Tempest of the Stellar War

Tempest of the Stellar War – Chapter 697 – Battle of the Xuan and Huang

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“Lear is here!”

“Where? Where?

“He’s there, beside the wretched-looking fatty. This kid is indeed strong to be able to dominate Matru from Vermillion Bird Region despite Matru’s Ability X clearly being stronger. He was beaten till he had no ability to retaliate.”

“He’s really handsome and has a gentlemanly feel around him!”

“Yeah. Earth is the origin of mankind. Rumours had it that Lear’s family was part of the Royal Family for generations and is from one of the most ancient noble families!”

“I wonder if he has a girlfriend. Hehe.”

“Sl*t, are you on heat? However I hear that he really doesn’t have a girlfriend yet and has always focused on training. His only friend was that burdensome fatty.”

A group of girls were staring at Lear with their watery eyes. This was enough to satisfy Luo Fei as he looked lustfully around. This was the benefit of being famous.

After being stared at by the Luo Fei, the girls revealed their unhappy gazes. However, the fatty was finding joy in it. So what if he had stared at them. Would they come over and bash him up? Even if they wanted to, he had Lear in front of him.

Zhang Shan was also pulled over by the rest and was getting ready to watch the match after finishing his meal. Ai Xiaolu and the rest were afraid that Zhang Shan might get sick from cooping up. The way this guy had been training had been too brutal and he might just train himself to death.

However, Zhang Shan still agreed decisively. This had surprised the group.

When he knew that Wang Zheng should be alright, Zhang Shan did not feel complicated while training hard. He wanted to look at the real battles and understand the situations of these masters so he could provide reference for Wang Zheng when he returned.

“Tsk tsk. Both of them were from Earth but their difference was that great. One of them brought Earth glory while the other one was a burden and would only cause trouble.” said Redington with a smile. Beside him were Ling Luoyu and Mo Ling. After failing in his confession to Snow Li, Redington had lost his face and had completely stood together with the enemies.

“Redington, are you looking for trouble!”

“Yo, Master Ai. What’s the matter? Did you want to spar with me?” Redington looked at Ai Xiaolu with a sleight of his eyes and continued,” So what if you are rich? You aren’t even worth my time. I heard that you had spent a lot on Wang Zheng. It seemed that you would end up with nothing this time.”

Everyone couldn’t hold back their comments. However, Zhang Shan smiled calmly and replied,” Hehe, if a dog bites a human, the human couldn’t possibly bite back.”

“You…” Redington’s talent in scolding could not be compared with Zhang Shan. Moreover his arrogant stance had caused the surrounding people to look at him with a strange gaze. It was only then that he realised he had lost his cool. However, he was still feeling great. Although he had fallen out with Snow Li, at least that d*mned Wang Zheng had finally disappeared. That was such a great feeling.

“Redington, forget it. You still have a match later and you should just let the facts do the speaking. ” said Ling Luoyu calmly. Wang Zheng… had died because of his own arrogance. If he didn’t have the ability, he shouldn’t act as though he had. It had been repeated countless times that one would mainly need Ability X in the Abyss as there was no room for physical techniques to be used.

As they were speaking, Lear and Luo Fei had took the initiative to walk over. Lear smiled gently while Fatty had leaned over. He was still rather close to Zhang Shan. “Zhang Shan, Boss has created an alumni club. You should just come over. There are already just a few of us from the Solar System and you were part of the main IG team!”

“I’m not interested. I just like to be alone.” Zhang Shan couldn’t care less about it. This d*mn guy. Once Wang Zheng had disappeared, he had jumped out from the shadows.

“Why do you still have to insist?” Luo Fei still wanted to persuade him when Lear smiled gently and shook his head. “Forget it. We won’t force you. Nonetheless, the door would always remain open for you.”

One wouldn’t just hit a smiling person. Lear had just this ability. Seeing that he wasn’t angry, Zhang Shan felt that it wasn’t suitable for him to insult him. After all, they had good intentions when they asked.

“Eisen, do you have the videos of Lear’s battles?” asked Zhang Shan suddenly.

“Yes, I had recorded all of them down. This guy didn’t seem like he was from Earth at all. His physical techniques and Ability X were both super strong and he completely dominated his opponents. Olivios and him was considered as the most anticipated freshmen now and he has even entered the Battle Power Rankings!”

Eisen and the rest revealed surprised expressions. They had never expected that Earth could still produce such talents with the abilities and yet still remaining humble. Those who were slightly outstanding were all obnoxious while Lear was so nice and was willing to help out those who were from the same place as him.

Looking at the crowd’s expression, Zhang Shan was also helpless. Even if he wanted to explain, he wouldn’t be able to.

Lear’s performance had indeed shocked many people. Takumi was one of them. Could it be that he had misjudged this person?

Was Lear that person instead?

Lear had the same type of feel on him although it wasn’t as strong. However if Wang Zheng was that person, why would he die?

However if one were to look at strength, Lear’s physical techniques and Ability X could be considered as perfect. Moreover, his Ability was still of the unique type. He had already started showing the signs of a king.

“Takumi, are these people from Earth on steroids? They were really fearsome. That Achilles brat has also advanced to the next stage.” Long Ma still found it a little hard to believe. If it was just one of them, he could just overlook it. Surprisingly, there was another one. Currently, there were 3 Huang Grade students who advanced to the next stage. Olivios was a given as he was the representative of the strong and domineering Arbiter and was within expectations. However Lear and Achilles, the 2 brats from the Solar System that no one really knew about had surprisingly made it to the next stage. The level they demonstrated weren’t worse than Olivios.

