Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 88

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88th chapter “Close to the answer”

Clear skies like flowing waters.

Surprising Du Wei and his group, the weather was actually clearing up. In this land of ice and snow, the wind actually stopped blowing and snow stopped pouring down. Although the weather was still very cold, but at least it was a lot brighter with the sun hanging in the sky.

“Are we going to continue heading north?” Du Wei took a look at Hussein. From his heart, he really didn’t want to go because he was forcibly brought here by the old magician and ended up going through so much suffering. The most depressing thing was that he didn’t even know when these types of days will e to an end.

Hussein coldly replied, “Yes, to the North.”

“But, you should at least tell me where on earth are we heading to?” Du Wei suffocated for many days under these conditions and at this moment, his temper is finally about to explode, “I think I have a right to know where we are going! Otherwise, why should I continue traveling in this god forsaken place just to continue on a journey?”

Hussein was silent for a while, pondering for a moment and slowly said: “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but…… I don’t know either.”

“You don’t know?” If he wasn’t facing a Saint Paladin, Du Wei would ruthlessly walk over and give the other party a major kick with his foot!

What is this place? The ice-covered forest famed across the whole continent! If we were to continue heading north, we wouldn’t know what else lies beyond this place at all!

“Undying old fool only told me to go north. Specifically, he is the only person who knows the exact location of where we are going.” Hussein was telling the truth. Du Wei was upset over this fact, but he had no doubt regarding the knight’s words…… Because in the past several days, Du Wei already has a deep understanding of Hussein’s character.

The prideful person would absolutely disdain any form of lies.

“But what if he didn’t keep up with us? What if he can’t find us? Didn’t he go help you by distracting the soldiers following behind us? What if he was killed by the people from the temple?” Du Wei cursed, “Are we just going to keep heading all the way to the north? Further north, wouldn’t we end up in the Arctic Circle?”

“The Arctic Circle? What is the Arctic Circle?”

Du Wei doesn’t bother explaining, instead, he just rolled his eyes back.

Dadaneier has been standing on the sideline the entire time watching the dispute between the two. Then suddenly, in a whisper, he asked: “Excuse me you two, can I say a word?”

“What is it?” My friend, if you have something to say, then feels free to tell me. “Facing Dadaneier, Du Wei was acting very kindly.

A trace of shame could be seen on Dadaneier’s face, as if he was afraid to look Du Wei in the eyes: “I…… I’m so ashamed, but I have to say it…… My friends, I have to go back. I cannot go further north with everyone.”

Du Wei thought and thought, then he immediately got it!

Dadaneier’s purpose was to look for the Python’s eye so that he could save his mistress’s life, save the Marquise of Lister’s life! Moreover, the Marquise only has three months’ worth of time left. He has already spent quite a long period of time in his quest, now that he has achieved his goal, Dadaneier must hurry back before the time limit runs out.

Du Wei had no doubt that this friend isn’t a coward in front of death, nor does he believe that the friendship they had built between the two is false. But Dadaneier has no choice but to head back because he bears the burden of saving his mistress’s life!

“I feel so ashamed, my friend. I’m willing to acpany you on this adventure, even if I die, I would never regret it. “This warrior of the Lister family bowed his head:” But, I have no choice but to leave you because the life of the Marquise is on the line. Since I have found the item to save her life, I must return. My friends…. I feel really disgusted at myself. I……”

Du Wei sighed as he held onto Dadaneier to stop him from bowing. Then, with his hand, he patted Dadaneier’s back a few times as he spoke in a loud voice: “No need to say anymore, my friend! I understand and can relate. I believe you are a brave and a person loyal to your friends!”

“However, to be able to find the golden eye python was because of you…. Now, I’m leaving you right after we found what I came for….” Dadaneier looked at Du Wei with a painful expression.

“No need to say anymore!” Du Wei shook his head: “Friends are in the heart! I know you’re a good man. At the very least, you almost died trying to save me the other day. I understand your difficulties.”

But then, Du Wei thought of another question: “But…… How will you get back?”

Not that Du Wei looked down on Dadaneier, it is just that with Dadaneier’s strength, it would too dangerous to let him travel alone through the frozen forest and return to the human world! Along the way, he was luckily able to meet Du Wei, and besides them was the invisible old magician secretly protecting them. Then later on, they were only able to reach the big round lakes by joining the snow Wolf mercenary group. If it weren’t for Du Wei and Hussein acpanying him…… Of course, it was mainly because the powerful presence of Hussein that Dadaneier was able to get here in the first place!

And now, you want to let Dadaneier go back alone…… Du Wei is worried that Dadaneier wouldn’t even be able to cope with an intermediate magical beast along the way!

