Tempest of the Stellar War – Chapter 821 – To Pull The Carpet From Under One’s Feet

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Wang Zheng’s side was rather smooth but at the faraway Earth, things were getting serious.

In just two years, OMG had undergone drastic change from being in the Asia region of Earth to becoming an Interstellar Commerce Organisation. The speed was so fast that it made OMG seemed like a young bird that had left the nest before reaching the stage when it could withstand a storm.

And a storm had suddenly befallen.

“OMG has betrayed the interests of the Solar System Federation and illegally sought large private benefits on the Titatitan Star.”

The storm had started from social media. A reporter had posted an article with his name and accused OMG of using the name of Solar System to engage in monopolistic operations on Titatitan Star. The Committee Member of the Solar System had used the resources of the Solar System in exchange for the interests of OMG private company!

“What resources did OMG have to allow it to represent Solar System to act like a tyrant on Titatitan Star? Two years ago, OMG was just an Asia regional mecha spare parts and maintenance company. Its productions of mecha were also mainly agricultural-used mecha with average quality. Yet, this unpresentable company in the Solar System was the only designated cooperation company on Titatitan Star. From the information on the Titatitan Star’s official website, it was reflected that OMG had used the name of the Solar System…”

“After an in-depth investigation into OMG, surprising things had been discovered. Committee member Ye was surprisingly the shadow boss of OMG! The exchange of interests behind scene could be easily inferred…”

At the back of the article, there were many evidences listed. Although there wasn’t any direct evidence and all were indirect, the contents were leading others to speculate and were very rich.

Ye Bingwen had not expected that just when everything was going on smoothly, he would suffer such an attack. Clearly, his opponents had made ample preparation. Moreover, they had waited for the scale to reach a certain level before launching the attack. Countless media were reporting about it on paper and large amount of evidence was revealed.

At the same time, the Solar System Federation Committee had made their response. Ye Bingwen was to be thrown into jail!

Although it wasn’t a real jail per se, the reason given was to assist in investigation and protective imprisonment!

However, the fact was that everyone knew the so-called assisting in investigation would already mean the Federation investigation bureau had obtained evidence. Moreover, the impact of public opinions were greater. The support of Ye Bingwen had fallen to the trough.

There weren’t many who would provide timely assistance but there were many who would kick one when he was down. The rise of Ye Bingwen was too fast but they didn’t have the foundation. This was incomparable to those traditional political families. At this point, this shortcoming was rather obvious.

On Earth, it was the time for the Leonid meteor shower again. In the past, the headlines of the media would definitely be on how to observe the meteor showers. However, it was “Committee Member Ye Bingwen has been captured; OMG had been shut down for investigation” now.

In the bars, cafés, teahouses and leisure parks, the topic of casual discussion was mainly about this political storm that was more attention grabbing than the Leonid meteor showers.

“Ye Bingwen didn’t have to resort to this right. Since he had become the committee member, he had done quite a number of great things…”

It wasn’t that no one was speaking up for Ye Bingwen. However, very quickly, it would be drowned by other voices.

“Bullsh*t. He just looks kind on the outside while still being sinister within. Use your brain to think about it. What did OMG look like just two years ago and what class it is now? If I said there’s no insider trading behind it, would you dare to believe it? No matter what, at least I wouldn’t believe it!” Some people started to show off their intelligence. Although it was fictitious and thing things they didn’t understand, they said it as though they were there to witness it themselves.

This was the common mentality of not willing to see others do well. After saying everything, they suddenly felt better.

“That’s right!”

“Shhhh, Committee Member Liang Yindao is going to start his speech.

The bar immediately quieted down substantially. Everyone raised their head and looked at the TV screen. The boss of the bar also increased the volume of the TV substantially.

“Fellow compatriots, today was the night of the Leonid meteor showers. It was supposed to be a great day but my heart ache as though it had been crushed by the meteor showers. The Solar System’s rise is still unfolding and it is the time for us, Solar System, to carry out our ambitious plans. However, there are people who dared to defy the wishes of the people and committed acts that go against the trend. He has corrupted the purity of the committee from the roots. I have to admit that Ye Bingwen has done a lot of great things. He has achieved accomplishment in the position as a committee member. The most classic one would be to introduce education to the poor. By introducing education and enrichment programs at poverty stricken areas, many people had benefited…”

On the TV, Liang Yindao paused with a face showing deep feelings of grief before continuing,” However all these were just his moves to cover up and to numb us. The truth is that he had been trying to gain interests for his privately-owned OMG Company. He had committed three crimes. The first crime is acting kind when he is actually evil. The so-called enrichment project was in fact for him to obtain cheap labour to earn more money for OMG. This namelist is the evidence. This was a special list of the poor that had been ‘helped’. A namelist of 5,186 people. How many of them are still on Earth? How many of them are still in the Solar System? These people had all been sent to Titatitan Star away from their countries and villages. Who was the beneficiary of all these? All these 5816 people? Or OMG? Or Ye Bingwen himself? The second crime is that he had betrayed the interests of the country…”

Liang Yindao was one of the committee members that had a large public supporter base in the Solar System Federation. He came from grassroots and was a professor in a university without any commerce background. During his first campaign as the representative of a region, his team only had three people. Two of them were his students. The other one was his wife. In the end, he succeeded. With his eloquence and speech, he had moved countless voters and become the most junior regional committee member representative. After which, he had moved up the ranks steadily and was known for being fair and honest among the public.

