Tempest of the Stellar War – Chapter 764 – Broken into Pieces!

Night Mode

“A dog is a dog, f**k it, this type of rubbish actually dares to be discussed on the same level as me.” Li Zhilong was also speechless. Such a rubbish underling. How could Lear actually become a candidate for the position of the Son of Saint?

There was still no actions from the top. He could only wait until Lear was discharged from the hospital. He did not mind beating him back in. He actually asked his dog to follow him. It looked like he was still not convinced.

This type of cowardly bastard was still quite durable for stepping on!

Li Zhilong hugged Mi Lina and did not care about the looks given to him. From the side, his hand had already reached in and was massaging forcefully. If this was not in broad daylight, he would definitely help that fatty reduce some weight.

“This Li Zhilong is really too much.”

“It’s not our business. Those big countries like Aslan and Arbiter did not even take any action. This is not our business.”

“Shouldn’t the student council do something? The student council should care about such things right?” A Big Bear Star freshman asked.

Freshmen were always filled with righteousness.

“The student council will only care about this if there is evidence too. Besides, didn’t you see? The people involved did not even say anything. You need to have a plaintiff.”

Looking at the rolling and escaping Luo Fei, everyone could only shake their head. Li Zhilong was shamelessly walking around. He did not care at all what others thought.

Look. Look all you want. He would not die from people’s stares.

Certainly some people could not stand it, but some people would think that he was powerful. This was in fact the era of the powerful. People like Olivios were old students. The freshmen now would definitely hope that within themselves were strong people who would surpass their seniors.

When night fell, Wang Zheng, Lie Xin and Achilles had already gathered together. Perhaps to the outsiders this meant nothing but to the Solar System, this was already an emergency. Other people were not talking about how Lear and Luo Fei were but how the Solar System was. They also did not know whether Lear had yet to recover or was just acting cowardly. Anyway, he did not leave the hospital.

Wang Zheng and the others had to do something. If not if this continued, everyone would look down on the Solar System.

On this aspect, no matter Wang Zheng, Achilles or Lie Xin, all of them were looking at the big picture. Except that it was a problem regarding how they would plan to retaliate.

Wang Zheng also wanted to solve this problem regarding Li Zhilong as soon as possible. It was just that he had no idea how to deal a fatal blow because this type of personality was no different from a mad dog. There was no use to just beat him up. Even if they beat him until he had serious injuries, there would not be any use. If his injuries were too grave, it would on the other hand create trouble. This would become a weakness that they left in other people’s hands and would be forcefully expelled. Hence even though this Li Zhilong was crazy, he knew very well how to use the resources that he had.

Just like the last time when he beat up Lear. He looked for a group of people so that if anything happened, the school would also not expel all the Manalasuo elites.

He was an extremely difficult person to deal with.

At this moment, Lear was still lying in the hospital quietly. Actually he could already be discharged. His energy could be recovered slowly but Lear decided to continue lying there. Because he was in the canister for two days, he very quickly thought of the key points within. He just received news on Luo Fei’s beating. Even though he was angry at this stupid fatty but he needed to be calmer. As long as he laid there for a few more days, the problem would resolve automatically.

Compared to moving his arms and legs, Lear preferred moving his brains.

Hence, it was Wang Zheng and the other’s turn to have a headache. If they did not make any moves, the others would not talk about how Lear was. They would only say that Wang Zheng and his group was a bunch of cowards. They had no balls. As for the issue of face, only the one who laughed to the end would be the winner. A moment of loss was nothing. When Lear decided to walk on the path of the conqueror, he understood this. A conqueror had to have the ability to restrain oneself!

At night, the people of the Solar System had all arrived. Zhang Shan and Milo were also present. While there were initial communications, ultimately they needed everyone to decide together. While there were not many people from the Solar System, they could not let others bully them. Forget about Lear, they definitely could not bear having Luo Fei beaten up in broad day light. Asking for assistance from the student council would only turn them into laughing stock.

After Li Zhilong had his dinner and drank a little alcohol, he was hugging Mi Lina and biting her. He did not get his way with her in the afternoon. After all so many people were watching and he could not possibly do it in the open. But after filling up, he was feeling especially comfortable and he wanted to have a go at it.

Except that he was not satisfied with the usual proceedings. He wanted something more exciting.

When a person became depraved, those that he originally cared about, he would slowly not care about them anymore. Mi Lina was like this. At first she was outraged. To the end, she felt that this was not bad too. At least Li Zhilong was more handsome than Mantle and he was also imposing. He had ability and a strong background. Like this, with a bit of force and a bit of such thought, she relented.

