Tempest of the Stellar War – Chapter 761 – What’s the Big Deal With Big Bosoms

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Mu Fengchun was very friendly towards Xiao Fei. How could one put it. Wang Zheng, this evildoer, was after all discovered by Xiao Fei. If he was not discovered by her, it would be most likely that this rascal would rather soak in machinery oil than to think about even half a mathematical physics formula!

Xiao Fei smiled and gazed gently at Wang Zheng, who was smiling at her, and shook hands with Senior Mu. “Senior Mu, words are just that. Why not give some actual rewards? That’s more realistic isn’t it?”

Mu Fengchun was at loss for words. Xiao Fei used to be such an innocent scientist. All she thought of was scientific research. Now after being that stupid Ares College’s principal, she actually learned how to fish for benefits and discussed conditions.

“You brat. You don’t need to be so direct even if you want some benefits. And this has nothing to do with Wang Zheng, does it?”

Gail laughed heartily. He was playful in nature. If not, he would not have accepted so many young disciples. It was still fun to mess around with young people.

Xiao Fei rolled her eyes at Gail. “Senior Gail, Wang Zheng and I are a team. Why can’t I speak on behalf of him? Wang Zheng, you come over here. Are you also thinking of getting Senior Gail to do an academic discussion at our Ares College? And also, Senior Mu, ah, Teacher Carmen, you are here too. Teacher, you come to Earth to give a talk too. Earth is a great place, the environment now is really good. Besides, you all have not visited Mother Earth in a long time.”

Carmen also did not know whether to cry or laugh. They had so many invitations every year and were way too busy. While he admired Wang Zheng very much, but it was a little far and he did not really like to be so far from home…

Wang Zheng was also helpless. Obviously, Xiao Fei was doing this for Ares College.

Because of Xiao Fei’s Space Theory, the college now was indeed rising in the ranks but if they wanted to reach higher levels, to have better influence and competitiveness, they needed to have higher levels of academic discussions.

“Distinguished seniors, teacher Xiao Fei is preparing to host a high level conference on the space theorem on Earth. Oh, right, the location transference from normal space to warp space that I spoke about in the previous two days has some reasoning behind it. Teacher Xiao Fei, don’t hide the information from being shared any longer, we have to be sincere in inviting our distinguished seniors.”

Wang Zheng winked and said. The others were already shocked. Was it not just an idea? Had it already taken shape?

Would this not shock the Milky Way Alliance!

“Wang Zheng, Xiao Fei, you guys aren’t joking right? You mean, you guys have the basis for theoretical reasoning already?” Gail asked. He was very shocked.

The others upon hearing this news gathered around them. This news was too explosive. The transference from normal space to Warp space required at least three different multi-dimensional theories to be used within and even more had to be considered.

This was really the most shocking thing they had heard.

Wang Zheng laughed. “That’s why we welcome you all to visit our Ares College. At the same time you can provide us some professional opinion. The Solar System in this aspect is already lagging behind in the Milky Way Alliance. We need the help of our seniors. Teacher Xiao Fei is shyer and I have a thick skin, so I’m asking outright.”

“Do you see, our youngest member here is complaining. Okay, I shall take a stand and visit the Earth.” Mu Fengchun said.

“Then I’m going too.”

With someone starting the momentum, the others all expressed their thoughts as well. Of course, they also believed that based on Xiao Fei and Wang Zheng’s situation, they were definitely not just boasting. If they said that this project had developed some ideas, then a breakthrough was not far away. Besides there were previous successful cases and the areas involved would widen. This brought mankind’s understanding of space into new grounds.

Looking at the excited crowd, Wang Zheng thought of Old Merchant in his heart. That was hope. Perhaps more than 10 years ago, Old Merchant had already surpassed this level, except that he was obsessed with parallel dimension research and did not show the world his findings. That perhaps was the ultimate meaning of space.

Even though he failed, but Old Merchant was still the person standing at the top of this world.

Wang Zheng was very proud and very impressed. But he was pulled aside by Xiao Fei who was standing beside him.

“Stop boasting relentlessly you little rascal. If no, you can wait and see how I will deal with you.”

“Ms. Principal, don’t worry. I recently did indeed have some inspiration. I’ll send them to you in a while.” Wang Zheng said.

Xiao Fei was also shocked. “I thought that you only cared about mecha training. Tsk tsk, brat, very good. I did not waste my love on you!”

Wang Zheng was sweating. He saw Xiao Fei relaxing under her seductive smile and also heaved a sigh of relief. It looked like Xiao Fei was under great stress recently.

Since undertaking the responsibilities of a principal, she definitely needed to do something. If she did not, there would be people watching her. This event would definitely be explosive in the Solar System. The Solar System Federation indeed needed such an event to revitalize it.

Wang Zheng’s weekend passed quite peacefully but the weekend at Elite Academy X was not peaceful at all.

Wang Zheng could never understand women. Snow Li, De Fulei and Ai Xiaolu stood in front of Lie Xin.

He thought that what was said on Tita Star was simply a joke, at least both Wang Zheng and Achilles thought so, but Lie Xin and the others took it seriously.

“Are you guys coming up one by one or all at once?” Lie Xin laughed.

Lie Xin’s proud expression did indeed provoke Ai Xiaolu and the others. Did this Martian have to look for trouble?

