Poison Genius Consort PGC Chapter 444 – wn

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Chapter 444: Is there, isn’t there Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.


Su Xiaoyu always liked to dart about, so her actions now didn’t incite any suspicion from Zhao mama. Instead, the old woman smilingly took Baili Mingxiang by the hand. “Mingxiang, have a meal with me as well. Don’t starve yourself.”

Baili Mingxiang was in a panic. Esteemed wangfei was right in the middle of creating a antidote compound and couldn’t hear any of the commotion by the door. Moreover, when Han Yunxi grew serious, she often tuned out the rest of the world. Letting a suspect like Su Xiaoyu inside the study would be disastrous if she saw the wet charcoal samples on the table.

Ignoring Zhao mama, Baili Mingxiang shook herself free and chased after the girl with a shout, “Little Yu’er, don’t disturb esteemed wangfei! She has things to do!”

A shout like that should be enough to remind esteemed wangfei, right? But reality proved that Baili Mingxiang had grossly underestimated Su Xiaoyu. Soon enough, a crash came from inside the room! Scared to death, Baili Mingxiang dashed inside with Zhao mama at her heels, only to see the floor covered in broken porcelain and Su Xiaoyu splashing cold water over Han Yunxi’s back like mad.

“The soup spilled, sobsob….hurry and fetch more cold water, there’s not enough here!”

“Sobsob, I didn’t mean it, sobsob…” Su Xiaoyu was a wretch, her face covered in tears as she splashed Han Yunxi. The latter was creasing her brows from the acute pain on her pain. Everything had happened too suddenly for her to react! She was so focused on her poisons that she hadn’t noticed anything until Baili Mingxiang’s shout. Even then, she’d only registered the fact that Su Xiaoyu had arrived, but didn’t expect her to appear so soon. She was about to go back to her research when the girl suddenly walked over with a bowl of soup and bumped into her back. Then there was nothing but pain!

Su Xiaoyu had used lightness techniques to creep closer, so Han Yunxi naturally had no chance to notice her approach. She had given her all this time, because she didn’t care how much Han Yunxi suspected or handled her now. She had to make the woman strip and see what was on her back!