Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 94 part 1

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The 94th chapter “Forgotten Ice Field: the last barrier” (part one)

Du Wei felt uneasy about all this, it was like his mood was getting heavier and heavier like a rock. With things continuing like this, the seed of panic will start to sprout in his heart.

Without any doubt, Du Wei didn’t like any of this! He didn’t like this so called prophecy, or the so called mission of Aragon. And most of all, he didn’t have any intention to inherit whatever legacy left behind by the already deceased!

In this regard, Du Wei’s thought matched the already deceased Semel from two hundred years ago: I am what I am, I want to have my own life, my own freedom! What right do others have to push their legacy on to me? Even if he is a legendary figure from history and is also a all mighty powerful expert, but even so, what does all of that have to do with me? I don’t care!

Since ing to this strange world, there was never any ‘Grand’ scheme in his heart. Bless the Gods that he was able to reincarnate into a powerful noble family. His expectation towards life is very simple: give up his right to inherit, give up the family burden, bee a relaxing rich person that only knows to eat, do a few things he fancied, tinkering around with magic, play some football games, and so on and so on with all these pointless things. As long as he doesn’t need to worry about food and clothing, that is enough for him……

Du Wei had always intentionally kept a low profile, deliberately be misunderstood by others, intentionally be the family idiot, and intentionally be kicked out of the capital by his father. He was actually really happy inside when that happened because he would be able to leave the heavy political spectrum of the capital behind. He was very happy to relocate his home to the Roland Plains…. Every day was joyful and interesting.

But now, everything may end!

Blame it on the god damn…… Prophecy!!

What mission! What inheritor of the already deceased Aragon! Fuck it! I don’t want that kind of life!

Inherit Aragon’s legacy and be at odds with the Temple of Light? Where do I get such a backing? What is the Temple of Light? It is a thousand years old entity with enormous power! Even the emperor cannot offend such a religious faction! The Temple is rich, powerful, and high in prestige throughout the entire continent!

Inherit the legacy of Aragon and have a big fight with this entity? I fear even my bones would not be left after everything is over!

Hussein is strong, right? The continent’s number one Knight! But yet, he is a fugitive forced to flee and be driven into hiding by the temple.

Aragon is strong, right? But even he failed to bring down the temple. What can I possibly do?

I’m what? I just a young nobleman! Eat and die, an unambitious little aristocratic! Used to living a calm and carefree life!

Give all of this away for what? A guy that’s already dead a thousand years in the past? To top it all off, I need to offer the rest of my life for his so called legacy? What nonsense!

No way!

As they continued their journey, Du Wei didn’t say anything else. Everyone in the group could see the somber mood he had from the changes in his face. Clearly not pleased with all the information he was given.

When fortune falls from the sky, everyone in the world would like it. But if all the fortune fell at once, wouldn’t it crush the person in question? If that’s the case, it would be a different story. Yes, another story!! (Sorry guys, but even in Chinese, I couldn’t really understand this part)

The old magician was still controlling the Evil Faced Spider, but even for a Druid capable of municating with all manners of creatures, it would still put a strain on him after a long period of time.

This night, the group didn’t make camp; instead, they continued traveling on the spiders back. Surprisingly, Hussein offered to be on the night watch….. But throughout the night, Hussein kept the focus of his eyes pletely on Du Wei, as if able to see something in him.

There weren’t any strong winds to disturb him thanks to the wind barrier projected by the old magician. Even so, Du Wei couldn’t sleep throughout the night while lying on the spider’s back. Despite being wrapped in a thick coating of leather clothing and performing a few sets of Stars Dou Qi routine, Du Wei still couldn’t fall asleep.

He really wanted to get out of here and leave behind this heavy burden and mission!

But with the Knight keeping a close eye on him, Du Wei couldn’t do anything. Looking back on this, he was the weakest among this strange group of three men, one mouse, and a snake. If a fight were to really break out, Du Wei feared that he wouldn’t even be able to take on Gargamel.

Run? Du Wei believed he had no chance of succeeding.

“Good then……” At dawn, the old magician quietly came over to Hussein’s back and looked down at the slumbering Du Wei. With a small laugh, he whispered to the neighboring Hussein: “This is a huge change for him. It is only normal for his emotions to fluctuate after learning something so important, but I believe he will eventually understand. After all, he is the chosen one mentioned in the prophecy.”

Dawn is here!

Du Wei still had his eyes closed, but Gargamel had already e out from his chest pocket. Standing upright on Du Wei’s leg, his pair of beady eyes stared ahead, uttering a shrill cheer: “We got away! We are out!”

