Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 96

Night Mode

The 96th chapter “Du Wei’s speculation”

Less than half way up the mountain, Du Wei already felt exhausted. He feared that unless they spend another day or two, they wouldn’t reach the top.

Because flying in this place is a patented right of the dragons, so even Aragon had to rely on his own two feet when he wanted to climb the mountain.

In addition to cold weather in the environment, Du Wei was also tormented by another painful problem.


This problem seemed very contradictory, but is a real issue.

In his past life, Du Wei often saw TV programs similar to authentic national magazines. In those shows, the expedition team members would often receive sunburns while traveling through the Arctic and Antarctic circles. Most people would often think this is incredible; however, this is the truth in reality!

The ice and snow have been just like a giant spotlight mirror because it was focusing all the gathered UV lights from the sun. And thinking about it, the far north and south had very thin atmospheres, so the harmful rays of the sun are even more likely to penetrate through.

Du Wei felt his body is covered in sunburn. His face, hands, and any exposed skin looked like it had been steamed through with its pink and red coloration. Now, even the slightest touch is enough to give him a severe burning pain. To make matters worse, during the night when the temperature drops, the pain from the blowing wind was like having a knife constantly cutting at his body!

As for his rades, both Hussein and the old magician seemed to have the same problem, but the two were more tolerant to the pain than he was.

In addition to the sunburns, Du Wei was also suffering from pain in his eyes.

Even during the night, the blue lights reflecting off the snow were very strong and will damage a person’s eye if exposed for a long period of time. In his past life, those that traveled through the Arctic and Antarctic Circle would always wear protection glasses against the reflecting lights. Unfortunately, there isn’t any equipment like that in this world. Left with no choice, Du Wei could only put on the sunglasses left behind by Dadaneier, this way, it would be better than having nothing on.

Among the group, the one that was the least affected by this situation was surprisingly Medusa because her skin was that of a snake. Her delicate skin was still as pale as ever, and since her eyes are always closed, she was pletely indifferent to all the changes around them.

The next afternoon, the group was finally able to bypass the winding mountain road and reach the halfway point of the mountain. Using the backside of the mountain as a shield against the sun, Du Wei could finally take a breather and attempt at lighting a fire.

“Let’s take a break for now and continue walking at night.” Du Wei’s was gasping for breath as he spoke. From his appearance, the skin on his face was beginning to peel off and the slightest sensation of the wind blowing would cause him excruciating pain. The only remedy he had was to wrap his face in layers of torn clothing, this way only his eye would be exposed to the environment.

The old magician nodded at his suggestion. Working his magic, the old magician gave birth to a bonfire that ran entirely on magic and not an ounce of wood. This method expended a lot of energy, but without any other option, this was the only way to gain some warmth.

Moving closer to the flames, Du Wei stretched opens his arms to bask the front of his body in warmth….. Then turned around to do the same with his backside.

He had to do this because his body was stiff cold by now.

With his back against the flames, Du Wei sat at the edge of the mountain with only the cliffs in front of him…. Moreover, the direction he was facing is exactly to the north!

North of the Holy Mountain!

As he looked into the distance, he couldn’t help but wonder what was further into the north, so he once again asked: “North of the Holy Mountain, what exactly is there?”

“No one knows for sure.” The old magician shook his head: “But according to legends, the Holy Mountain is the barrier guarding the human world, and continuing north is the place where certain races forsaken by god lived! These races betrayed god, so they were exiled from the Roland continent. It is said that an evil world lies beyond the north. This world is believed to be just like the Roland continent, but the inhabitants are races that believed in the Devil during ancient times, so after the defeat of the devil, they were thrown out of the human world. Left without a place to live, these races headed north and went through the north to another world.”

“Another world.” Hussein frowned: “What could there possibly be? This place is cold enough to freeze a person alive! If it wasn’t us, ordinary people would have long fallen victim to this weather! Further north? I can’t even begin to image how much colder it would get if one were to continue heading north! How could any race live in such horrid conditions?”

The old magician smiled wryly: “That’s why this is the punishment given to them by God…. I don’t really know, but that’s what’s written in the legends.”