So, find someone to send him out? There is no chance in expecting Hussein to help because he has already made up his mind to head north. Also, Du Wei can’t expect himself to help because he had no confidence he could escort Dadaneier out safely.

So…… Du Wei turned his gaze towards Medusa.

Queen Medusa still had her eyes closed as she lifted her head up towards the sun. As her hair flutter against the wind, her pale and white face revealed a strange expression. Under the lights of the sun, the contour of her face seemed to be shining and her expression looked like she was enjoying the warm feeling under the sunlight.

Well…… If it was Queen Medusa, then she would naturally have the ability to escort Dadaneier back…… However, the Queen is also a time bomb! What if she accidentally opened her eyes and took a look around her….. Then everything is finished!

So Du Wei immediately dismissed the idea.

As if aware of Du Wei’s difficulty, Dadaneier immediately said: “Well, my friend, you don’t have to worry about me, I believe I can get out of here by myself! You still have your own objective and I already owe you a lot! I cannot add to your problems!”

He patted the bow on his back, and then laughed loudly: “No matter what you say, I am still a third level warrior; I believe I should be able to make it out of here!”

“Dadaneier.” Du Wei sighed with a sincere voice: “I never wanted to look down on you. I have no doubt of your courage and you will of being afraid of death…… However, I hope you understand that this place is the frozen forest! Also, I want you to understand that we only managed to reach this place due to sheer coincidence and a lot of special conditions. You are not afraid of death, but….. You have to understand that you are now carrying the burden of saving the Marquise of Lister’s life. It’s not the problem of whether you are afraid of death or not….. If somehow you were to be killed while returning, then the only hope of saving Mrs.Lister is gone!”

With a sullen face, Dadaneier whispered: “Yes! My death means nothing, but if it was because of me that causes the mistress’s life, then…..”

Just as the three struggled with this problem, Old Greenwood succeeded in solving the problem.

“I think…… I have an idea……” Old Greenwood sounded very adamant: “My…… Friends…… You have… Already… Helped…… The Treants…… Do a lot….. Now give…… Us…… A…… Opportunity….. To repay…… You!! I will….. Safely…… Send your….. Friend out… Of… The…. Forest!”


Du Wei was still somewhat unsure of this solution, but the next word from Old Greenwood managed to relieve him of any worries.

“This place is the forest!”

There are a lot of magical beasts in the forest, but what else is more here?

It is trees! As long as they are under the protection of Old Greenwood, then every tree in this place would bee Treant ‘Companions’.

Having an endless supply of Treant ‘Companions’ to protect you, of course Dadaneier would have no problem leaving the frozen forest.

After resolving the problem, Dadaneier did not dare to delay any longer. He immediately bid his farewell to Du Wei and the group. After giving Du Wei a big hug, he spoke in a sincere tone, “My friend, I owe all of you way too much! I will await your visit to the Lister family household…. If I get a chance, I’ll also go to the Roland plains to see you!” (Note: Du Wei’s family name is Rawling, so as to why the author used Roland is something even I don’t get. I’ll try to make glossary in the future for all of this because even I’m getting a bit confused.)

After a pause, he spoke in a solemn tone: “I bid you all farewells!”

After his words, Dadaneier and Hussein looked at each other and nodded to each other: “And thank you! As for your situation, I will not reveal even a word about you once I return!”

With that said Dadaneier turned around and strode away in big steps, leaving behind only long strides of footprints in the snow.

Old Greenwood walked in a slow and heavy pace as he followed behind with a group of Treant ‘Companions’.

“Well then now, shall we talk about our business?” Du Wei looked at Hussein: “I hate being pushed around and have my life be manipulated by someone else. I’m willing to continue on our journey, but at least I must know exactly what am I doing!”

Hussein hesitated before sighing, “Very well, I can tell you something.”

The Knight picked out a rock and sat down. Looking directly up at the sun, he had very plex expression like he was indulging himself in his memories.

After a long pause, the knight whispered: “I told you, I had once served as the guardian of the sanctuary. All holy knights that are about to advance into the holy knight leader position must spend some time as the guardian of the sanctuary. I’ve told you this before, right?”

“Yes, you also told me that you inadvertently found the holy knight’s badge of Aragon within the Sanctuary.” Du Wei puts on a deadpan face.

“Unfortunately…… Things are not so simple. It’s not a simple badge.”

That is not a simple badge.

According to Hussein’s words, there is a hidden magic array on the badge.

And the magic array has left behind a phantom message of Aragon!

All of this has been just like how Du Wei found out about the message left behind by Saimei the female astrologer.

It’s just that the message in the magic array left behind by Aragon was much more shocking!

“Do you know how Aragon was killed?” At this point, Hussein lets out a somewhat psychotic laugh…….


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