Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 86

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86th chapter “The second spring!

“Faith……” Medusa whispered in a low voice, and then she asked again: “However, didn’t the Knight forsake his faith already? He should’ve been a man without faith.”

“This is different.” Du-Wei calmly spoke: “There is faith in every person’s heart. Hussein may have forsaken his previous faith and beliefs, but that doesn’t mean he had lost faith! However, when he abandoned one kind of faith, he has already adopted a new kind of faith! This is mon among everyone. Whether this belief is just, or evil, every living person must have their own belief and faith. A person could only gain strength and courage when he has faith in his heart. The stronger the faith, the more powerful the person bees!”

Talking up to this point, Du-Wei smiled and asked: “With all that said, how much do you understand?”

“I don’t know.” Medusa’s voice was low: “Greed…… Nostalgia…… Weak…… Coldness…… Loneliness…… Also, faith…… These are what you call ‘human nature’. This human nature stuff is too plicated.”

“It’s always plicated.” Du-Wei quickly spoke: “Humanity is the most plex creature in this world. Among all the living creatures, humanity has the most abundant emotions. We Know how to love, show affection, create friendship, but at the same time, we can be the most cruel. Specialized in killing, infighting, and killing of our own kind! Throughout human history, it has always been humanity fighting against each other. You kill me, I kill you. This has always been the cycle…… Medusa, if you think seeing inside the three of us is enough for you so to understand and grasp human nature, then you are wrong.”

Talking up to this point, Du-Wei asked her, “Now tell me, did I pass the test?”

After a long moment of silence, “Yes, you have passed. ”

In moments, Du-Wei could finally see the legendary Medusa.

From the wall in front him, a rustling sound could be heard as a humanlike figure slowly stepped forth…. Her whole body seemingly made of stone, or accurately speaking, her entire being seemed like to be merged into the stone itself.

Of course, Queen Medusa is a woman.

The moment her body stepped forth from the wall, the stone like texture of her body started to fade away. Changing from the cold and grayish color, her delicate looking body transformed into a marvelous shade of white with smooth and soft skins. From the head, her strands of hair started to soften and smooth out, revealing a glossy shine.

The contour of her face was also being clear…. And it was extremely beautiful.

Even Du-Wei had to admit it. Whether it was this life or the previous, the Queen Medusa in front of him was the most beautiful women he had ever seen! Every skin, every curve, it was like a piece of art work carefully and rigorously calculated by the creator. Her legs, her hips, her arms, her chest, all of their ratios seemed to have reached a perfect state. On top of all this, snakes are inherently charming. Without any effort, every movement she makes are seductively charming.

However, all of this didn’t matter…… What really stunned Du-Wei was her face!

It can be said that this face would drive any man crazy! Du-Wei could not even find the right words to describe such a beautiful face……

Du-Wei knew he had been frozen in shock, as if a blind person had just regained his sight and was awestruck by what appeared in front of him!

Du-Wei was willing to bet that such a beauty absolutely cannot exist in the world of humanity! If word of this were to spread, it would no doubt cause a disaster in the making!

Oh heaven…… Just by looking at those pairs of red, delicate lips, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Du-Wei has seen many beautiful women, but to be so beautiful that it reaches a disastrous level, then, Queen Medusa is definitely the first one!

And…… Her eyes were still closed!

Du-Wei can guarantee that if she opened her eyes and if it was even one-third of the word ‘glorious’…. Oh heavens, what would Queen Medusa’s eye be like? With an absolutely beautiful face, if you could also embellish a pair of star like gems into her eyes….. Then her face alone is enough to murder the hearts of almost every man in this world!

This Medusa Queen is really beautiful…… Too beautiful……

An inhumane beauty! And a terrifyingly beauty!!

After a good while, Du-Wei finally regained his posure. The first thing he did was to take in a deep and long breath, letting oxygen into his deprived lungs from being awestruck earlier.

“It was fortunate that you have always lived here and not let others meet you.“ Du-Wei made an assessment, “Otherwise, with your beauty, there will be people going crazy over you even if you are the horrible Medusa. In some cases, they may even wage war against each other to control you!”

Medusa asked gently, “This is human nature?”

Standing in front of Du-Wei, Medusa’s voice was no longer the hoarse and deep voice like before. Apparently, her voice was issued forth by oscillating the sound off the wall….. Of course, her true voice was very nice to the ears.

Du-Wei was very pleased with this fact…… This way of thinking is of course very natural. If one were to meet a woman capable of murdering the hearts of men, but the voice ing out of her mouth is hard on the ears, then this is a sin!

Thank heavens, her voice sounded like the gently flowing water in a spring creek.

“Sort of……” Du-Wei smiles: “However you like it. If put into the world of humans, this will absolutely cause men to war against each other.”

“I’m not human.” Medusa replied with a trace of sadness.

