Law of the Devil – Chapter 99 part 2

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The 99th chapter, “Despicable Aragon C open or not to open” (part two)

Through the fog, Du Wei finally manages to see the so-called “secret chamber”.

It’s neither as magical nor as expected of a place storing a ‘king’s sword”. What it really was is a boring and somewhat cold cave.

The only difference is that this cave is holding a very large and bulky stone coffin…… Well, at least from a modeling point of view, this thing was very much like a coffin!

“You are finally here? A lot slower than I thought.”

As he carefully studied the place, what he saw was very difficult for him to stomach. Just the size alone was very small. Comparing it to the bedroom in his home, this cave was even smaller by a few inches. Looking around, it doesn’t seem like there is any place to hide anything. All it takes is a glance to see the entire cave.

But Du Wei was pletely shocked at suddenly having a voice sneaking up on him!

“Who the hell is it?” Du Wei bitterly asked as he looked around: “Think it’s funny taking in the darkness?”

“Very funny.” This voice sounded a little odd, but the most important thing is that the voice sounded somewhat familiar: “Because seeing your face like that is very interesting…. Are you scared?”

Then a shadow started to emerge from the walls of the cave, and bit by bit, the figure slowly walked out from the mountain rocks.

“It’s you?” Du Wei frowns, surprised at seeing the person in front of him. In a low voice: “Your kind was always so prideful, but to see the patriarch of the dragons to break his own oath.”

The one to e out of the mountain walls did in fact look like the dragon patriarch with a broken horn!

“I broke the oath?” The Dragon patriarch sneered as he came out, and then just sat on top of the stone coffin in the middle of the room. Acting all carefree, he even waved his hand at Du Wei to e forward: “Come over here. I have been waiting a long time for this day!”

Carefully controlling his emotions, Du Wei knew very well he had no ability to provoke the might of this dragon chief. Even the old magician standing outside is no match for this guy, so Du Wei thought it was for the best to show some respect towards him as well.

“Well then….. You should at least tell me why you’re here.” Du Wei’s tone was much milder now.

The Dragon chief raised his head with a hint of slyness in his eyes: “Aragon, I promised him I would help keep this thing safe until someone with the aura of the devil es along. Other than such a person, no others are allowed to open the thing that he left behind!”

“I see, so why did you e in?” Du Wei sighed.

“Because this place is my land. This whole mountain is my territory and I can e and go as I please, including this secret room. Also, it states in our agreement that other than his inheritor, no one else are allowed open this thing, this includes me. Although I’ve been dying of curiosity all these years, I have never once sneaked a look at what he left behind, but….” With an open grin, the chief started laughing: “But in the agreement, there are no prohibitions stating I cannot stand beside you to observe, right?”

Spending a moment in thought, Du Wei smiled wryly: “You mean you can’t touch his things, but you can watch from the sidelines as I open this and see what’s inside? Strictly speaking, you did not break your vow then.”

“That’s right.” The Dragon Chief answered very simply

“This guy is gifted with the talent of being a politician.” Du Wei stomached this thought.

But as it stands, he was in the other party’s place and also the other party can easily destroy him with a flick of a finger. It would be wise to yield when he didn’t have any strength to stand up for himself.

“If you want to see, then so be it.” Du Wei curled his lips. And besides, in his heart, he really didn’t give a shit about this so called destiny and life mission… Also, there is some psychological resistance inside him.

“Are you really the inheritor of Aragon’s legacy?” The Dragons Chief looked at Du Wei with great interest: “There is a big difference between you and the guy outside.”

“Who, the old magician? The undying old fool?” Anyways, since that guy is not around, Du We didn’t need to continue being so polite. After enduring his anger for such a long time, he could finally release all his pent of steam.

“Yes, he respected Aragon like a God.” The Dragon Chief smiled: “But you, it’s like you do not take any of this to heart.”

“What you said is not wrong.” Du Wei nodded, making no effort to hide the thoughts in his heart: “Aragon being great is his thing. No matter how great a person is, I wouldn’t want to suddenly one day have some random guy show up at my doorsteps, and then force me to give up my own life at great risk and danger. All this just to plete some life mission, not to mention it has been a millennium since Aragon’s death.”

Dragon Chief paused for a moment, and then laughed loudly: “Good words! But I have to correct you on one point. Aragon is not some really great person, he is a despicable villain!”

Du Wei said nothing, although he was reluctant to inherit Aragon’s legacy, but to say Aragon is a lowlife…… Du Wei thought it was probably the dragon chief’s heart still feeling sour over losing to Aragon.

“You don’t believe me?” A hint of anger could be seen in the dragon chief as he laughed coldly: “Then look at me right now, strange right? Don’t you think so? For a great dragon patriarch, why must I look like a human?”

“This…… You didn’t turn out like this because you transformed?” Du Wei carefully asked.

“You think this is funny?” The Dragon chief spoke coldly: “Do you think I like looking like a human…… Well, I do like to do so now and then because I can then slide into the human world unnoticed to travel, but that doesn’t mean I like to let my body turn into a mere human! I am of the Dragon race, a Dragon!”

This guy suddenly blew up in rage as he continued speaking. Standing up, he lets out a loud Growl, jarring Du Wei to the point of losing his stability: “I’m telling you, since Aragon laid his poisonous hands on me, I have only been able to stay in this form!! Now, I can no longer restore my body to its original form! This is the only form I can take on now!”


Du Wei was speechless. Spending a moment in thought, he suddenly thought of something!

