Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 87

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87th chapter “Poison of time”

As time goes by?

Whether it was Du Wei or Hussein, they could never have expected there would be the existence of another fountain near the fountain of youth.

Medusa still had a cold appearance as she led the two men’s out of the hall and into the depths of the palace.

“This palace of yours, is it pletely built out of the bodies of the Treants tribesman? Du Wei casually asked this question as they moved.

“It is.” Medusa suddenly stopped and questioned Du Wei instead: “Is there a problem?”

This time to speak up was Hussein: “Don’t you think it was a little bit too harsh? While you and the trees are both enemies to each other, but you should at least respect their corpses.”

“Respect for the body……” Medusa spent a moment in thought as she carefully savored this word, and then asked Du Wei: “Is this also human nature?”

Du Wei smiled, “Sort of.”

“But, I don’t understand.” The words from Medusa seemed sincere and truthful: “I don’t understand this ‘human nature’. I’ve heard many things about human from Gargamel. You humans would kill different beasts to eat their flesh, strip off their skins, and turn them into clothing or ornaments…. Why do you humans act this way, but still spout such words as to respect the corpses of others? I’m using the bodies of the Treant’s tribesman to build my home, while you humans are killing animals to eat their meat and turn them into clothing. Essentially, there isn’t any difference between the two scenarios, correct?”

Medusa probably doesn’t understand human nature, and perhaps she doesn’t even understand anything. But for such a simple question, her words have left both the scholarly Du Wei and the experienced knight in a stump for words.

Well….. Is there any difference?

Medusa carefully thought for a moment, and then gently smiled: “Looks like I’ve summarized another characteristic of human nature, which is…… Hypocrisy. Are humans always saying one thing and doing another?”

Du Wei puts on a wry smile, unsure of how to respond to Medusa’s question. Letting out a sigh, he responded: “sometimes…… It is.”

“I don’t like this characteristic of human nature, nor do I don’t like humans.” Medusa summarized this and ended the conversation, continuing to move forward with the two in tow.

Outside the Hall and through a corridor, Medusa opened a door leading into a black room. Upon entering, Du Wei could feel a sudden chill in the air…. This icy chill was different from the snow outside as if the air was wet, capable of penetrating through the clothing and into the human skin, bones, and gut!

Having this chill covering his body, Du Wei immediately felt numbingly cold as if his body was being pierced by numerous sharp needles. For a time, even his fingers felt like it was freezing into ice!

“It’s here.”

In the darkness, Medusa walked forward as usual as if she was born without eyes.

“This is my bedroom. I usually sleep here.” Medusa points to a stone slab on the surface, “’As time goes by’ is right there.”

“Sleep here…… Aren’t you cold…..” Du Wei stopped speaking when he reached this point, suddenly realizing that snakes are cold blooded animals.

Lifting up the stone slate, Du Wei saw that below the ground was an opening hole for the spring. From the opening, the spring’s water was flashing in the darkness, almost like it was glowing with light. After removing the slate of stone, Du Wei could feel the chill in the air increase 10 folds!

“What is this water…. Why is it so cold! Yet, it does not freeze?” Unable to stop himself, Du Wei started trembling from the cold and even his teeth’s were making a chattering noise.

Worried he might freeze to death if he continued ignoring the cold, Du Wei quickly performed the Stars Dou Qi set of movements. Once finished, the heat swelled up inside his body and drove out a bit of the cold air.

But Du Wei found that even for the knight, his face was covered in a thin layer of white frost! The moment the sweat on Hussein’s face came into contact with the air, it would freeze instantly!

“This spring was only discovered by me after I came to this place, not even the Treants knew this spring existed.” Medusa muttered.

“The Treant Tribesman doesn’t know…..” Du Wei sighed, “Just from looking, this spring is weird…… Is there anything special about it?”

Medusa didn’t say anything, but then she smiled and spoke in a light tone: “The black object you brought along with you was meant to be used against my eyes, right? It would be better if you were to wear it now.”

Du Wei smiled guiltily and pulled against Hussein’s shirt so that he will also put on his sunglasses.

Medusa gently pulled out a strand of her hair and placed it into her palm. Muttering a few chanting words, the hair twisted twice on her raised and flat palm, then quickly turned into a snake roughly the size of her thumb!

The snake was pletely gold in coloration as if each scale on its body was made out of pure gold. After twisting around a few times, the snake rapidly lifted its head up and made a hissing sound with its eyes closed.

“This is a golden eyed Python. In order for the golden eyed python to grow into the size of a human waist, it would require decade’s worth of time to mature…..” As Medusa says this, she slowly reached out to carefully scoop up a handful of the spring’s water and fed it into the mouth of the golden eyed python…..

Then a miracle happened at this moment!

Medusa gently puts the snake down, then took a step back….

Under the careful observation of Du Wei and Hussein’s naked eyes, the snake’s body suddenly swelled up! Its scales constantly expanding and its body changed from the size of a thumb, into the size of a trunk! Not only was it getting bigger, the snake was also growing in length! Also, the previously closed eyes of the python were wide open.