Then she gently came close to Du-Wei: “Gargamel said that most humans would be afraid of me. To humanity, Medusa is considered to be a terrible monster, frightening even…… Why are you not afraid of me? I can feel your strength…… Is not powerful.”

“I’m not ‘strong’ pared to you. It can even be said that I am very weak in front of you.” Du-Wei smiled, “But why would I be afraid of you?”

“I don’t know, but Gargamel said humans are very much afraid of Medusa.” Shaking her head with her eyes closed, she then flicked her slender fingers through the air. Slowly, the stone surface beside her rolled forth like dough and formed a stone chair. Calmly sitting down, Medusa turned her face towards Du-Wei and spoke: “You came to see me and now you could see.”

“Yes, I could see.” Du-Wei sighed: “What I see is not something that strikes fear into humanity. Nor a being that indiscriminately kills and turns others into stones….. What I see is a misfortunate woman living in seclusion, with a lonely heart, and currently seeking her own form of faith….. Oh, by the way, on top of that, a snake that don’t like to be turned into a human beauty.”

“You’re really funny and an interesting human.” Medusa thought for a moment and then smiled: “Although I didn’t have much exposure to humans, you are the second person to speak with me besides Gargamel. Originally, I was going to kill you and your panions. I may not be human and don’t fully grasp human nature, but at least I know I do not like to be disturbed.”

Du-Wei kept his silence, unable to speak.

Indeed, the other party used to be a golden eye python. No matter what, her nature resembles that of a ‘beast’ more than a human.

“I know, so that’s why I have the courage to e see you.” Du-Wei spoke frankly: “Because I know you are not simply an evil monster only capable of killing like they say in the legends…. You are just….. Please forgive me for using the word ‘ignorant’.”

Medusa doesn’t look like she cared in the slightest: “you’re right, I was ‘ignorant’. At the very least, my understanding of humans is close to nothing.”

Just as humans have always described a fierce animal as fierce, a cruel Wolf, a cunning Fox, and a terrifying magical beast…… In fact, all these sayings are based upon human standards to measure other biological creatures.

No matter whether it is a wolf, a fox, or a terrifying magical beast….. Can they really be ‘bad’? Really ‘evil’ and ‘terrifying’? Of course not…. Because they are living their life based on their own species’ standard.

A wolf was born to eat meat, Lions and tigers are born to kill, and this is the law of the world. It cannot be just because of this that we could label them as evil and murderous beings.

Medusa is the same.

One arm against her cheek as she sat on the stone chair, Medusa gently raises a question: “Well then, human, tell me your reason for ing.”

“Originally, I was only here for the fountain of youth.” Du-Wei said, “But now, it seems the fountain doesn’t actually have much use. In addition to solidifying the outer appearance of the person, this thing doesn’t seem to have much benefit for humans….. Oh, you wouldn’t kill me because of this reason now would you? I heard from Gargarmel that years ago, the group that came with him was pletely wiped out by you.”

Medusa truly smiled, with curving lips, her outer appearance had more of a human taste to it: “That was when…… I didn’t understand. Back then, I was just a humanoid snake without anyone to teach me human nature. I simply knew that outsiders came into my territory, so I had to kill them. It was that simple…. You can thank Gargamel for teaching me at least some habits of humanity, or else, when you guys stepped into the Canyon valley the other day, I would have already killed you.”

“My purpose for ing here is no longer important because after talking to Gargamel, I have already lost interest in this spring. But my two panions still had other purposes for ing.“ Standing in front of Medusa, Du-Wei felt it was better to be honest than to tell a lie. Maybe he might even gain some benefits from this.

“The lord and master of one of my panions is under the spell of a petrification curse, and must have the eyes of a golden eyed python to save her. The reason we came to the frozen forest is to search for this important item.” Du-Wei discreetly glanced at Medusa to see her reaction.

“So originally you had set your eyes on me?” Medusa’s face remained unchanged, not revealing any hint of anger or joy.

“Used to be, but not anymore.” Du-Wei spoke with a smile: “I think, as the final evolution of the golden eyed Python, you should be able to cure this kind of petrification curse without the use of your eyes.”

“Why should I help you?” Medusa’s voice remained as calm as ever as she spoke: “Gargamel has taught me one point and that is often in human ‘deals’, there is always a price when making a request.”

“I’m a good teacher.” Du-Wei smiled: “You are a snake that doesn’t want to be human, but now you have no choice. So, I’d like to teach you a lot about human habits. Of course, the most important is human nature.”


“Everything.” Du-Wei firmly replied, “But I can’t guarantee that you will feel very happy because human life has never been pure pleasure. Human nature is both sweet and painful. If you want to experience this, I can teach you even more. For example, right now, I can start teaching you the first lesson.”

Medusa was silent for a moment, “And what’s that?”

“Loneliness.” Du-Wei muttered: “You are lonely. Your face, your voice, your words, and you living in this place…. All of it points to this.”