In the Solar System and on Earth, countless regular civilians had followed him and believed in him. They had seen him as the voice of the civilians and the warrior that protect the interests of the public. He was a real politician and not just a sly politician. This was a gift. Some people were more persuasive innately. Even if they didn’t say a word, only a gaze was also enough to persuade others to believe in him.

His speech was filled with emotion and incitement. Almost everyone started shouting angrily. Ye Bingwen should have died a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand times. However, no one talked about the good things that Ye Bingwen had done for them. Even if they remembered, they wanted to follow the pace of Liang Yindao and believe that these were cover ups for his evil and unloyal acts!

Yan Xiaosu had returned to Earth. Little Lucky Star had also undergone investigation. Although it wasn’t shut down like OMG, it was still hard for them to take another step forward. Some of the projects that were agreed had also been postponed indefinitely. Disregarding the losses, the development path was distorted. This was because Little Lucky Star had become related properties and was another path Ye Bingwen had used to gain profits. Otherwise, how could a sanitary napkin company develop to such a scale in such a time and even dabble into interstellar business. There were evidences showing that they were doing some business with some interstellar financial organization on Titatitan Star. All these signs indicated that they were a hidden plot.

“I’m sorry about it. This time, I have implicated you guys.” Ye Zisu rubbed her eyebrows as she speaked to Old Yan.

“Our side is not important. Try to find a way to meet your father to understand the practical situation is the most pressing thing now.”

Old Yan frowned and was very worried about Ye Bingwen’s situation. “Very clearly, this was a premeditated political attack. This scale and approach are definitely not by an ordinary person. We should investigate that committee member and we might be able to get some clues.”

Ye Zisu nodded her head. “I’m already on it.”

However the opponents had come prepared. Moreover the killing move was especially lethal. They had directly controlled Ye Bingwen, OMG simply did not have a living road.

Solar System Investigation Department.

Ye Bingwen might look extremely calm in appearance but he was feeling very proud in his heart. He had been brought to this place for three days. The moves used by his opponents were extremely sinister. As an experienced person in the commerce field and politics, he had expected his opponents’ moves to be accurate and ruthless. There’s no wonder that everything was so smooth for him recently. It was to make him drop his guard.

In fact, Ye Bingwen knew who his opponents were. Only they had such a large influence. OMG’s rise had damaged the interests. From the very start, Ye Bingwen should have been more alert.

“Committee Member Ye, if you do not cooperate, it would only be disadvantageous to you. Tell us about how you conducted interested exchanges and we could plead for leniency in front of the prosecutors and prove that you have contributed.”

Bang! A loud thump sounded.

“At this stage, you are still hoping for the best? Let me tell you this, I have seen many like you. The last one was even crying badly while kneeling down to beg for contribution!”

Ye Bingwen smiled. One was playing the nice cop while the other playing the role of the bad cop. It was an old move. Did they treat him as an idiot? Many simple minded teenagers that had not experienced interrogation might have divulged crimes that the cops didn’t know about when faced with this trick while being coaxed and scammed.

The development of OMG was truly due to his hard work. However to be able to develop to today’s scale, it had nothing much to do with him. Truthfully speaking, he had just benefitted from being associated with that guy. Unfortunately, no one would believe about such things. If their position was swapped, he probably wouldn’t have believed too.

“Before I see my lawyer, I have nothing to say,” said Ye Bingwen faintly. He had not slept for the past three days and two nights. The lights had stimulated his eyes. He was doing some mathematical questions in his mind to resist the frustrated mind of him due to the lack of sleep.

“Committee Member Ye, your lawyer has met with some situation. I’m your assigned lawyer. You probably have to still give us an explanation on this problem. Your issue is too grave. Everyone knows what resources OMG had in the Solar System. Titatitan Star had even rejected the Arbiter and Aslan. Why have they chosen your OMG instead? It’s not too late for you to explain the situation now. As long as the operating rights still stay within the Solar System, this would be a basis for your contribution. Obviously, this is conditional on you explaining clearly about the interested exchanges. We are now still at the investigation bureau and not the Courts. The chances are still with us.”

Sitting beside Ye Bingwen was a man in a suit who was trying to persuade him with earnest words and good intentions. He was the lawyer assigned to him by the investigation department.

Ye Bingwen snorted, “If a person like you could become a lawyer, a rabbit could have given birth to a pig.”

“Committee Member Ye, aren’t you clear about your situation. Acting on impulse wouldn’t solve the problem. The man who can recognise the facts of a situation is a wise man.”

Ye Bingwen laughed. Where would you find a lawyer who would persuade you to admit to your alleged crimes and sent you to your doom? It wasn’t that the Chronos Family didn’t make its move earlier. It was just going to launch an all-rounded attack when it finally made its move. If you have any other moves, you can use them now.”

Ye Bingwen smiled faintly and didn’t speak another word. In the worst situation, he would take on everything. He would at least be able to protect his own daughter. If he had admitted to false crimes, the whole OMG would have collapsed. These people wouldn’t allow them to live.


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