couldn’t have won.”

“Any aces in this Battle Team?”

“Seems like a bunch of newcomers.”

Those not in the know did not really understand the situation. But from the member line up, the only third year came from Big Bear, a tank. But tanks were never the main force. Three second year students, and a freshie.

This was undoubtedly a brand new Battle Team.

In Elite Academy, the Battle Teams’ members had all arrived. Although they might not be fighting today, but they might very well meet in the next round. Understanding one’s opponent was definitely the most important thing. As the fight developed, they would understand each other better, and develop possibilities through battle tactics.

The two losing Battle Teams from the previous day, Eagle Battle Team and Star Lya Battle Team, had arrived as well. From the members’ expressions, although they had not fully gotten over the loss, but their attitudes were on the right track. To be able to take a loss required some heart. If one could not even manage this, then one would never become a pro.

“This brat Wang Zheng is crazy enough. To actually not let Achilles fight.”

Achilles ability was now widely recognized. His participation had been the deciding factor in helping Saruman Snake draw ahead of the other candidates and be chosen. But in Saruman Snake’s first battle, Achilles was actually sitting out.

The other members had already entered the war room, and Achilles seemed especially serene. Not far away, Lie Xin was in a good mood. She had found what she was looking for in Lear. And Achilles?

Since the Mars and Moon Battle Team had dispersed, they had gone their own separate ways. But Lie Xin did not feel much. Instead she felt even more comfortable now, less plagued by envy, and more able to chase what she really wanted.

Power was everything.

Because of the first day’s intensity, and also another night of intelligence gathering, much information about both Battle Teams had been uncovered. Saruman Snake Battle Team did not seem to amount to much. Wang Zheng did have something to his name, but every student in Elite Academy had a similar accolade, and the key was to see the country’s influence. Earth was too small, and Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan’s results were not worthy of notice. Vincent was from Manalasuo, but was a freshie. Someone that Manalasuo did not even want did not seem worthy of attention either. As for Takumi… Big Bear star, also a fringe character. And besides, he was a tank, who would never decide a battle. Saruman Snake’s only bright point was Snow Li.

A beauty born in the year that the ice dragon danced. She was like the mascot of Saruman Snake Battle Team.

And Icefire Battle Team was different. Astina’s soul brothers were famous in the military world. Their Ability X was force field, and a controllable force field. And when both were in play, their force fields combined to create endless possibilities.

Rulf and Curter were seasoned pros of the Hail Cloud Alliance, with much experience. Originally, Hail Cloud Alliance had competitive power, but because of Redington’s incident, and Snow Li and Ai Xiaolu’s split, it had led to Astina and Hail Cloud Alliance’s Battle Teaming up. And these two were the most suited to battle in the Hail Cloud Alliance, and also Hail Cloud Alliance’s previous Battle Team’s main force.

As for Jian Zihao, he used to have the moniker of Mad Zerg. His Ability X could allow him to enter a berserk mode, and elevate his battle power in all aspects. Furthermore, once he entered such a state, he developed near immunity to all Ability X.

This meant that he and the opponent were locked in an all-out pummeling.

Added to Astina’s natural mania, his battle style was very impetuous. And nobody knew his limits.

Just the counter to Ability X alone would be a full kettle of fish to deal with.

Jian Zihao and the rest were sitting around preparing for battle.

As for the opponents not sending Achilles, that only served to reduce their stress further. As for where Wang Zheng got his confidence from, that did not matter.

“Saruman Snake Battle Team’s Achilles is actually not coming out. What a pity, he’s the most handsome in the Battle Team.” Xue Yue joked. Of course, she was not a bimbo, she was simply playing up the liveliness. “If Zhang Shan is taking the scout position, then they have to be careful. Zhang Shan might very well become the primary target for his opponents’ fire.”

On this point Ka Tao expressed agreement. “Saruman Snake’s choice is curious. Their flaws are many, and in the line clash, they have no advantages. Wang Zheng’s individual ability is not bad, but Jian Zihao is not any weaker. Zhang Shan is an unstable factor, and the only possible advantage falls to Snow Li. But Rulf is Snow Li’s senior, and definitely understands her strengths and weaknesses well. As long as Snow Li’s Ability X is blocked, then in terms of foundational skills she will definitely be beaten. In truth, I don’t understand why Wang Zheng did not let Achilles take Zhang Shan’s place.”

Ka Tao’s analysis had triggered a chorus of agreement.

