Release that Witch

Release that witch – Chapter 1359 – Convincing

Night Mode

“Mr. Rock!” Someone called out in an attempt to stop the idea.

Rock waved his hand. “It’s fine, if I’m not wrong, more than 30% of these cores were obtained by this Hunter. If he had been targeting the cores in the first place, he would not have waited until now. Honestly, I have difficulties telling if Roland here is a Creator, but he is the most competent and well-qualified person capable of resisting the Fallen Evils.” He nodded at his secretary, “Bring the core storage box over.”

It was no secret that a new yet remarkable Hunter had appeared, blowing off steam for the old-school martialists and boosted their confidence.

After all, the majority of missions to kill Fallen Evils and retrieve their cores required cooperation from many parties since the enemies only chose weak Martial Artists to fight against and spent most of their time hiding, leaving very few opportunities for the Association.

But after the appearance of the new Hunter, the Fallen Evils died like moths that darted to flames. One after another, Fallen Evils died in his hands at a hunting frequency that ranked highly even under the backdrop of the Association’s history.

The short silence within the hall was broken by a middle-aged man. “I would like to ask Mr. Roland a question, and we can put aside the proof of Creators and Gods first.”

Roland shrugged indifferently.

“I was present to witness Miss Fei Yuhan’s severely injured state, and was the one who found the emergency doctors. I know that those injuries weren’t anything that Force of Nature or our current medical field is able to treat. At that time, they stated that you used seemingly mediocre and subpar quality medical instruments but produced such an unbelievable result, as though… as though you were actually producing new flesh and blood.” The man took a deep breath, “Maybe you have your considerations and are unable to reveal the origins and manufacturing methods for the instruments, but I have to ask. Are—you willing to sell them to the Association? I can promise you that the price is negotiable!”

“That was on my mind as well.” Fei Yuhan suddenly tilted her head and whispered to Roland, “Please don’t tell me that what you used on me were priceless medicinal herbs or spirit pills from the other world and that the instruments were a facade. Although I have some savings, it is still far from the wealth of a nation.”

Roland immediately smiled; he never expected such words to come from the genius martial artist. “Relax, it’s free.”

“Phew… that’s great. But do not tell them that. Sometimes, people never learn to cherish things when they are free,” Fei Yuhan said after heaving a sigh of relief.

Roland gestured an “understood” and turned to the middle-aged man, “Of course we can. Martial Artists are the vanguard in resisting Erosion, so I naturally hope that everyone can lay down their worries of injuries and pain to fight to the death. Additionally, I never planned to hide its origins. Those things are not products of this world, but comes from another world. They are altered using magic power. In other words, they do not belong to this world.”

This statement was definitely important information.

The conference hall immediately burst into a commotion.

“Another… world?”

“What’s magic power?”

“Wait, he mentioned something about some confined magic power to be released—could Force of Nature be a type of Magic Power?”

Facing their queries, Roland replied calmly, “You will understand it soon. Including where I was before the emergence of this world, what is the intention of the Gods, the link between magic power and this world… I will explain everything. But before that, I would first showcase the most straightforward proof for all these.”

Just as he finished his sentence, the Defender’s secretary carried a large box into the hall.

The box opened automatically with Rock’s fingerprints and iris scan, revealing a neat row of glass jars stacked within.

There were a total of six jars with red crystals sealed within them.

These were Natural cores after congealment.

“Are these enough?” Rock asked.

“It’s sufficient enough for proof.” Roland nodded his head.

Receiving Rock’s approval, the secretary sent the glass jars over to him.

“Every seal on these jars are installed with an alarm device that would signal to the Association regardless of who opens it,” Rock explained. “Any ordinary human that comes into contact with the cores will have their consciousness seized immediately and transform into inferior Fallen Evils that operate solely on instinct. An Awakened will have a nonzero resistance towards it, but will suffer from erosion if in contact with it for too long and this process is irreversible. To prevent them from being used by Fallen Evils again, the Association had to construct various large-scale strongholds and bury them deeply. You can say that all the famous buildings in history have remnants of being used to store and hide the cores. In our current generation, although our techniques have greatly improved, the manner in which the cores are dealt with have not changed much, the perfect example being Prism City.”

“From today forth, you have no need to do such a thing.” Roland opened the seal and held the core in his hand.

All the nobles gasped in astonishment.

The congealed core started to spin, as though it had awakened from its coma.

Not only so, its color gradually turned from dark red to sky blue, as though it was being cleansed.

The core transformed into a beam of light that shot upwards through the ceiling and disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a few scattered specks of light, as though everything that had just happened was a mere hallucination.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Since the establishment of the Association, they had never heard of such a thing—even after tracing back to thousands of years of history, there had never been a document stating that ‘cores could vanish into thin air’ in the history of Awakened beings. The fact had been laid down that once a Fallen Evil appeared, the eroded core would never disappear and turn into a dangerous and cataclysmic seed that had to be passed down. It was a common understanding for everyone. The only way to destroy a Fallen Core was to throw it into Erosion, but that led to the rapid expansion of the rift, and it was used as a last resort only unless absolutely required.

The spectacle before their eyes completely toppled their understanding.

“Mr Roland… where did the core go?” Even the staid Rock revealed an excited expression.

“It’s just as what I said, the core had returned to the world. This is where biggest difference between the Dream World and reality lies—its whole existence and continuation lies purely on magic power.” Roland took another core and turned it into the silver beam of light. “According to what I currently know, magic power is almost omnipotent. It allows Awakened beings to wield extraordinary strength and physique, as well as allow the regeneration of flesh and blood. The Force of Nature is essentially another embodiment of magic power. As of now, I am still unclear of the origins of this power, but I dare say it is inevitably linked to the Gods.”

Roland then explained to them about the other world, as well as giving an account of the Oracle that betrayed the Gods. To decrease the difficulty of comprehension, he intentionally skipped many details and emphasized on the Battle of Divine Will.

“I do not know whether the accounts of the Battle of Divine Wills on both worlds are a coincidence or not, but without a doubt, if we do not break this cycle, the Gods will destroy everything—or should I say, they already have the means to do so.” Roland paused. “If we continue to stand by and do nothing, everything will cease to exist, be it the real world or Dream world.”


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