Tempest of the Stellar War

Tempest of the Stellar War – Chapter 693 – The Battle in the Backyard

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Li Yizhuo had sunk into deep thought. Wang Zheng’s strength was indeed great, but it was hard for him to demonstrate it in the Abyss. In this place, one would need sufficiently strong Ability X to attack and defend. It seemed that he was a little over the moon in the past two days and had forgotten about the most important component.

However, with a change of thinking, at least they still had a chance. Wang Zheng’s talents and strengths in various aspects weren’t bad. Since he had waited for so long, it wouldn’t kill him to wait a little longer. There would only be one opportunity. If they were to act rashly, they might just end up wasting all their effort.

“Wang Zheng, keep your stuff. Let’s go out for a while. I want you to see something.” Li Yizhuo knew that he had to keep calm. He had been too anxious over this period of time and had subconsciously treated Wang Zheng as someone with equal strength as him. This kid had indeed given him such vibes and had all-rounded knowledge in various aspects. He was also full of confidence and wasn’t afraid of death.

“What? To go out at this time? Weren’t we waiting for an opportunity in this place?”

Li Yizhuo smiled and replied, “There are endless battles at the front line and we would have ample opportunities. It was only a matter of time. You have to understand the situation of the Zerg. At the same time, you would need to strengthen your Ability X.”

In the physical techniques aspect, Wang Zheng did not have any problems. Li Yizhuo wasn’t from the Elite Academy but from the Milky Way Military College. The ability to fight with the space ships was equally important although it wasn’t the main focus. The Milky Way Military College placed more emphasis on being able to see the big picture and commanding ability.

Wang Zheng and Old Zhuo piloted their mecha and started their journey. According to Old Zhuo, if everything went well, they would probably still need over 10 days to arrive at the destination. This journey was a little far. Although it was just the rubbish dump of the Zerg, it was still filled with danger. Other than some wild Zerg, there were also Zerg patrol teams. These were all the things that had to pay attention to.

For Wang Zheng, this journey was a very good opportunity to learn about Ability X. In the aspect of physical techniques, he was a professional. However, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have an Earth Grade pro right in front of him.

After understanding Wang Zheng’s strength, he also tried to teach him everything he knew. This was different from when Wang Zheng was in the Elite Academy. The process of learning from every master was a priceless treasure and would not be taught to others. The only exceptions were if one was a closed door disciple or was of the same family or close kin. This was something that even the Academy X couldn’t do. This journey was the time for Wang Zheng to be reacquainted with Ability X. All of these were Old Zhuo’s true understanding of Ability X.

As the only place where Wang Zheng had some influence, this place wasn’t as peaceful as it might seem. There weren’t any eternal enemies. There were only eternal benefits. The reverse was true too.

The Lan Family wasn’t a united group. With different desired benefits, naturally they would have their own vested interests.

Obviously Lan Ling wouldn’t be able to suppress it. The advantage of a family was the close knitted relationship. During excavation, this would guarantee survival and becoming stronger. However, the disadvantages were clear too. Since the passing of the ‘crisis’, some members within the Lan Family were already unhappy with the current situation. Naturally, Lan Jiang was the one who bore the blame. He had taken responsibilities for everything that had happened previously. This was clearly deceiving himself. However, some members within the Lan Family seemed to be able to hypnotize themselves into believing that Tita Star was able to come so far because of them. With such a huge credit but without the corresponding position on Tita Star, there would obviously be lots of grumbling. Lan Ling was also clearly inept in handling these things. All she could do was to try to comfort both sides.

“The FD Project has been suspended? Don’t panic Elder Mu Sen. There might be some misunderstanding? Let me go back and clarify things.” After hanging up on the regular communication with Elder Mu Sen, Lan Ling grabbed her hair. She was having a headache over this project now. Project FD was the Lan Family’s new research lab for the new model of mobile armour. Lan Jiang was responsible for it previously. With the retirement of Lan Jiang, this project was going to be in control of another old member, Lan You. At the same time, he was grabbing the people of Tita by the throat and was using military strength as leverage for the rights to speak.

Other than Project FD, Lan You still controlled many of Lan’s family properties. The Lan Family needed this old man’s cooperation in various aspects on the TitaTitan Star. When facing the major crisis previously, Lan You had been giving his all and cooperated with the Lan Family in general. When the Lan Family was facing an existential crisis, the tribesmen still cared about loyalty. However with the situation on TitaTitan Star turning for the better, there were more opportunities for making money. How could the external people be allowed to earn them while the Lan Family which had been excavating this place wasn’t allowed to?

If Lan You was only a single person, it wouldn’t be as bad. The problem was that he represented many voices of the Lan Family. The members internally had been rather unhappy with Lan Ling and believed that Lan Ling was siding with the external people. The Lan Family had been developing TitaTitan Star for a long time. This was similar to rearing one’s child just so to allow her to become the bride of an external party. They should be the masters of TitaTitan Star. Within themselves, they had been unhappy with the giants. In their eyes, the giants were a group of barbarians and were only deserved to be played by them and became their slaves.

Lan Ling had no choice but to look for Lan You herself as a show of respect for his identity.

“There must be something important when the busy headmaster still made time to visit this bad tempered old man. Since we are in the same family, let’s do away with the courteous words and go straight into the topic.” Lan You clearly was prepared. The face full of wrinkles was wearing a confident smile.

Lan Ling knew that it wouldn’t be an easy conversation today. However, she still had to do it.

“Senior, for other things, we can be a little more causal. I also have the benefits of the family in my mind. However, Project FD is different and is related to the deeper cooperation of the people of Tita and us.”

Lan You smiled again, “Headmaster, the people of Tita would only listen to Mu Sen. As for what we need to do, I’m clear of it in my mind. For the Super Gravity Energy Mineral ore, the Lan Family has too small of a share now. This can’t go on. Moreover, didn’t you realize that Mu Sen was scheming against us by nurturing another power? This is creeping into the Lan Family’s bottom line. We have to give him a warning that the Lan Family is still in charge of the Tita Star.”

Operations of Project FD had been going well. The Lan Family had been making the mobile armour that the giants used all along. However Mu Sen wasn’t showing them respect. He was trying to raise another power to replace the Lan Family?

To sum it up, the Lan Family wasn’t dumb. The results of bring ungrateful would be that both parties could forget having a good time.

Moreover, what ticked Lan You off the most was the distribution of the shares in the Super Gravity Energy Mineral ore. As the de facto ruler of the TitaTitan Star, they had only been allocated such a small portion!

Mu Sen’s side was obviously panicking. With the development of TitaTitan Star, more and more people of Tita noticed the strength of the human technology and were getting used to the multiple times increase in battle strength brought by the use of the mobile armour.

To suspending the development of mobile armour at this moment would be equivalent to choking Mu Sen at the throat. This was to allow Mu Sen to understand that if he wanted to be in the position of governor comfortably, he would have to give the Lan Family the treatment they deserved.

Lan Ling tried to persuade helplessly, “I would fight for the benefits of the Lan Family. Moreover senior, you should have seen that the Lan Family’s momentum going ahead had been very strong. We need to learn how to walk before running. There would also be problems if we expanded too quickly. The reason why the Lan Family is here today was also because we were taking small and solid steps one at a time. What is before us now is all illusory after all. ”


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