Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 93 Part 2

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The 93rd chapter “Great Prophecy Skill” (part two)

Great Prophecy Skill

Du Wei couldn’t help but shrink his neck back.

He had heard of the term, but it wasn’t from any magic literature.

In fact, on the whole continent, every follower of the temple of light would know of this word!

The Great Prophecy Skill is not any sort of magic or spell, and so far, no one is able to have a firm grasp on this ability….. It is impossible!

Because every temple follower would have at least read a book called the ‘Genesis record’. This book is not any sort of historical book or historic data, but an entire book volume dedicated to praising the Gods. This book is similar to the bible in Du Wei’s previous life.

And God said, let there be light.

So, the world got light.

God said to have a sky and it must be big.

Then there is the sky and the largest in the world.

CThis is the “Great Prophecy Skill”!

Whatever God says, it bees true! It’s not magic! But the ability to create the world and give life!

Aragon has already mastered the “Great Prophecy Skill”?

Even if Du Wei considers Aragon to be very strong and powerful, but he still wouldn’t be foolish enough to believe this is true; mainly because he absolutely doesn’t believe in the existence of the so called “Great Prophecy Skill”! In his own belief, these things are only religious games thought up by the Temple to fool ignorant believers!

The old magician was smiling at Du Wei; he could see Du Wei’s dismissive expression at his words. Shaking his head, the old magician said: “Not just you, I actually don’t believe in the so called ‘Great Prophecy Skill’ or that it even exists. But assuming it does exist, the description of this ability is far too exaggerated. So I think Aragon did master a similar form of the ‘Great Prophecy Skill’ and is able to see many years into the future!”

“I don’t believe it.” Du Wei calls this into question: “Prophecy? Let’s be honest. I studied astrology; my first teacher was a famous Astrology of the empire! Now all Astrology teachers claimed to have the ability to predict into the future by using the stars, but it seems a vast majority of them are only exaggerating.”

Du Wei doesn’t believe it!

He really doesn’t!

Astrology is said to be able to predict the future from the changes in the stars, but to Du Wei, all of this stuff is bullshit. From his past knowledge, he of course knew the truth of what a star is. Stars are celestial bodies in the universe! Predict the future? Bullshit!

“Aragon’s prophecy and the so called astrological prediction don’t have any relationship! I can prove that he has a skill to predict the future!” The old magician looked stern in his words: “Here, this is the proof! This thing in my hand is the last will left behind by Aragon before his death! The words are written with his own blood! I know you don’t believe me at this moment! Before I found this item, I didn’t believe it either! But after seeing it with my own eyes, I…… Anyways, this thing is useless for me now. Once you have a look, you will understand!”

Speaking up to this point, the old magician handed the item to Du Wei. Then added another sentence: “My whole life, I’ve been studying Aragon! I can absolutely confirm this thing was made by Aragon’s own hands! Whether it is the writing, or the age of the parchment, I did a lot of confirmation!”

With a ridiculous and totally unbelieving attitude, Du Wei opened the scroll…… And then… A minute……

No, just half a minute later. Du Wei was pletely shocked!

The way he sat on the spider’s back was like a stature petrified by Medusa. His face was filled with shock and even….. Fear!


All this…… Is true!!

This personal letter of prophecy left behind by Aragon seemed to be written in a sloppy fashion. The letters looked like it was dipped in blood to write the message.

The content is divided into two paragraphs.

After reading the first paragraph, Du Wei’s heart was in turmoil!

“My blood will wither and my brothers will replace my blood. Although they are stupid and foolish enough to think they have gained glory, but the ending is not such. A boy from the eastern plain will rise, inheriting my glory and my glorious heritage. This person will protect the empire, but he is not the last of the destined one.”


Du Wei had wide eyes and an open mouth, but he couldn’t even cough up a single word!

This…… This is actually……

Is true! It’s really a prophecy! A real prophecy!!!

Aragon Roland, before his death, actually left behind a prophecy of events a millennium into the future?!