“I am very lonely.” Medusa nodded, “If loneliness is what you said before, then what you said is correct.”

“Do you like that feeling?” Du-Wei smiles.

Medusa thought for a long time and shook her head slowly.

“It’s simple. I can let you get rid of loneliness.” Du-Wei spoke: “Humanity is a social animal, if you don’t want to be lonely, then you need to municate with other humans. For example, find your friends or panions.

Then, Du-Wei raised a second question: “Do you have faith in your heart?”

“No.” Medusa answered this very quickly. For one that has only been sleeping, only to awaken once every ten years, she would of course not have any beliefs and faith.

“Humanity needs faith and purpose in life…… Even if it’s just a bit, the small, subtle things can cause you great interest.” Du-Wei laughed more pleasantly: “Trust me. When it es to fun things, no one is more skilled than me in this world. ”

In the wake of the two issues, Du-Wei puts forward a third problem: “Do we have a deal?”

The answer…… Is self-evident.

When Hussein woke up, he was lying on the floor in the hall just like Du-Wei was. As for Dadaneier, he was also lying beside Hussein, slowing regaining consciousness.

Also, the poor mouse Prime Minister Gargamel was sitting next to him with a nervous expression. From his eye’s reflection, Hussein could see Du-Wei is walking towards them with a smirking smile.

And behind Du-Wei, stood a woman.

Hussein immediately jumped up from, but before the knight could make his move, Du-Wei called out to him: “Well then Hussein, e and meet out new partners.”

No introduction needed because Gargamel has already fallen over on the ground with his body trembling. Looking at the woman, his body twisted into something like that of a meat roll.

“This is our new partner, Queen Medusa.” Once Du-Wei finished talking, he pulled Dadaneier up and gave him something like a small stone bottle.

“Here, this is one strand of Queen Medusa’s hair. After taking this back, take it out from the bottle and it will bee a sleeping golden eye python. Use it to save the Marquise of Lister.” Du-Wei said this while smiling.

While Dadaneier was still in shock as he received the bottle, Du-Wei has already walked over to where Hussein stood. Patting the knight’s shoulder, Du-Wei spoke: “My friends, don’t be so stunned. Right now, the Queen is going to take us to see the fountain of youth. Didn’t say you wanted to go see the place where Aragon has gone before? Now, e on.”

The strikingly beautiful Queen Medusa has also shaken Hussein’s heart. His hand was on the hilt of his sword, but put down involuntarily as he looked upon the woman. What’s more is that after hearing Du-Wei’s words, his mind was somewhat at a loss on to do next.

“Okay, now is not the time to draw my sword.” Du-Wei tapped Hussein’s shoulder and laughed in a low voice: “I saw that in your dreams, you were able to advance to the level of Saint Paladin….. Speaking of this, I believe you to thank her Majesty the Queen.”

Seeing Du-Wei drag Hussein with him as they walked towards the door behind them, Medusa wordlessly walked in front like a ghost.

Dadaneier broke out of his stupor state when Gargamel sighed.

The mouse Prime Minister moaned: “What….. Is this teen doing? Oh the gods…… He seemed to be getting along very well with the Queen, or am I dreaming? Could the legend be true?! Oh my god! He will not… He will not…..”

“What are you muttering to yourself?” Dadaneier frowned.

“You never heard of the legend?” Gargamel stared at dadaneier, “Queen Medusa’s legend.”

Dadaneier shook his head.

“The Legend……” Gargamel sighed, eyes looking at Du-Wei’s back as he whispered: “From the records of the oldest documents, other than the terrible powers that Medusa wielded, there is also a special point….. It is that if she cried for any being…. Whether it was a man, women, or even a monster. If they could make Medusa cry out the first tear of her life, then Medusa would forever love that person. Your teenage panion couldn’t be playing at this idea, right?”

Dadaneier didn’t bother listening to Gargamel’s words. Rubbing his eyes, he muttered: “Strange, How e when I wake up again, this teenager has already solved the entire problem.

Touching the stone bottle that Du-Wei handed him…… There was a hair belonging to Medusa that can be turned into a sleeping golden eye python…… Dadaneier was finally pletely awake!

There is hope for the Marquise of Lister!!

“The Spring is here,” Medusa points to the front.

Medusa casually chants a few words in a spell. Then in a corner of the hall, the stone slab in front of them quietly opens up. Immediately from below, an exquisite fountain carved out of stone revealed itself.

“This is the fountain of youth that you are looking for.” Once Medusa finished her introduction, Du-Wei was somewhat disappointed.

It seems…… There is nothing special.

But then one word from Medusa surprised Du-Wei!

“This is the first spring; do you also want to look at the other spring in this Canyon?”

“This Canyon has another spring? What the hell is it?” Du-Wei looked at Medusa in surprise.

“I don’t know what it is.” Medusa answered coldly: “However, this fountain is the exact opposite of the fountain of youth, so I gave it a name, called…… As time goes by.”


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