“I think that may not necessarily be so.” Du Wei suddenly cries out a laugh, but then quickly closed his mouth in silence after noticing the odd look he was getting from both Hussein and the old magician.

Not necessarily…… Du Wei could not help but give out a sigh in his heart.

The further north you go, the colder?

These people will certainly think so in this world and age.

But who is he? Du Wei’s past is that of someone from a technologically more advanced civilization than this world!

The further north you go, the colder. This saying seems correct from a contextual point of view.

However, once we take into account the geographical location…..

Let’s assume the planet shape of this world and his previous are the same, both are in the shape of a ball.

No, Du Wei was almost certain of this… Assuming the Roland Continent is located on a planet with the shape of a ball. Then, assuming the sun, moon, and even the Big Dipper is all the same! He even suspects this place is a planet in a different space!

In any case, at least he can be certain that this world is a planet! According to the geological location of the Roland Continent: the north is cold and the south is hot.

What did that prove? It proved that the location of the Roland Continent is located on the planets northern hemisphere! Continents in the northern hemisphere would be colder as you head north because you would be closer to the North Pole! But if you head south, it would get hotter because the area is closer to the equator!

This is the simplest explanation.

However, because the ball is round (of course, in this world, we should say “this planet is round”), it will be colder as you will draw closer to the ‘Arctic’. But then, what would happen if you continue going forward once you reached the North Pole?

Scientifically speaking, this shouldn’t be considered north any longer. In fact, once you crossed over the arctic, you are actually heading south!

If that is the case, it will be warmer instead of getting colder!!

This logic is something even a middle school student would understand back in his previous life. Of course, he feared no one in this world would know about this.

So…… In his heart, he kept wondering what kind of world lies beyond the Holy Mountain?

There is no way the weather would be cold, so the possibility of another land mass like that of the Roland Continent is possible!

So, to the North…… No, I should say what is there in “front” of us?

Losing himself in his thoughts, his legs were already dangling off the edge of the cliff and his eyes were staring far into the distance……

North of the Holy Mountain, the land was still a vast sheet of ice, but it wasn’t as flat and vast as its southern counterpart. From the flat land lines visible to the eyes, one could faintly make out the shapes of multiple snowy mountains…. And starting from the foot of the Holy Mountain, there are strangely shaped black rocks protruding out of the ground…..

Within his view, Du Wei suddenly noticed something sticking out at the bottom of the Holy Mountain. Some unknown item with a silvery white color was hanging off a protruding black rock…..

Du Wei is after all a magician, so it was natural that he would have keener senses and longer eye sights than the average person. Struck with a thought, he immediately removed a strip of cloth from his face. Ignoring the fact that it was frozen from the weather, he rolled it up like a cone and peered into the distance….

In accordance with the basic principles of the pinhole, this method allows further sight with the naked eyes. The moment he could make out the true identity of the item hanging off the rock, Du Wei was so shocked that his heart missed a beat!

That’s a pair of bones!

Who knows how many years it’s been there, but the body muscles have long been dried by the ice crystals. Now, the only thing left was the husk of a mummy hanging off the protruding rock. From the shape of its body, the arms were exceptionally long, far longer than that of any humans. As for its legs, it was exceptionally stout, but short at the same time. Looking over the body, there was still armor hanging off its rib cage, but the strangest thing of all was that it was missing a head!

Du Wei looked even further into the distance, only to find even more similar cases like the one he saw. There were other dead bodies, each and every one of them hanging off a protruding rock. Under careful examination, he could see all of these bodies were very different and strange when pared to a human!

The bodies are not human! Some of the leg ratios were far too long, and some only hand three fingers on their hands….. It was like some kind of animal exhibit?

The more he looked, the more he frowned. Finally, after carefully looking around, he noticed two bones with similar shapes to that of a human…. These may have similarities to that of humans, but they were far too thin! Even a slender woman may not have such slenderness. Other than only having slimmer bones, the residual body clothing’s and armor were unusually gorgeous…..

The only mon thing was that their backs were always facing him! And, without exception, there were no heads!


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