Tempest of the Stellar War

Tempest of the Stellar War – Chapter 643 – Brother is Most Scared of Blind Dates

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His tone could be nothing but reckless arrogance. If it was not for the fact that he was her boyfriend’s good friend, Millie could not have held back a more scathing reply, although her disdain showed on her expression. In terms of hiding one’s emotions, Xie Yuxin was a genius. Unless one knew him very well, one would not be able to see his true emotional response. He was too intellectual and philosophical. And Wang Zheng thought he did look the part.

“Millie, I’ve known Wang Zheng for a very long time. Do you know what his biggest weakness is?” Xie Yuxin asked.

Millie was surprised. She understood that for Xie Yuxin to have dropped the “Senior” honorific meant that he was still aware of her attitude.

“Wang Zheng’s greatest flaw is his humility. If he says 50 50, then it’s more like 60 or 70, no matter the opponent’s reputation.”

Millie was stunned, because she knew that Xie Yuxin did not brag. His intellect was phenomenal, although she liked such types.

“Sorry, Wang Zheng, I apologize for my attitude. Perhaps I have been ignorant to the ways of the world.”

Wang Zheng was amused. “Don’t be lured in by his tricks. He’s just acting all righteous because he’s bored. It’s all a bluff. The best way to deal with him is to do the same back to him, and do your own thing. That was how Yan Xiaosu and I dealt with him back then. Then you’ll see the real side of him.”

With that verbal barrage, Xie Yuxin crumbled. There was just no talking to this guy.

Seeing her boyfriend wilt, Millie laughed. “Tsk tsk. Our Yuxin has such cute moments. I’ve gained so much today. As a senior I guess I should at least make a gesture. Wang Zheng, do you have a girlfriend?”

Wang Zheng could not help rubbing his nose. Why were all girls so inexplicably nosy and interested in such private matters?

“I’m not too sure myself, actually.” Wang Zheng was speaking honestly. Although he and Aina had broken up in name, but their feelings were clearly still present. And he had yet to sort his feelings out regarding Meng Tian.

“No need for introductions. This guy’s the best at attracting girls.” Xie Yuxin said exasperatedly.

On the whole, Xie Yuxin had already elevated Wang Zheng to a high pedestal, but Millie still could not shake off her doubt. The guy in front of her was not particularly tall, or handsome. The hunks were aplenty on Aslan. Ability, yet unseen. Although his manner was not detestable, and he had some humor, but on the whole unremarkable. Besides, he was an Earthling, and from Huang Class 7. Even if she was truly looking to help with introductions, it would be a tough find.

But Millie did not dwell too much on it. Hearing Wang Zheng and Xie Yuxin bicker about the past was enjoyable enough, and Wang Zheng got to know Millie better as well. Millie was from an influential family on Aslan, and had awakened her ability X at a precocious young age. It had been love at first sight with Xie Yuxin, and she had been the one chasing him. That was not too surprising. Given Xie Yuxin’s moderate nature, he definitely needed the comforts of a mature older woman.

The 3 chatted for a long time. Time flew, and on the way back, Wang Zheng was in a good mood. Times were changing. Even that Xie Yuxin had a girlfriend now. Back then, he and Yan Xiaosu were secretly wondering if that guy was gay. Everyone had changed a lot, but personality and friendships seemed pretty constant.

He indeed had to prioritize some things now. Everybody held the runic mech in high regard, so it did seem to be very useful. Even Butcher had mentioned it to him. If it was possible, it was best to have it. Such new super-mecha stood at the pinnacle of mankind’s technological prowess. Butcher would not fire off or exaggerate needlessly. Besides, the quota was limited, and it was definitely a first-come, first-served situation.

Even as Wang Zheng was preparing in all seriousness, everyone else was too. Achilles and the rest were no fools. In IG, they had fully witnessed the terror that Wang Zheng could be. Perhaps others simply saw the idea of it. But Achilles, formerly hailed as the first in the Solar System, saw deeper. As a teammate, he could clearly sense the other’s growth and evolution in fine detail.

Vermillion Bird Region.

At such academies ruled by strong countries like Aslan and Manalasuo, Earthlings were completely second fiddle. And ever since their arrival, Achilles and Lie Xin had not stood out either, keeping their heads down and applying themselves seriously to the lessons, just like others from more modest places.

From the Moon, it had been Achilles and Milo who had eventually passed the examination and come to Elite Academy X, although the two had not really made networks and connected with others.

Achilles and Milo both had clear thought processes. Given the current situation, offering themselves to others would meet with little favor, and in fact they would be slighted more. Besides, given Achilles’ pride, he would not do such a thing.