Aragon’s blood would wither. The Thorned Flower Dynasty would end. His brother’s children will take the throne, but the so called Glorious Dynasty would face the fate of decline!

After a long time, Du Wei finally regained his posure. Taking a deep breath, he looked over at the smiling old magician: “Your reaction is just like mine when I first read this thing; our expressions are exactly the same.”

Then he reached over to point at certain key words on the paper: “Look at ‘A boy from the eastern plain will rise, protecting the empire’. Du Wei, I know your knowledge of history is not bad. You should know that the first emperor of the current Augustine dynasty used to be called the Duke of Augustine, right? Duke of Augustine, isn’t that not exactly in the eastern plains of the Empire? Now, you have to believe this really is true, isn’t it?”

Du Wei somehow managed to swallow a spit. Looking at the neighboring Hussein, he also found that the usually proud knight was also in shock!

“Look at the second paragraph, boy!” The old magician had a smile on his face, but his eyes had a depth to it, as if able to see through Du Wei’s very heart!

“The second paragraph……”

Du Wei took a deep breath and read on. If the first paragraph was so shocking, then the second paragraph is enough to instill fear into him!

“…… The real inheritor of my life’s mission is the boy that will escape from a giant turtle. Gifted with the horn of the demons, he will receive the protection of the continent number one knight. He is lucky and will follow in my footsteps and head north. In the northern lands, he will receive the allegiance of Medusa and receive the help of a heavenly beast. Finally, he will receive my inheritance and pull out the King’s sword that I left behind. Then…..”

Du Wei’s heartbeat and breathing rapidly increased. Seeing the written words on the parchment is only up to this part, he couldn’t stop the anxious feeling his heart: “Then what is after?”

He held the parchment in his hand and looked it over from back to front, only to find that a part of the writing was missing. It was clear the bottom part of the scroll had more to the prophecy, but that area looked like it was bitten off pletely.

“There isn’t a bottom part.” The old magician’s expression looked suspicious: “Don’t forget, I found this in a grave! When I first located this parchment, this was all that was left.” “The bottom part?” Du Wei asked in a whispering voice.

“Wait, what do you mean by left?” Du Wei was focusing his eyes at him now.

The old magician’s face also looked somewhat frustrated. Spreading out his hands, he lets out a bitter laugh: “Originally, there was a wooden box in the grave, but when I found it; there was already a hole on the corner of the box. As I looked inside, I accidently found a dead mouse inside the wooden box, clearly that part was bitten off.”


Du Wei suddenly wanted to curse at the heavens!

Mouse? For such an important thing to be eaten by a mouse?!

“Damn mouse! Let heaven incarcerate all mice!!” Du Wei couldn’t stop himself from swearing out loud!

From his clothing, the human turned mouse Gargamel suddenly poked his head out from Du Wei’s chest pocket. Staring blankly at everyone, the mouse asked in a timid little voice: “What’s wrong? What happened?”

But the moment his mouse head poked out from Du Wei’s chest pocket, he could feel the murderous gaze from both Du Wei and Hussein at the same time. Scared out of his wits, Gargamel immediately hid himself back inside the chest pocket.

Du Wei laughed…… Mouse? For it to be eaten by a mouse…..

The old magician was very calm; after all, he had already looked over this thing countless times. Watching Du Wei, he continued speaking with a serious voice: “Now you understand why I insist on bringing you to this place? Now you know why I won’t let you go, right?”

Du Wei couldn’t speak.

“In the North.” The old magician firmly pointed towards the front. Facing the wind, the gaze from his eyes was firm: “In front of us, all the way towards the north. Didn’t you ask me what’s there? I can tell you now. That is where Aragon’s legacy is located and also the location where he left the King’s sword! If the prophecy and everything is true, then only you can pull out this sword!”

Receive Aragon’s inheritance?

Pull out the King’s sword?

The destined one in Aragon’s prophecy?

Du Wei suddenly wanted to pinch himself: “Could I be dreaming?”


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