Tempest of the Stellar War – Chapter 765 – Extreme Loyalty

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Luo Fei had a bitter smile on his face. He usually did not kill unless necessary and this person in front of him, even if he wanted to kill him, he could not.

The person who came had an intrigued smile. He assessed this fatty, surprise filled his eyes.

“I never thought that it would actually be you.” Wang Zheng laughed. “Such strength, Luo Fei, you hide deep enough.”

Wang Zheng and the others could not conclude their discussion. Hence Wang Zheng decided to test this Li Zhilong personally first. However, he did not expect that someone not only tested him but had also done the deed.

At first he thought that it was Lear, but looking at the silhouette, Wang Zheng very quickly realized who it was. Except that he thought that based on Li Zhilong’s strength, how could Luo Fei be his opponent. The results shocked Wang Zheng. The whole world probably had underestimated this fatty.

Luo Fei laughed bitterly. “Ahem, Wang Zheng, this… Leader, I also have no other way. Can you treat it as if you have seen nothing?”

Wang Zheng laughed. “Lear’s Ares Art is most likely is not as strong as yours, right?”

Luo Fei quickly waved his hands. “Of course not, Boss is much stronger than me. Mine is just on a superficial level.”

“Hehe, just looking at your hide gives me a headache.” Wang Zheng looked at Luo Fei as though he was laughing, yet it did not seem so. Sweat covered fatty’s forehead.

Attack? Luo Fei did not have this intention to do so. To be honest, he basically had no friends. Many times, he was envious of Wang Zheng and his friends’ life. In their eyes, there was always a bundle of warmth. It was just that he could only watch from afar.

“Okay, I’ll stop teasing you. Based on Lear’s character, if he knew about your strength, it would most likely be difficult for you too. Don’t worry, I saw nothing and will not say anything.”

“Yes, I definitely believe leader’s words.” Luo Fei finally heaved a sigh of relief. He did not care whether Wang Zheng talked about this. If he got killed then he would be killed. Anyway, he was just a pathetic life, but there was one key point which Wang Zheng pointed out immediately. His training of the Ares Art seemed to have a better effect on him than Lear….. by a bit. Luo Fei did not dare to say anything. No one knew better than him how proud Lear was.

“You are a strange one too. This is not a good place to stay for too long. See you around.” Wang Zheng said and left quickly. Fatty’s silhouette wavered and also disappeared into the darkness.

Wang Zheng already understood most of the situation. Eisen in this aspect did indeed have his own ways. Lear’s injuries were already almost fully healed. Logically speaking he should be out already but he was not. This unmoving move of his was really quite vicious.

If Lear came out, the attention would be on him. If he did not, then the attention would turn to the others of the Solar System. This was forcing Wang Zheng and the others to make a move.

He had to admit that this guy’s fake gentlemenly act had already reached godly levels.

Except that Luo Fei came out unexpectedly. Upon thinking about

Luo Fei’s strength, Wang Zheng also shook his head. Even in his dreams he did not imagine that this fatty was actually so strong. It looked like the the fatty was just playing around in the previous situation in the Deep Abyss and the Elites competition. If not for Lear forcing him, it was most likely that he would want to continue bluffing his way through. Well, it was good too because if he revealed a talent exceeding Lear, would Lear still allow him to exist?

But Wang Zheng also did not understand why Luo Fei so blindly followed Lear.

Fatty Luo was feeling very comfortable and walked with light footsteps. He hummed a song. People should be happy each day that they were alive. He did not worry at all about other things. Wang Zheng this person was indeed quite righteous. Actually Luo Fei could totally ignore the things that were happening and stay out of things. Wang Zheng on the other hand was a person who took responsibility. Too bad he and Lear were not on the same side. Luo Fei was also helpless.

Things could be considered as solved. There should not be any problems. Boss should be able to leave the hospital. The smile on fatty’s face brightened but then he coughed. This d*mn Li Zhilong, that beating during the day was really something. The metal Ability X was troublesome.

But his acting was not bad, there should not be anyone suspecting him.

It was the next day when Li Zhilong’s body was discovered that the news immediately shocked the whole Academy. Overall, the security and safety of the Elite Academy was relatively good. While there would be injuries and deaths from time to time but those were mostly because of training missions. No one expected Li Zhilong to have a “terrible death”.

And this Li Zhilong was not a small character, even the professors from the Black Tortoise Region were alarmed.

It was just half a day of time when Mantle was taken away. It was said that he had hated Li Zhilong because his girlfriend was snatched, additionally his position in the Manalasuo Alumni was replaced. These traces all pointed to one fact.

Based on Li Zhilong’s ability, other than those who were closer and understood him, it was unlikely that others could launch a sneak attack. Of course, the main reason was also because Li Zhilong at that time was doing that thing.

As for Lear and Luo Fei, they were also suspected but Lear was still lying in the hospital and Luo Fei did not have that ability.

It was said that Mantle went mad cursing and swearing. He said something like it was good that he died. Besides, not long after Li Zhilong came to the Academy, he already had a very bad name. Even the internal members from Manalasuo pitied Mantle. At least they thought that Mantle was quite manly.

The school hoped to make this big thing smaller, and then reduce the situation to nothing. They treated it as an incident due to jealousy and did not wish to aggravate the situation.

When Lear discharged from the hospital, he was feeling very comfortable.

