Tempest of the Stellar War

Tempest of the Stellar War – Chapter 694 – Crafting One’s Own Cultivation Technique!

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Lan Ling had spent all her efforts on Tita Star. It was obvious that she wasn’t doing so entirely for the Titatitan Star. The benefits of the family were also within her considerations. However, her position affected her way of thinking. Sitting in the position of the head of the family, what she saw was the bigger picture and not the benefits in front of her. The members of the Lan Family still couldn’t understand that their position in the past was a result of the support of the people of Tita.

In the end, Lan Ling still couldn’t convince Lan You. The manner with which Lan You imposed himself made it clear that he wasn’t just an individual but was representing a group seeking benefits. Lan Ling had been soft previously and didn’t take the best opportunity to reorganize the internal situation of the family. This was also a grave mistake.

With regard to this outcome, Mu Sen felt helpless but still showed Lan Ling that he could understand. The truth was that among the people of Tita, the situation was similar to the Lan Family. During a war, different tribes could get together to go against the external threat. However once peace had returned, it was a different case.

Moreover, human civilisation had brought some influence on the people of Tita. The unity of the people of Tita all rested on the Titan. If there was no Titan, it would also be troublesome.

However, all these were within the expectations of Mu Sen. The maturity of any Star would undergo various kinds of incidents. It would be better for problems to erupt earlier because he had already thought of a solution. Now was a great time to establish the business rules on Tita Star.

On the second day, once the news of Tita Star requesting for proposals for the giants’ mobile armour had spread, it attracted countless military corporations’ attention. This was definitely a great opportunity to forge a good relationship with the people of Tita!

Little Lucky Star Investment Company had also made various preparations. The truth was that all they were lacking of now were projects. The company wasn’t incorporated just for show.

“Once Brother Yan made his move, it wouldn’t be ordinary to target such a big project once we were here.”

Jasper was bootlicking Yan Xiaosu out of habit. Humans were animals that were easily affected by their habits. The current Jasper would feel bottled up if he didn’t speak with Yan Xiaosu once a day. If they could really take the project, that would be really awesome.

Yan Xiaosu had smiled. “We still have to rely on OMG regarding the main design while we are responsible for the bidding project.”

“Hehe. That was obvious. With Brother Yan’s connection, winning the bid was just an easy task.” Gabre also stuck closely to Yan Xiaosu. After waiting for the opportunity for so long, it was finally going to be here.

Yan Xiaosu’s face changed and said, “This is an open bid. No one can be sloppy. To tell you the truth, the Governor has told me that connections are ultimately just connections. To win the bid, we will still need to have the ability. Obviously if the conditions were similar, they would prioritise considering us.”

Jasper and the group were taken aback. When he saw the bidding project, he had thought it was almost a done deal. Unexpectedly, they had to still rely on themselves to win the bid…

Wouldn’t this be too much for them?

One should know that the other firearms companies all had a long history. They were either reputable names in the Milky Way Galaxy or had the backing of some major country and symbolised the will of that country to bid. If one did not have any connections and was sandwiched between these big players, it would be equivalent to navigating in the open sea without a compass.

How could they win the bid?

Could it be that for this bid, they were only competing in name but the real fact was about participation? Was their purpose to make this competitive environment even more complicated? Were they here to rally for the people of Tita and further lift the standards of the other firearms companies?

Thinking this way, the few of them were more accepting of their fate. There would definitely be huge investments in the bidding as this was inevitable and part of the plan. On Titatitan Star, there weren’t any investments that would more worth than investing in the relationship with the people of Tita. Were the true intentions of those firearms companies really about making money from the orders of the mobile armour? To put it bluntly, only about 30 percent of their intentions were to make money from the orders. The other 70 percent were for their relationships with the people of Tita.

“What does Miss Ye think…?”

“She is currently designing the armour. We don’t not need to worry about this and all we have to do is to show that we are serious about this bidding and complete our tasks.” said Yan Xiaosu as he waved his hand with a firm expression. The truth was that he wasn’t sure of anything too.

The competitors for the mobile armour were too strong this time. Moreover, the Lan Family was making some moves within this. If they weren’t careful, they might offend the Lan Family in addition to not being able to forge a good relationship with the people of Tita.

Moreover, what worried Yan Xiaosu now was that Ye Zisu was already within the tribe of the people of Tita at this moment. It wasn’t the tribe that was open to external people but one that was relatively shut in and conservative tribe. There shouldn’t be a problem right?

This was a crucial step. Although Yan Xiaosu might looked convinced from the outside, the truth was that he didn’t knew what to expect inside him. Ye Zisu was great in designing mecha. What about battle armour?

In addition, even if her mecha designing standards were top notch, she wasn’t the best. The temptations of the Tita Star were enough to attract the most talented designers over.

Looking at the relaxed expression of Jasper, Yan Xiaosu had a little headache. He knew that the other part must have thought that he was just saying things in a glorified way…

Nesonda River tribe.

Ye Zisu suffered the coldest treatment she had since arriving on Titatitan Star.

The room allocated to her was beside a stream. It was on and by the mountain by name but the truth was that it was so humid that it wasn’t for a person to live in. Ye Zisu walked out of the room and realised that most of the Tita people who had brought her over had disappeared. They had ran off rather quickly. She smiled as she already made spiritual preparations before she came. She also knew that the whole Nesonda River tribe was waiting to see her make a joke out of herself.