It was only till the failure of the wretched-looking fatty that everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief. Oh damn. If this wretched-looking, lazy and stupid fatty could also advance, they might just die from it. There wouldn’t be any reason in this world anymore.

Student Luo Fei had completed his mission and advanced to the main round. He had lost completely. Battling others was all illusory to him. Living was all about enjoyment. As long as Lear wouldn’t give him problems, he would feel relief about it.

Although Lear were hoping for Luo Fei to proceed further, this brat could be considered as completing his mission by reaching this far. Therefore he no longer scolded him. Moreover, he had been feeling really great recently. In the past, he had thought that nothing was going smoothly for him. However, everything he did seemed to be as he wished now.

The name list for the final matches of the 5 battle groups had been decided. A week of exciting battle also raised the interests of all the students to the highest point. The most crucial thing was that there were quite a lot of things to look out for this time.

Group 1: Marzu (White Tiger Xuan Class 1) vs Achilles (Vermillion Bird Huang Class 1)

Group 2: Hocatolin (Vermillion Bird Xuan Class 1) vs Redington (Azure Dragon Xuan Class 1)

Group 3: Olivios (White Tiger Huang Class 1) vs Hu Kan (Black Tortoise Xuan Class 1)

Group 4: Pampas (Azure Dragon Xuan Class 1) vs Mondo (Azure Dragon Xuan Class 1)

Group 5: Lear (Black Tortoise Huang Class 1) vs Deborah (White Tiger Xuan Class 1)

Among these 10 students, 5 of them would receive the rights to have their personal tailor made mecha that were the strongest amongst the humans. At the same time, they would be equipped with their own personal space crystal. The specifications were peerlessly high and were specifically for the runic mech. This would definitely be a symbol of honour and elevate one’s position. At the same time, the authority of these 5 would also be raised among the Milky Way Alliance. They would even have the priority rights when using public facilities. This was where Inner Roland stood and the special rights of the Elites.

One could just say that obtaining this qualification would definitely allow one to gain personal fame and financial benefits in both the Academy and the outside world.

Three Huang Grade students had surprisingly made it to the finals of their respective battle groups. They were even going to be battling the 4 masters of the Xuan Grade. This had attracted the attention of countless people. Although they might not be at a disadvantage when going up against an opponent from Xuan Class 1, there was still some distance between them and people like Marzu. However to be able to reach this stage, the future was definitely theirs. Marzu and the rest would at most take another 6 months before promoting from Xuan Grade. With them still being Huang Grade students, their glory days were not far from them. It was just that the opportunity this time was kind of a pity.

However, there would always be exceptions. For the fifth battle group, there were 80% of the students who saw the Huang Grade Lear as the favourite. This was because his opponent wasn’t one of the 4 masters and was just an opponent from the White Tiger Region’s Xuan Class 1… Just… This only showed how balanced Lear strength was and how great his charisma was. The students were both excited and proactive. Who said that Huang Grade students would always be at the bottom? A person as nice as Lear should deserve to win against a stronger opponent.

Redington was also satisfied. If it wasn’t because of the fact that he had to prepare for the tournament, he would definitely show off in front of Snow Li, Ai Xiaolu and De Fulei, the group of busty but brainless women. Couldn’t they understand that he would be the pride and future of the Hail Cloud Alliance.? How could they place their hopes on a dead man and abandon him. What about now?!

The better he performed, the more these women would regret. It wouldn’t be easy to defeat Pampas. This brat’s ability was very terrifying and belonged to the extremely rare category of “Creation”. However, there weren’t many people who understood what the meaning it really meant. Nonetheless, Redington wasn’t afraid. He was different from those Huang Grade students and wasn’t at a disadvantage with regards to Ability X.

The so-called difference between Xuan Grade and Earth Grade wasn’t mainly about the strength of one’s Ability X but the level of mastery and control. It was also what others would say as understanding. Redington believed that his own understanding of the “Ice” element was unique. “Creation”? What the hell was that?

If he could defeat Pampas, Snow Li and that few sl*ts would be on their knees. It was a pity that he couldn’t thrash Wang Zheng. He had originally wanted to be a gentleman and let this brat be arrogant for a while. With them having a complete fall out now, this brat had died instead. He was really a dumb guy.

The person who was insulted as dumb by Redington was sneezing the whole day. This was because he was indeed doing something that seemed really dumb. At least Old Zhuo would feel this way.

The return trip was fast and Old Zhuo had many things to prepare. As for the details of the plan, he did not find it necessary to tell Wang Zheng about it. The observations this time made him feel that the escape plan still had flaws. Therefore he had to make more rounded preparations. Materials, he would need quite a lot of materials. Although he had stored quite a substantial amount, it was still not enough. This was a road of no return.

As for Wang Zheng, he could do whatever he wished to do as long as he didn’t get crazy in the process. If he did, it was as though he truly thought that he had too long a life and was seeking his own death.

Wang Zheng was already distracted during the journey. His attention had been entirely on creating his own Cultivation Technique for his Ability X. How could he do it, how could he go about it? No one could give him a clue and he had to depend on his own discovery.

One needed to think before acting. Wang Zheng was also thinking about it over and over again, overthrowing N possibilities. He only tried out a few ways but stopped at the most surface level. After all, he was clear of the consequences of this thing. It was easier to talk about following one’s feeling and reverse engineering the theory. However, it was really hard to really do it.


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