“Congratulations on your discharge, Boss. You look good.” Fatty habitually praised him.

Lear breathed in the fresh air from outside. A hint of a smile could be seen on his face. “It is time to come out. This time who was it who made the move, Wang Zheng or Achilles?”

You don’t say, Lear was really happy in his heart. He liked this type of feeling when everything went according to his plan, especially when it came to using Wang Zheng and the others. It was the feeling of successfully executing an indirect command.

Luo Fei scratched his head. “It was Mantle, I heard it was because Mantle’s woman got snatched and he kept thinking of how to teach Li Zhilong a lesson. Just right, he bumped into Li Zhilong doing that sort of thing in the forest.”

Lear looked lightly at Luo Fei. “You believe that Mantle could do it?”

“There’s a possibility, this guy no matter what is from the Xuan Grade class 1. And men when doing that sort of thing are usually very focused.” Luo Fei said.

Lear was not convinced and shook his head. “What you are saying is an ideal guess. It is unlikely that Li Zhilong did not discover who attacked him. The person who handled him would definitely have a certain level of ability. If it was not Wang Zheng and the others, then it is possible that Aslan or the other powers had made a move to take the chance to cause trouble for Manalasuo.”

Luo Fei was stunned. He used an idolizing gaze to look at Lear. “Boss, why so?”

“If it was me, no matter what, I would have slapped that woman’s face a few times. If I were to act, I had to do a proper show. But Mi Lina was just knocked unconscious.” Lear said, It was such an obvious loophole.

“But, would Mantle be worried about that and hence he did not do what you said instead?”

Lear looked at fatty. “He was going to kill Li Zhilong for Mi Lina. Tell me, if he saw that scene, how would he feel?”

Luo Fei was very impressed. Boss was still the boss.

“Who cares, anyway that guy is dead and he died with his genitalia destroyed. This is so satisfying. It’s a pity he died before you recovered, or else he would be living a life worse than death.”

“Recently we have been too prominent. Actually it is good to be low key. This guy is dead. The Black Tortoise Region is still my world.”

Lear’s lips curled into a smile. Overall, he was quite happy. Li Zhilong was unpopular but the school did not care about such things. Except to Lear, this was not good news. No matter who did it, at this moment, it was no longer important.

Entering the Xuan Grade, there was a project with a high credit weightage. That was the small team battles.

In other words, it was on how to execute the effect of 1 plus 1 equals to more than two under the situation of small team battles.

This was the main point of mecha lessons, to progress from double battles to triples to five-person battles and even until 12 person team battle.

This was also the current mainstream battle style of the elite Special Forces teams. Each country had their own way of matching various types of mecha, personnel and battle techniques.

And the power executed by a group of soldiers utilizing Ability X was even more shocking.

Under the usual circumstances, the students chose their own combinations for team training. At such moments, the benefits of Alumni could be seen. The new students could follow their seniors and learn. When there were more people, there were more choices too.

Then, the problem of the Solar System became apparent. They only had that much people in total. They were enough for small teams but could not gather a 12 person team. There was no one from the Solar System in this year’s batch of new students. It was as though Wang Zheng and the others from their year were the only ones.

The Solar System was weaker even in their overall Ability X levels.

Just like this, the Solar System still split into four parties. Wang Zheng was helpless because Earth itself was actually also split into two parties. One reason the Solar System Federation fell was because of the continuous competition for leadership power between Earth, Moon and Mars. This was also the Solar System’s unique characteristic and had been so since the past.

But if you suggested for Wang Zheng to listen to Lear, Wang Zheng really could not stand it. He would rather face 12 opponents alone.

As for Lear, he was most likely the same. Achilles and Lie Xin may seem to not mind, but they actually did mind a lot.

But there was also benefits to such a situation. At least, no one wanted to admit defeat and their morale was high.

After getting rid of Li Zhilong, Wang Zheng was considered to have resolved a worrying problem. If not, if this guy did something terrible to Huiyin, it would be too late for him to regret anything.

Luo Fei’s battle state was quite interesting and a little similar to his. Under certain extreme conditions, the personality that was suppressed would burst out. The entire battle was quick and sleek. Even if it was Wang Zheng fighting, that would be it. And the intriguing power that his Ares Art showed broadened Wang Zhen’s horizons. It was the same Ares Art as Lear but what he and Lear showed was very different. Everyone had their unique characteristics.

Except he could see from another perspective, this fatty was really blindly loyal to Lear. He was that kind of person who could still laugh after being kicked. It was really scary to anger him.

If not for Lear, Wang Zheng really wanted to look for Luo Fei to have a friendly battle. But now, he decided to forget it. This would only make things difficult for Luo Fei.

The Solar System for this round was truly strong. If they worked together, not to mention they could rule the Elite Academy, they would at least enter the top 10 easily, even with such little people.

At the moment in the Academy, while there were continuous changes to the ranking of various countries, at least 10 countries were more steady:

Aslan Empire, Arbiter Republic, Lya Sphinx Republic, Federal Republic of Manalasuo, Hail Cloud Alliance, Maacah Republic, Darkness Empire, Big Bear Federation, Sirius Star Federation, Astina Federation.

There were no fixed ranking, hence there would be changes occasionally but basically, they have always maintained a certain number of people and quality.

Because they had more people, they were at advantage for various practices and would only become stronger and stronger. And the other countries with less people would either be integrated, or left behind. This was also the reality.


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