Dominating Sword Immortal

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Jian Dao Dun Zun
Kiếm Đạo Độc Tôn
 On this land of actual souls, with hundreds of thousands of various martial art establishments, there’re so many robust fighters identical to the bushes in the forests.

Amongst all, a mediocre apprentice from one of many mediocre institutions suddenly became a martial artwork genius after a mysterious incident. Not solely did he purchase a photographic reminiscence and eager notion, but he had also come to find that his skill to comprehend martial arts is astronomically good, which finally made him an virtually godly existence.

From the hot-blooded intense battles to the clashes between the highest geniuses, Martial Arts is now not restricted to the mortal world, it reaches to a stage that can do everything from controlling the oceans to flying up the sky and diving under the ground.


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Chinese Novel




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