Godly Thief Incarnation

What’s the most painful thing in life? What’s the happiest thing in life?

The most painful thing was that after untold hardships, for that small glory at the finish but was returned again to the starting point in just one night.

The happiest thing was that after returning back to the starting point, with out doing something, was in a position to grow to be overpowered overnight.

Zhou Jian in simply sooner or later, skilled his life most painful and happiest factor.

The most painful thing was his painstakingly raised skilled Thief sport account within the on-line world was “misplaced” by the system.

The happiest thing was the rationale behind his sport account loss. The Thief from his sport account had appeared in the actual world. And grow to be a controllable God of Thieves.

In brief, this can be a enjoyable YY (tl: Chinese language slang for mild perversion) story, filled with plots the place enjoying the pig to eat the tiger. The protagonist is a really righteous younger man. Often, he can be depraved but in addition as a result of he was compelled by the creator….

ps: It received’t damage to take a look at this. If one day, you find yourself with the ability to turn invisible, this is a good reference on use it.

Author(s) Cocooned Cow 蚕茧里的牛


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