Could it be…… The fountain of youth? The water will permanently solidify any transformed form. That fountain of youth?”

After poor Gargamel drank from the fountain of youth, he is forever stuck in his mouse form.

The dragon patriarch……

After all, Du Wei knew that Aragorn did in fact locate the fountain of youth!

“In those days, when that despicable person found his way here, I was still in my dragon form! He never could have beaten me! When he first came here, he said he is only here to challenge me! He started lying to me, saying he is only here for the challenge and to prove his status as the continents strongest expert! In the end, I accepted his challenge and we fought for three days and three nights. Humph, what strongest under the stars! These are all titles given by you humans. Even Aragon, the strongest of your kind cannot defeat me! After three days and three nights, we came to a draw….. But that was when he started to enact his trickery!”

Listening to the roars of anger from the dragon chief, Du Wei couldn’t help but sigh: “And then what? When he took advantage of you in your human form, did he trick you into drinking some kind of spring water?”

“That guy, he couldn’t beat me, so he used words to offend me, saying, I am a Dragon and that we had God’s gift. The body of the dragon race was originally stronger than that of humans, so even if we fought to a draw, it was because I took advantage of the difference between our bodies…. So out of anger, I transformed into that of a human and continued to fight with him!”

“What was the result?” Du Wei asked using a pitying tone.

Result, no question need because from the look on the dragon patriarch’s face, it was obvious he lost.

“I did in fact lose to him after taking on the form of a human.” The dragon chief clenched his teeth:

“But he lied to me into drinking this spring water! In this way, I can no longer restore my body to its original form! In the end, I couldn’t match his power! He threatened me if I refused his request, he will wipe out all of my dragon kind! He is indeed very strong, and after I took on this form, I could no longer pete with him….. For my people, I can only reluctantly accept a contract with that bastard!! If I didn’t drink that water, the proud dragon clan would never tolerate being used by a human for a thousand years just to guard some secret room!” The dragon patriarch’s voice was definitely angry now as he looked at Du Wei with an expression ready to swallow him whole: “And clearly knowing he is a believer in the devil, how can our dragon clan help him do something like that when we are so faithful to God! He used trickery to weaken my strength, and then he threatened me by force, leaving me no choice but to accept such a contract! This despicable person!”

For such a thing to happen….

While not willing to believe, but reality is spread out in front of him!!

Also, watching the dragon chief in front of him with his murderous aura, Du Wei suddenly thought of something horrifying!!

Sure enough.

“And now, thank you for ing, the matter can finally be finished.” Without hiding his intent, the dragon chief stared at Du Wei with his cruel and murderous smile: “The contract that I signed was a promise that I would help keep his stuff safe until one day the qualified person shows up to take it away…. But…..”

The dragon patriarch gently pinches his fingers as he smiled: “However, as long as you open this thing here, my contract is finished!! Aragon no longer has anything to restrain me! I’ll kill you and your panions! All the guys outside the door, I’ll kill them all! And…. This is not a breach of the contract!”

Looking at the dragon patriarch’s grin, Du Wei realized that he had encountered a seriously big problem!

Forcing himself to smile, his mind was thinking up strategies at lightning speed: “So, you have to watch me open this thing here and then kill me, this includes my panions outside?”

“That’s right.” Nodding, the dragon chief is definitely not kidding: “There is nothing stated in the contract that after it is finished, I cannot kill you. After everything Aragon has done to me, it is time for retribution!”


Du Wei suddenly felt very wronged!

He even wanted to join the dragon chief in his swearing and say: “Fucking Aragon!”

In order to threaten the dragon clan to sign the contract you insulted these prideful beings! Now, they want me dead to vent their anger?”

Aragon, oh Aragon, you thought of everything but one, now you are going to get me killed!

“Come on, poor kid.” The dragon chief laughed in a cruelly cold manner: “Hurry and open this thing, I’m getting impatient.”

With that said, he lifted a finger. From it, a cold and frosty air surrounded the tip of the finger and gently formed into an icy cold blade. From the looks alone, it was reflecting a razor sharp aura….

Du Wei is certain, if he was to be cut by that ice blade, it would be very painful….

Already standing beside Du Wei, the look from the dragon chief was just like a predator looking a lost little lamb, ready to be slaughtered: “Come on, do it.”

Du Wei was in chaos, desperately trying to think up strategies, but in the face of such an immense strength and foreign place, what other idea could he possibly e up with?”

Under the killing eyes of the Dragon Chief, Du Wei wanted to regret ever meeting the old magician, regret ever ing to this place, regret why he ever blackmailed Vivian, and regret going south instead of staying in the castle!

Back then if he didn’t take the others south to play, then he would never have met Vivian. If he had never met Vivian, then he would never have met Joanna, then he would never have met the old magician. If all of this never happened, there was no chance he would have received the devil’s horn and be kidnapped to the Frozen Forest…..

Finally, he wouldn’t be in this secret room and be at the mercy of this dragon patriarch that wants to butcher him with a knife!

But is it not too late to regret now?

His hands already resting on top of the stone coffin, it should easily be open with a little push. But Du Wei was struggling inside, as if Hamlet’s classic question is reverberating inside his heart.

Open, or not to open…. This is a problem.

In addition, there is a very serious request that he wanted to ask his majesty.

If there is a chance to meet Aragon face to face, Du Wei really wanted to ask him one thing: Can I fuck your mother? (Not what I expected from the author)


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