As the mouse continued to jump in celebration, Du Wei rolled over and sat up. Opening his sleepy eyes, Du Wei looked at the scene in front…..

The edge of the forest was already in front of them. No longer filled with dense cropping’s of silvery trees, instead, the terrain only contained a sparse collection of trees in their general area.

Further in front of the group was a vast expanse of white snow! Flat and endless snow, god knows how many years did it take to pletely submerge the land in this layer of frost. Look into the distance, occasional glaciers of ice with a green coloration could be seen protruding from the ground…..

Under the rays of the morning sun, the sun’s light penetrated through the ice, causing ripples of round light circles to arc into the sky, creating a magnificent scene to one’s eyes.

After running through the frozen forest and carrying the group for two days, the Evil Faced Spider Queen was looking somewhat exhausted. Now that it has stopped at the edge of the forest, the spider was making a squeezing noise from its mouth, similar to how someone was gasping for breath.

Seeing this, the old magician once again blew into his whistle and called for the spider to e in front of him. As he gently stroked one of the spider’s legs, a rippling aura of soft light shot forth from the old magician’s palm. This action seemed to bring great fort to the spider because its condition was suddenly looking a lot better.

“Well then, e down, my friends.” The old magician’s spirit seemed to be quite excited. With his robe fluttering in the wind, he turned around with his back facing everyone and pointed towards the endless snowy landscape: “Wele to the ‘Forgotten Ice Field’, we are the first humans to arrive here after two hundred years!”

After what he said, the old magician seemed to sigh at his own words. In a whispering voice; “Semel, do you still remember the image of the two of us crossing over this land?”

After freeing the Evil Face Spider Queen, the old magician declared: “Whatever is beyond this place, we will need to rely on our legs to get through this. There are hardly any living creatures in this vast expanse of glacial land. It will definitely leave a lasting impression on your minds…… By the way, in this strange place, expect a torrent of tearing winds to strike at us during the night. If you don’t want to freeze to death, make sure you don’t wander off alone and get yourself lost.”

Du Wei was unwilling to move his legs. As if sensing this, Medusa suddenly whispered from behind him: “You seem troubled.”

“Yes.” Du Wei did not try to evade the question.

Medusa was silent for a few seconds and then spoke in a low voice: “I remember back in my Palace, the first lesson you taught me was that humans need to face reality, isn’t that correct?”

With that said, her highness didn’t say anything else. Like the wind, she gently drifted pass Du Wei and walked in front of him.

Face reality……

Du Wei carefully savored this sentence, then lets out a bitter laugh.

It’s easy to preach, but it’s not so easy to put it into real practice.


Traveling through the ice field is pletely different from traveling through the frozen forest. Continuing forward, the surface of the land had less snow buildup, but at the same time, the snow wasn’t soft like that in the Frozen Forest. The snow was hard and smooth, resembling ice more than snow. If not careful, it would be normal for one to slip and fall over more than ten times.

Moreover, there are countless pitfalls hidden in the seemingly smooth looking surface of the ice field. If you were to accidently step on one, the ice sheet on top would shatter and send you falling deep below the surface! Once below, you can forget about ing back up!

“Why aren’t we flying across this place?” Du Wei frowned.

For someone like the old magician, a flying spell shouldn’t be a problem for someone of his level. A wind element flying spell should be simple for him and besides, Medusa strength is also very powerful. Conjuring up a flying spell shouldn’t be a problem.

As for Hussein…… His strength is at the level of a Saint Knight, so he should be able to rely on his Dou Qi (evergy/mana) to soar across the sky.

“Because this place, the ‘Forgotten Ice Field’ is under a curse from the gods. There is a natural barrier in the air, so flying will not work here.” The old magician was smiling after his explanation. But fearing Du Wei wouldn’t believe him, the old magician pulled out a pouch from his clothing and took out a piece of paper. Folding the paper several times, the paper quickly took on the shape of a butterfly. With a gentle touch of his finger, it was as if the paper butterfly was suddenly infused with life. Vibrating the paper wings, it gently flew into the air……

Very soon, when it flew into the distance of around seven to eight meters in height, the wind flow in the sky suddenly picked up speed! Then suddenly, the area erupted into big gusts of wind and shot towards where the paper butterfly was flying!

Not waiting for Du Wei to speak again; a scraping sound could be heard from the distance and the paper butterfly was already shredded into multiple pieces!

The old magician continued in a light voice: “See that? This is a forbidden zone set by the gods. Even if you are a top expert of the continent, you can only walk on the surface.”

Du Wei got it.

Even if one is a powerful magician, they cannot constantly shield themselves against the endless razor sharp wind blades. Even if your magical defensive ability is strong, the power consumption is enough to kill you!


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