“Brother Long, there will be people here right.”

“Tch, why would there be people. Besides, this little forest is originally for doing it outside.” Li Zhilong laughed and very roughly pushed Mi Lina onto the tree and started to tear at her skirt.

Mi Lina frowned. The other party had an obvious abusive potential. His grabbing was painful but she could only ground her teeth and withstood it.

Li Zhilong took off his pants and stood proudly in the wind. He slapped Mi Lina’s fair thighs forcefully. He definitely used strength. Mi Lina could not withstand the pain and cried out but Li Zhilong had become even more excited.

“Little b*tch, Die!”

At this moment, a black shadow flashed by. Mi Lina practically had no reaction and fainted with a blow.

Under this kind of excitable situation, Li Zhilong’s reaction was however quick enough. Instinctively, he threw Milina out like a meat shield but the black shadow also jumped away.

Li Zhilong directly tore away the pants that were hindering his movements. There was no time to wear them. But after seeing his opponent, he could not hold back his laughter. It was actually that dead fatty.

“Was it not enough to get beaten up in the day? You actually took the initiative to come here. While I don’t like men, but why not try something new.” Li Zhilong purposely provoked Luo Fei.

The Luo Fei under the moon looked extremely weird. He totally did not have the usual cowardly or even lascivious look. At this moment, Luo Fei was very calm, calm to the point that he was scary.

Li Zhilong made a move. He liked to have the first move to suppress his opponent. A punch was thrown out. The punch seemed to carry a golden light. The average person would definitely be mentally affected under the situation where they were pant-less. However, Li Zhilong did not care at all. Compared to pants, obviously his safety was more important. It was just that he did not expect the person to be this idiot. He had wasted the work of the famous master of the Micael fashion world.

Faced with Li Zhilong’s punch, Luo Fei neither evaded nor hid. Li Zhilong’s face had a fierce expression. He was doing a rightful defense even if he killed him, it was a wasteful death.

He increased his strength and activated his Ability X to the maximum.


His punch landed right on Luo Fei???

Li Zhilong’s face showed fear. His full strength punch was actually locked by Luo Fei’s hands. Luo Fei’s lips curled into a harmless smile.

It seemed like there was a dark energy that instantly covered Li Zhilong. Weakening ability?

Li Zhilong smiled cruelly. He actually dared to use such a minor skill on him. The metal element specifically targeted such despicable abilities.

Ka Cha…

Li Zhilong opened his mouth. Before a terrible howl could erupt, Luo Fei sealed Li Zhilong’s mouth with 1 punch. His whole mouthful of teeth all fell onto the ground. That howl was swallowed as well.

The Luo Fei at this moment was covered in a terrifying strength from top to toe. Fear leaked out of Li Zhilong’s eyes. “Ares… Ares Qi?”

Perhaps God fell asleep? Such strength, how could it appear on a dog? That was definitely not possible… or, was he actually Lear???

Ka cha.

Li Zhilong who was prepared to crawl away had his left leg broken by Luo Fei’s stomp. Closely followed was his right leg.

Luo Fei slowly dragged Li Zhilong back and squatted beside his head. He smiled at him. “Die obediently. This way the world will be much quieter.”

“No… No, you can’t kill me” He dropped quite a few of his teeth. Li Zhilong’s words were also not very clear. “I’m from Manalasuo… the royalty will kill you.”

“Thank you for thinking of me at this moment. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, everyone would be fine too.” Luo Fei’s smiling fat face seemed to be extremely gentle. Li Zhilong on the other hand was scared to the point his irises enlarged.

But at the next moment, Li Zhilong’s lower body was crushed. Even if Li Zhilong was very strong, he fainted instantly from the pain.

Luo Fei’s hands covered Li Zhilong’s face. Not long later, Li Zhilong’s body lost its aura and slowly became cold. Beside him laid a half-naked woman.

The fatty’s silhouette slowly disappeared into the darkness, all traces of him disappeared.

Luo Fei moved forward at high speed except that his eyes slowly turned back to normal from the death godly gaze just now. Time to time, he still turned back to look.

If others scolded him or beat him, he actually did not care. But to hurt Lear, they had to die. This was what a dog had to do, if not he was useless.

Luo Fei’s steps suddenly stopped because a person stood in front of him. He was someone he did not want to see at this moment and even more so, he did not want others to know his secret.

The whole plan was arranged quite abstractly. From preparation to the key part, everything progressed smoothly. But no matter what, he did not expect it to fall into the eyes of this person.

What should he do now?


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