The Tita people within the Nesonda River tribe still were wary of people. This was also the reason why Ye Zisu chose to come to this place. Internally, the reason why some Tita people were willing to accept the humans was purely because their Titan had accepted the humans. This didn’t mean that they could really accept the humans.

However, Ye Zisu chose this place for the exact reason. This tribe was very representative. Before the open bidding, Mu Sen had already communicated with Ye Zisu. Mu Sen was clear that Ye Zisu was the representative of Wang Zheng. However, Mu Sen had many things to worry about. He spoke with Ye Zisu and she was able to understand that to unite and strengthen the Tita Star, the work to be done had just begun.

Therefore, Ye Zisu had come with the recommendation of Mu Sen. Considering that she was affiliated with Mu Sen and the Titan, the people of Tita were then willing to host her. However, what Ye Zisu needed was for them to accept her. This was… hard. Even the Lan Family wasn’t able to achieve it. Nonetheless, Ye Zisu wanted to give it a try no matter what. This was because she knew clearly the importance of Tita Star. This would be the most important main base camp for Wang Zheng to do huge things in the future.

Wang Zheng and Old Zhuo were walking throughout the journey. This was also the first time that Wang Zheng understood the situation within the depth of the Abyss. This rubbish dump of the Zerg was huge and broad and there were weird things being thrown down from time to time. A lot of these things were not heard or seen before. This would mean that the opponents of the Zerg weren’t just humans. They had been fighting on multiple lines all along. No one knew which civilization was so unlucky.

Old Zhuo was also rather surprised by Wang Zheng’s vitality and ability to understand things quickly. Along the journey, Old Zhuo did not hide anything. There wasn’t such a need too. He explained the key points on the micro-usage of Ability X to Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng’s foundation in this aspect couldn’t be considered as poor. Rather, it was completely zero. The way he used his Ability X was entirely based on instinct. However, due to his strong physical techniques, some of the common way of teaching in the Academy wasn’t suitable for him at all. This would probably be similar to those geniuses that didn’t take the usual path.

“Old Zhuo, what you meant was for me to focus on researching Combination Ability X?”

“Everyone’s direction of Ability X is different. What I have told you is only suitable to me and is what I had concluded over the years. They are only suggestions for you and would definitely help to raise your ability a little. However, you would still need to come out with your own set of attacking and defending move sets in the end. Combination Ability X is the most terrifying among the regular elespiritual attribute Abilities and would require a certain level of mastery to be able to use. You can already control it now and therefore this must be strengthened.” said Old Zhuo. Seeing Wang Zheng was able to combine the “Wind” and “Fire” Ability was enough to surprise him. When he knew that Wang Zheng had once used the extremely explosive Combination Ability of “Fire” and “Ice”, Old Zhuo almost fainted.

This was because it was said that only when one had reached the Heaven Grade could one dabbled into this level of control. This move could result in a self-explosion if one wasn’t careful. He had no idea what Wang Zheng’s body was made of.

Wang Zheng was seriously listening and absorbing Old Zhuo’s suggestion. Throughout this journey, Wang Zheng was very grateful. There were many detailed things that bothered him and he couldn’t ask others about it. People around Wang Zheng had Ability X that was worse than him. Old Zhuo could be considered as a great teacher and friend to Wang Zheng. Moreover, he did not had the arrogance of a typical master and most of his way of thinking had considered Wang Zheng’s situation. This would probably be how a real pro would look like.

“Wang Zheng, your physical techniques were really strong. The ancient martial arts of Earth were indeed mystical. Physical techniques and spiritual strength have never been standalones and were complementary. Although I do not really understand Cultivation Techniques, all changes wouldn’t differ from the core. You could apply such feelings on your control of spiritual strength. Obviously I am only giving you a suggestion. As to whether it would work, you would still need to figure it out yourself.”

Old Zhuo said cautiously. When Wang Zheng heard those words, it was as though he was suddenly enlightened.

All along, the Primordial Regression Technique had brought him great strength. However, after breaking through the first level, he had not been able to improve. When his physical techniques became stronger, his Ability X would also become stronger. At the same time, there would be requirements on the body just like what Old Zhuo had said. He was a classic example of focusing on training his Ability X which eventually aided his training on the body.

Blade Point Techniques… Did this thing really exist? Even if it existed, it was probably something that he could not obtain. He had already understood that feeling and had mastered the Primordial Regression Technique. Why shouldn’t he give it a try?

This was a process of reversing the logical way of thinking. He knew the effects of the Blade Point Technique and knew about the circulation of the Cultivation Technique. Now would be the time to link both of them together.

Wang Zheng could feel his heart beating faster. However, he also knew that the dangers within it were extremely high. This was equivalent to modifying the Cultivation Technique. He had already understood the dangers of Cultivation Techniques when Charcoal adjusted his Cultivation Technique previously. However once he had thought of this idea, it was hard for Wang Zheng to restrain from taking such reckless action.

Luckily, he was in a dangerous environment now and it wouldn’t really matter.

However, if Wang Zheng was rational, he would not be Wang Zheng.

The thoughts of trying were growing as quickly as wild grass. Along their journey, there wasn’t any battles. Old Zhuo clearly knew the routes at the back of his hands. He was mainly responsible for introducing Wang Zheng to the situation in this place.

If the two of them could get out successfully, the Milky Way Alliance would definitely think of a way to re-enter this place. However, even if they would have the technical conditions, Old Zhuo’s age would probably make him unable to come back once more. Old Zhuo knew it himself. No matter how advanced technology was, it wouldn’t be able to replenish lost vitality. Therefore, he had to make preparations for rainy days.


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