Even under the protection of the black crystal sunglasses, Du Wei was still able to clearly see the snake’s eyes emitting a strange golden light! Upon eye contact with the python’s eye, Du Wei immediately felt a pain in his eyes, causing him to turn his head away!

Fortunately, they had the protection of the black crystal sunglasses, or else they would have most likely been turned into stone.

Next, the snake started rolling around on the floor as though it was in pain. It twisted around, then twisted a second time, and finally issued a subtle ‘Chee Chee’ sound……

It was actually in the process of molting!!!!

On the surface of where it molted, a nearly plete flashing golden colored snakeskin was left behind near Du Wei’s feet. As for the snake, it was still continuing to grow in size! Finally, the size of its body was so big that it could cover more than half the size of the black room, forcing Du Wei and his group to stand in a corner!

Later on, Du Wei silently puted in his mind that the snake has molted three more times in just a few minutes’ worth of time!

And then…… It began to age!

The huge body of the snake started to bee weak and frail. The normally elastic body was being dry and even the normally shiny scales were dimming down. Bit by bit, its strength faded away and eventually its head just lay there helplessly, unable to move……

Under the snake’s skin, its flesh-and-blood began withering away. Finally…… The snake died and its body rapidly dried up like a jerky! Then the snake’s skin ruptured as if it was dried leather…..

“According to your human calculation, a golden eye python should have the life span of 40 years.” Medusa’s voice resounded inside the room: “From birth to death, the golden eyed python will molt four times during this period. After the fourth molt, its power and magic will reach its prime.”

Du Wei felt his heart racing!

More than 40 years?

But just now, how long was that experience? At most only ten minutes? No, probably only five or six minutes!

Within five or six minutes, a young golden eye Python has gone through its early age to its adult form. Then molting four times to reach its old age…… And then to death…… Within five minutes, the snake has covered its 40-year life span!?

“So, this is why I said this spring is the exact ‘opposite of the fountain of youth.” Medusa smiled, “I named it ‘As time goes by.’”

After a pause, the beautiful snake woman laughed loudly: “Gargamel said that if this spring was used as a poison, then it will be the most terrifying poison in the world!”

Du Wei and Hussein both looked stunned and shocked in their eyes!

Indeed, this really is the most terrifying poison in this world!


What poison can be more terrifying than the passage of time?!

Du Wei was thinking more……

Why is that? Why is this “As time goes by” not somewhere else, but instead, it is located near the fountain of youth?

Just like nature, everything vaguely reinforces each other in the natural order of the world! One will forever solidify a form; the other causes time to pass quickly!

So, if the two springs are mixed together, what kind of miraculous effect would e of it?

Or instead, if a person drank the water of the ‘fountain of youth’ ended up drinking the water of ‘As time goes by’…… What will happen then?

Of course, Du Wei hid these questions in his heart. He would never say these things in front of others…. Spending a moment in thought, he asked: “The spring’s water, can I take some with me?”

After getting the consent of the Medusa, Du Wei unceremoniously removed all the bottles on his body, and then dumped all the drugs inside to make room for the water….. All of these drugs could be found again once they leave this place, but once they leave, he would never be able to get his hand on the spring’s water again, even if he searched the entire world!

Du Wei brought out all of the bottles on him and filled up a few of the bottles with the waters of ‘As time goes by’, then filled the last remaining bottle with the water from ‘The fountain of Youth’.

“Why did you bring with you this terrifying ‘As time goes by’? Hussein frowned as he spoke, “This kind of thing can only poison people and doesn’t have any other use.”

“You forget, I am a magic pharmacist, a poison pharmacist!” Du Wei vaguely muttered the last part.

His heart had another intention.

‘As time goes by’…… What if it was cleverly used?

Feeding the golden eye python just a handful of water is enough to poison it to death in five minutes.

But…… What if you just drink less? Cleverly diluting the spring’s water to a certain extent? Would it be possible to just let the person grow older and not die of old age?

So…… What if we let the Treant tribesman outside drink it? Maybe we could make a seedling grow into a towering tree within a short period of time?

If too much, then drink a drop! If a drop is too much…… Then add a drop of this spring’s water into a bucket of water for dilution!

Du Wei was just far too curious regarding this thing!

Even after filling a few bottles, he still felt it was far too little and sheepishly looked at Medusa: “Do you still have other containers around here?”

Instead, it was Hussein that took out his personal belongings…… A leather bottle used to carry his wine, only after filling it up with the spring’s water did Du Wei finally felt satisfied.

Once I bring this back with me, I will have the opportunity to slowly study it!

“I was very surprised….. You are a golden eyed python that evolved by drinking the waters of the fountain of youth.” Du Wei spoke slowly, “But why did you not let other golden eyed Python drink the spring’s water?”

“Because I’m selfish.” Medusa answered without batting an eye: “There’s only one Medusa, my words are law! If there is more than one….. Then without a doubt, there will be a war. If there was a group of my kind, then maybe I will die.”

