Lord of All Realms

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In ancient times, there existed djinn capable of supporting the heavens. Their bodies were like the stars, as they could fly across the universe. Each person of their families was greatly respected, as a strange kind of blood ran through their veins. They could break space and re-create worlds. At the same time, there were also ancient Lianqi warriors, who could swim through the galaxies. They were the enlightened beings.

Nobody knows why, but that era quietly came to an end, as the tens of thousands of domains were separated and the ancient giant Djinn disappeared one by one. Many years later, young Nie Tian came across a drop of blood, which would start the return of the ancient times.


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3 reviews for Lord of All Realms

  1. Zia

    Action packed. A must-read story that keeps you wanting for more!

  2. Lee

    I literally started reading this book a week ago. Now I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter. This novel is diffinitely hard to put down.

  3. ashrit

    Good novel interesting to read

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