“Vincent is also a weak one. The Gold Wheel’s attack power is indeed very strong, and everybody knows this. But its flaws are very obvious as well. It’s easily controlled, and the mech’s evasive abilities are poor. As long as the scout hounds it, it will be rendered useless. And Vincent is very young.”

“If I was Jian Zihao, I would definitely fight in a line, and thrash all the opponents straight up.”

“You think they’re dumb? They’ll definitely group up.”

“Group up? D*mn, you think the San brothers are fake? Icefire’s abilities are most suited for Battle Team battles. Grouping up is a straight path to Hell. Jian Zihao’s power in a group battle is something you haven’t seen before, but three years ago, it already became a bug in Elite Academy.”

“By what you say, Saruman Snake doesn’t have a chance?”

“Well, they’ve brought it upon themselves now. If Achilles had gone as well, then he and Wang Zheng could use their individual abilities to set up an offensive environment for Vincent, which might buy them a sliver of hope. But with Wang Zheng alone, what can he do?”

“Icefire Battle Team’s offense is not that strong either. As long as they can control Jian Zihao, that’ll be fine. He can’t be even more perverted and stronger than Arbiter, can he?”

“You’re wrong. No matter how strong a person is, they can be controlled. But after Jian Zihao goes berserk, he can’t be controlled. In this world, only Astina’s intensity cannot be stopped.”

As for Icefire Battle Team’s supporters, Saruman Snake Battle Team was just a stepping stone. Their real opponent was Arbiter, Aslan. And this mudskipper Battle Team was just a warm up.

“Actually Wang Zheng is not a fool. I think he’s clear of his position. Save his strength for Eagle and Dark Wolves Battle Team. As long as they don’t get eliminated, right?”

“That makes sense. Earthlings. Always good at sweating the numbers.”

Some overly intellectual types had finally found the key. In such an important battle, keeping the main force in reserve must have only one purpose. To give up on the battle.

Fight what they could win, and give up on what they could not. This was also in keeping with the rules, but it was too cowardly.

Wang Zheng and his Battle Team ignored these discussions. Everyone’s interest was not in this battle, but hoped they would end quickly, so they could watch Aslan’s fight. Arbiter had been so impressive, how could their long time bitter rival Aslan not put up something similar?

The lineup and mecha choices had been confirmed:

Saruman Snake Battle Team, Icefire Battle Team

Zhang Shan (Wind God) San Tolini (Atlas)

Takumi (Desolate Steel Beast) San Kara (Atlas)

Vincent (Gold Wheel) Curter (Slayer)

Wang Zheng (Overlord) Jian Zihao (Berserker IX)

Snow Li (Ice Arrow) Rulf (Ice Arrow)

After this lineup was announced, everyone was stunned. What kind of formation was this?

Neither side was normal levels of strange. Zhang Shan had chosen the Wind God, clearly a scout position. But what use was a high mobility, zero control scout? And on the line clash, he was completely a pitfall.

If you looked at Takumi, Vincent, and Snow Li, they had made more appropriate choices. Wang Zheng, as a leader in the free fighter position, what were you doing choosing Overlord?

Were you trying to compare yourself to Olivios? Or to compare with yourself?

“Wang Zheng this punk has got some guts. He actually dared to choose the same mech. He isn’t afraid to die,” Beo could not resist saying.

Beo was clear that Olivios had been raring to fight Wang Zheng since the start of IG. Not just a normal fight, but the kind that shook the heavens and earth. It had to build up, and the elite fight had been a pity, since they were not in the same group. But this time round, Wang Zheng had nowhere to run. Beo did not dare to underestimate Wang Zheng – after all he had participated in IG before – but he firmly believed that Olivios was stronger than Wang Zheng by a bit.

Olivios’ face was composed. He did not feel like Wang Zheng had any intention to provoke him. At their level, there was nothing to prove.

But outsiders might not think this way. Xue Yue had already put the camera up and tight on the Arbiter side. A model like Overlord was not easy to use. If you weren’t Arbiter, you had better not play with fire. And it was said that Wang Zheng was best at Wind God.

Nobody knew what Wang Zheng was up to.

And Icefire Battle Team was perplexed as well, because they did not have a scout…

The San brothers had chosen the same tank mecha. The two could raise an impregnable barrier, but this was not a choice that the Battle Team with an advantage should make.

What was Icefire Battle Team up to?


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