Tempest of the Stellar War

Tempest of the Stellar War – Chapter 698 – Primordial Regression Technique Stage 3

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After failing the first few attempts, Wang Zheng wasn’t depressed and was even more excited.

When Old Zhuo was back, Wang Zheng was doing a handstand with his fingers. This type of crazy training method for the body truly made Old Zhuo felt a little dumbfounded. Wang Zheng wasn’t using Ability X and was doing it purely through the toughness of his body. Disregarding other things, he would likely not have to worry about exhausting his stamina on the battlefield and could definitely fight till the very end with his opponents.

A long time ago, he had also heard of the so-called ancient martial arts that were circulating within the Solar System and the Qi training methods. Honestly speaking, Old Zhuo did not deny the existence of such things but the effects were extremely bad, time-consuming and were complicated. It didn’t possess the qualities to be widely promoted. However, he had indeed seen something different from Wang Zheng.

“Exhaustion of the body can make the brain think clearer. When a human is extremely exhausted, their way of thinking becomes much simpler and direct.” laughed Old Zhuo. In the past, he would also do the same when he encountered a difficult problem. Seeing that the floor below Wang Zheng was already wet, he couldn’t tell how long Wang Zheng had been doing it.

Simple and direct…

In fact, Wang Zheng did not hear any words said before the two words. Although he was exhausting his body, his brain had entered into a deep think. However the words ‘simple and direct’ instantly sunk into his mind.

What it meant was instinct!

The Primordial Regression Technique suddenly started to circulate. This was the feeling!

One would allow one’s mental condition to be one with the body and let nature take its course. The heavens and the earth was him and he was one with the heaven and earth.

Suddenly Wang Zheng felt that he had started to ‘levitate’. He wasn’t really levitating but his mental condition seemed to have expanded. It wasn’t the same as using mental strength for searching but truly becoming one with the outside world. Although the area wasn’t big, he could feel exuberant vitality. Even the Abyss was just another existential form of vitality.

All along, humans had thought that the place of Zerg was a place where it was going to collapse. However, that was only the situation of the Zerg’s target. On the contrary, places like the Abyss had hidden energy far greater than other places. It was just that this energy was greater and common life forms couldn’t feel it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to breed a race like the Zerg.

The circulation of the inner body life energy became extremely clear. Wang Zheng was looking at the circulation of the Primordial Regression Technique in the position of a spectator. This type of situation was especially creepy but was also especially unique.

In the eyes of Old Zhuo, Wang Zheng’s body was no longer moving and was as though he had been turned into stone. However his body had created a form of attraction to the outside world like a mini black hole. What he was attracting wasn’t matter but… Energy!

Ability X users were extremely sensitive to such devouring power. Almost instantly, Old Zhuo opened up a distance between him and Wang Zheng. However, Wang Zheng wasn’t targeting him but only those within the atmosphere.

Due to Wang Zheng’s guidance, Old Zhuo also could see it now. He had originally thought that this place was a barren hell. It was only till now that he realised that the life force hidden in the Abyss was way greater than the outside world. This wasn’t by a factor of 1 or 2 times but 10 times or even more terrifying.

That red flowing light was very beautiful. Even Old Zhuo couldn’t help but extended his hands and tried to grab it. However, he failed to grab onto anything. This kid…

Gradually, Wang Zheng’s body really started to levitate. His body was surrounded by flows of red air. These pale-red like gases were starting to congeal more and more and eventually become a red ball of energy surrounding Wang Zheng. This energy ball was turning constantly and absorbing the surrounding life force.

Old Zhuo had no choice but to retreat further. What was this kid trying to do? There were devouring abilities among Ability X. However, it could only be used to control the opponent by dissipating their abilities or releasing them. He had never heard of an ability that could absorb others energy for self usage. After all the energy would have impurities and wouldn’t necessarily be good for the body. The human body wasn’t a machine. Although humans had researched about Ability X for a long time, their understanding of it wasn’t complete. This kid’s guts was…

This place was filled with energy of the Zerg!

At this moment, Wang Zheng’s body was completely in an instinctively state. Energy didn’t have the classification of good or bad. It was just a matter of whether one could control it. What surprised Wang Zheng was that the energy in the Abyss was the purest that he had ever felt.

He was going to faint from it. So the best thing was actually at where the Zerg were.

The energy was seeping into Wang Zheng’s body through his pores in small amounts and entered within the circulation of the Primordial Regression Technique. The aura given out by the Primordial Regression Technique in Wang Zheng’s body was also getting more concentrated. Gradually, it become a stream of energy and started circulating.

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Zheng’s levitated body slowly descended into the ground. The red gases around him had also dissipated without a trace.

In the faraway place, Old Zhuo had finished smoking another cigar. His supplies had decreased by one again. However, there was nothing to feel heart ache for. No matter if he could get out, there wouldn’t be use for these things.

Initially, Old Zhuo had thought that Wang Zheng was awake. However, Wang Zheng maintain in his posture for an entire day. Old Zhuo didn’t dared to touch him rashly. At least Wang Zheng’s expression was calm.

No one knew how long had passed till Wang Zheng opened his eyes. Almost instantly, Old Zhuo noticed it. “D*mn. Brat you are finally awake. I thought that I would have to collect your corpse for you!”

Wang Zheng could tell that Old Zhuo was still happy for him from the bottom of his heart.

Wang Zheng smiled and stood up slowly. His body wasn’t feeling uncomfortable from sitting for too long. On the other hand, it felt as though he had entered deep sleep and felt completely relaxed.

Looking at both of his hands, Wang Zheng was feeling emotional too. He would have never dreamt that a breakthrough would happen here.

“Tsk. You seem different although I can’t tell exactly where.”

“Is it that I have become more handsome?” laughed Wang Zheng.

“Brat… however you should be compatible with my daughter now.” laughed Old Zhuo. “From the looks of your condition, you have succeeded in your experiment?”

Wang Zheng shook his head, “I have no idea at all. However the Cultivation Technique l was practising had a breakthrough. A pleasant surprise!”

The Primordial Regression Technique had entered stage 3.

Primordial Regression Technique which had been stagnant all along had once again achieved a breakthrough. Wang Zheng had been training everyday without fail but it was only to maintain the technique the current level. The thing about Cultivation Techniques was that it might not improve even with consistent hard work. Consistent hard work was only for maintaining the form. If one didn’t steadily practice, the strength of his/her physical techniques would fall rapidly. This would definitely be equivalent to being on a boat which was going against the current.

The Primordial Regression Technique level 3! The feeling after achieving the breakthrough might not be visible to others but the difference was truly too big

It had at least increased the sensitivity of one’s spiritual strength. Wang Zheng was also feeling a little confused. Could it be that the Primordial Regression Technique was an all-rounded technique and it was just that he had not attained the level to understand it?

Although he had not tried it out, Wang Zheng could feel that his control of Ability X was much more fluid.

“No matter what, this was a good thing. You better be more cautious and watch your own body’s condition. Don’t make too huge a movement. I will go prepare food” laughed Old Zhuo. His preparations had also been very successful.


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