“Lie Xin, against you, anyone of us would be enough. It’s just that considering that youre Wang Zheng’s friend, we don’t want you to look too bad that’s all.” Ai Xiaolu said.

“Oh is that so, then you guys please do not need to be concerned about that. If you guys can defeat me, then I will never appear in front of Wang Zheng anymore and it will have absolutely nothing to do with you guys.” Lie Xin smiled seductively. She only wore a sleeveless t-shirt. She was so sexy one could have a nosebleed looking at her.

“Okay, then you can choose one opponent from the three of us!” Ai Xiaolu and the two others exchanged a look before nodding their heads. They could not do things such as a group beating.

This time, it was actually the group of friends helping Snow Li make a stand. Anyway, they thought that a girl like Lie Xin was not suitable for Wang Zheng.

“What if you guys lose?” Lie Xin smiled.

“We won’t lose!” De Fulei said. The two of them were Xuan class 1 and Snow Li was Xuan class 3. Besides, Lie Xin was only Huang class 1, how could she win?

“You can tell us your conditions.” Snow Li said. Originally she did not want things to become like this but Ai Xiaolu and De Fulei both wanted to take this chance and thus the situation had transformed into such.

Lie Xin smiled brightly. “I’ve yet to think about my conditions. I’ll let you know when the time comes. Ai Xiaolu, let’s start with you.”

Ai Xiaolu was already tired of waiting. She was afraid that Lie Xin would not choose her. So what if you had an ample bosom, she would whack them till they were flat!

After half an hour, the three of them, including Ai Xiaolu, were all lying on the ground. Even in their dreams they did not expect that even with their strengths, they still were not Lie Xin’s match. This Lie Xin felt as though she had become a different person. She only had a high grade C rank fire Ability X yet she could easily break their ice Ability X. This was a totally illogical defeat. And talking about physical techniques, Lie Xin was so much stronger than the three of them.

From the start, they should not have chosen a physical brawl but chose a mecha battle instead. The Lie Xin who had completed her Lie Flame Technique had too easy a time defeating them.

Ai Xiaolu and her group of friends were indeed very angry this time. They did not expect to lose in the hands of someone they were most unwilling to lose to.

Lie Xin smiled, except that there was not much happiness in her smile. Actually in her bones, she was very envious of Ai Xiaolu and her group. They lost and won together, so what?

“Say it, what conditions do you have? We are willing to pay what we lost in a gamble. As long as it is not to make Snow leave Wang Zheng, any other conditions can be negotiated.” Ai Xiaolu said.

Lie Xin shook her head. “You guys don’t know much about Earthlings, and don’t understand Wang Zheng at all.”

After saying, Lie Xin prepared to leave and take a shower. After beating up the three of them, she still felt very happy. Only beauties would enjoy the feeling of beating up other beauties.

“Don’t leave! Tell us your conditions. If you leave now, our competition is forfeit!” Ai Xiaolu said.

“Since you are so persistent, alright then. I remember that your investment on Tita Star is huge. Give the Lie family 20% of it without compensation.”

Lie Xin laughed. Actually she did not intend to block these girls from Wang Zheng. She just wanted to play with these few girls from the Hail Cloud Alliance. It was the other party who wanted to push things further, so she might as well go along with them.

And Ai Xiaolu agreed readily. To her, any problem that could be solved by money was no problem at all.

After Lie Xin left, Ai Xiaolu and her group calmed down. How did they end up like this?

Lie Xin’s situation was actually worse than them before the holiday. Her performance in the Elites competition was also nothing impressive. But after 1 holiday, her power control had already become so horrifying, and that weird flame, it did not seem to be pure Ability X, yet it was indescribably powerful.

Their Ability X was totally suppressed. This battle was basically a one-sided fight. A fight between ice and fire was originally a one-sided thing but the fact that even when the three of them added together could not defeat Lie Xin had hurt the pride of the three girls.

“This is so embarrassing!” De Fulei sighed, if they were talking about bosom size, she thought that she was not worse than Lie Xin. But this was after all two different matters.

Ai Xiaolu’s eyes rolled. “Well, this may not be too bad. It may even be a good thing. Don’t you think that this group of people from the Solar System are a bit too strong? Their physical techniques are much stronger than imagined and their pace of improvement is way too scary.”

“Yes, her Ability X has risen too but the power is really too exaggerated.”

“Isn’t this simple? Snow, here’s your chance, Wang Zheng will surely give you an explanation!”

“This… is his private matter,” Snow Li said.

“Silly girl, the main point is to have close contact with Wang Zheng. Girls pursuing guys are separated by a thin fabric. To handle proud guys like Wang Zheng, you have to be more direct!” Ai Xiaolu said.

“When did you become a romance expert?” De Fulei said.

“Isn’t that all because of you guys!” Ai Xiaolu said helplessly. The three girls looked at each other’s pathetic looks and could not hold back their laughter.

Actually that was that, such were days with friends. Even if they lost the fight, they would still be very happy.

But as the victorious party, Lie Xin only had loneliness with her. Hence she needed to be stronger. It was the only way to prevent despair.

What else was left?

The Elite Academy at night was very beautiful. Lear completed 1 day of training. Holidays had no meaning to him. He did not have holidays. The Ares Art had also reached a bottleneck. It was getting increasingly difficult to raise his cultivation technique. But his current strength was after all at a relatively high level in the Elite Academy.

If it was a one on one, he was definitely the strongest in the Xuan Grade.


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