“Very good, you at least have a little bit of human nature.” Du Wei laughed: “Because generally speaking, humans are the most selfish creatures in this world.”

After a pause, Du Wei spoke with a smile: “Well then… Dear Majesty, what’s next?”

We have reached a deal. I’m willing to teach you everything about human nature…. So are you ready to join us and hit the road? Or stay here and wait till we finish our business and e back to get you?”

Medusa’s decision was quite surprising for everyone.

“I’m leaving with you,” The Queen did not hesitate to answer.

Du Wei was stunned, “You…… Are you saying that you will join our team?”

“No, not joining your team, just following you to leave.” Medusa spoke in a light tone: “I do not like human beings, nor do I believe humans. From Gargamel, I heard that the behavior of humans is to not keep their promises. So I’m going to follow you.”

Then… This indifferent and peerless beauty suddenly smiled while speaking: “And I have been here far too long! You should have seen it when you came in…. There are mice everywhere! And when I was a snake, I hated mouse’s the most!”

Du Wei smiled.

Yes, in the food chain, snakes are the natural enemies of mice!

Without a doubt, his panions have doubts and fears toward this Queen. Even Du Wei wasn’t certain if this move wouldn’t bring catastrophe to mankind.

This is not some random person! It is the most horrifying monsters known as Queen Medusa! As soon as she es into contact with the human world, she could just open her eyes and look around…. Then there would be a bloodbath!

“Your majesty……” The mouse Prime Minister suddenly threw himself at her feet, “If you left, what am I supposed to do! Of those trees were to intrude, how can I possibly stop them!”

“Then just don’t stop them.” Medusa talked as if she held no lingering feelings towards this ‘kingdom’. “This Canyon is their land, return it to them.”

Old Greenwood has already been impatiently waiting outside the Canyon with his ‘panions’. Each step that Old Greenwood took was enough to shake the ground from time to time.

Seeing Du Wei and his group ing out, Old greenwood suddenly cheered and his ‘panions’ suddenly let out a whistling ROAR.

“Mr Old greenwood.” Du Wei pleasantly walked in front of the Treants: “We have persuaded the evil eye, starting today, she will return the Canyon to the Treants…… However, on one condition. I just need the Treant Tribesman to mit to one simple condition. I believe the good and gentle Treant’s race would never break their promises.”

What else could be said? Old Greenwood readily agreed at once.

“The Canyon is returned to you and the fountain of youth is inside……. But” Du Wei spoke slowly: “Inside the deepest part of the Palace, there is a black room; this place is banned to all parties. I request you to promise that the Treant’s race will guard this place and not allow anyone to get in! Or allow any creature to get near, whether it is magical beasts, humans, or anything else! You must stop them with all your strength! Other than this request, I have nothing else to ask.”

Before ing out, the powerful Knight had used his golden Dou Qi to split apart the palace with a few swings of his sword. With the palace gone, what was revealed is the original grounds and the ‘fountain of youth’, while the ‘As time goes by’ is quietly buried inside the intact black room.

The treant leader couldn’t adequately express his gratitude. Despite the grievance of a century’s worth of fighting, the kind and generous Treant’s tribesman didn’t hold any grudge against the evil eye. As long as they could take back the heritage of their race: The fountain of youth, they had no other requests.

Old Greenwood promised on the spot that they would kill any intruders that attempts to enter.

“Dear…… Guests…… Is the piece….. Of leaf…. I gave you…. Still here?”

Du Wei hesitated as he goes through his body in search of the gold leaf presented to him by Old Greenwood before they entered the Canyon. Originally, he thought after entering, they would be in a big battle with Medusa. The results were that it was useless. “Oh, I almost forgot, I’ll return this to you.” Du Wei said this with a smile.

“No! You…… Keep.” Old Greenwood’s honest voice trembled with an emotion of gratitude. Then he held out a branch and gently twisted up the leaf. Afterwards, several branches twisted and folded the golden leaf several times back and forth. Once finished, what became of the leaf was a golden colored horn!

Old Greenwood then told Du Wei an amazing secret!

This piece of gold leaf is produced by the Treant’s treasure, the “natural horn”!!

Once you fold this pure gold leaf into a small horn and blow into it….

As long as you are surrounded by trees, you could awaken the trees into Treant ‘Companions’.

(Even though Du Wei felt these things were just slaves to the real Treants.)

“You…… Can…… Drive…… Them to…… Do…… Anything….. For you.” Old Greenwood explained, “But… There is….. A… Time…… Limit.”

The so called time limit was that when the sun goes down, they would return to being normal trees.

“In other words, the limit of awakening is only one day.” Du Wei smiled.

He was so happy!!!

If…… If I could dilute the water of ‘As time goes by’ to a certain extent…… Then what would it mean?

As long as I carried a seed!

I would be like carrying around a swarm of giant bodyguards with me no matter where I go!!!


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