Rather than blindly fawn, they would rather suffer in silence. And Achilles and Milo both enjoyed it. It felt good to have some pressure and worthy opponents. Their glamor back on the Moon had been inhibitive. Here, free from attention, they could apply themselves to their studies with more focus.

This was a valuable time and opportunity, and Lie Xin and Lie Guang’s arrival had made this point even clearer.

There were no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits.

Besides, Achilles and Lie Xin were not enemies at all. In such a huge, pressurized environment, their cooperation became even more meaningful.

At this moment, Lie Xin and Achilles were duking it out heatedly, while Milo and Lie Guang watched on.

Ever since entering the Elite Academy, Achilles and Lie Xin’s improvement could be considered inhuman. It was unprecedented. Of course, they understood that such improvement stemmed from their cultivation techniques. Although they had made progress in the realm of cultivation, but there was nothing too unbelievable, simply a marked improvement in the results. And Elite Academy X had provided them the circumstances necessary to achieve this elevation process.

Achilles’ Heavenly King Art was balanced across all 5 affinities. Lie Xin’s Lie Flame Technique was the ultimate amongst those of the Fire affinity. The ferocious attack power made Lie Xin like a goddess of fire with a terrifying capacity for destruction.

Although the soundproofing in the training room was not bad, but the explosive impacts could still be heard. In the venue, Milo and Lie Guang were watching intently. Improving their dueling was undoubtedly important. If both parties had cultivation techniques, then the meaning of dueling was heightened. On this point, Achilles and Lie Xin’s feelings were clear. Their arts saw improvement daily.

As for the Qi breathing technique of the Elite Academy, that was too easy to them.

Both had been from Academy X, and absorbed the lessons of Elite Academy without difficulty. Perhaps other countries had a definite advantage here, but once the results of the cultivation techniques started to make themselves seem, such a difference rapidly shrunk, and even turned the opposite way.

Confidence came from training and the improvements in ability. Achilles and Lie Xin were the same. Those of the Solar System were peerless on one point. No matter the circumstances, they always felt a sense of superiority, even if they faced taunts. After all, the Solar System had once been humanity’s center and all it encompassed.

The smoother assimilation of cultivation techniques with the world was a psychological hint, and to these geniuses, such a hint could achieve many things.

After one round, both were pouring with sweat. Lie Guang and Milo immediately headed over with water. They had all signed up for the competition too

“Is Wang Zheng still in Huang Class 7?” Lie Xin asked alongside a gulp of water.

“That guy just doesn’t care about these things. I doubt he’s even thought of changing. But he’ll definitely participate in this competition.” Lie Guang laughed.

“This is a chance. We won’t let him take the lead.” Milo said. “I analyzed the past battles. Wang Zheng’s biggest advantage is his physical techniques, but his ability X has seen no improvement. His problem is that he has been too obsessed with the physical body which will limit his potential. Whereas once we catch up physically – although overtaking seems impossible for now – but as this advantage diminishes, the chances of victory will increase.”

Milo was excellent at analysis. Although they were supposed to be on the same side, but Achilles and Lie Xin unequivocally saw Wang Zheng as their main rival.

Although they might not meet in the main competition, but such a comparison always remained. It was also a source of motivation.

“I’ve understood his latest developments. He’s still using the same tricks, but I have to say those are some good tricks.” Lie Guang shook his head. He was referring to Wang Zheng’s mecha performance in mecha class. News had spread quickly. Of course, those that were unconcerned remained unconcerned, but those that were concerned had to pay attention. Honestly, it seemed he had no new tricks.

It had been a while since they came to Elite Academy X. If Wang Zheng had no improvement, then he was regressing. Although Achilles and Lie Xin had not made any name for themselves, but they had seen huge improvements in their abilities. This was all thanks to Wang Zheng, who had shattered their arrogance, and allowed them to put aside their titles to peacefully focus on their own things.

Achilles gave an easy smile. “Don’t underestimate the opponent. We neither have the opportunity nor the qualifications to do so. If even we can identify this problem, it’s inconceivable that Wang Zheng does not know it himself. If it was a matter of seeking fame at Elite Academy, that would be no problem. But Wang Zheng is not so shallow.

Lie Xin nodded. “That’s true. But to solve the problem is not so easy. Wang Zheng lacks the experience from Academy X. His foundations are not there. And the later one is awakened into the ability X, there is an imbalance between the mind and body. This is also undeniable. We need to give respect, but there’s also no need to be unduly humble.”

On this, Achilles agreed.

“What about that guy Lear?”

“Him? Nothing much heard. Didn’t he go to Black Tortoise Region? And that wretched Fatty. Although given his personality he can go far anywhere.” Lie Guang said with a shrug.

To the average person, plotting and dealing with intricacies was a tiring matter, but to Lear it was as easy as breathing. It was a game to him. He was really different from others.


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