Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 79

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The 79th “The Magician that turned into a rat”

At the end of the stone street came the sounds of hurried steps and murmurs of armor clanking. Then they saw countless mice’s running towards them wearing body armor and armed with a real iron weapon pared to the sticks from earlier.

Hussein and Dadaneier was about to make their moves but Du-Wei held them back and said, “Wait, don’t you think this is fun?”

The mice soldiers have already surrounded them but didn’t attack at once. Instead, the group neatly organized into a battle formation in the street square, blocking the roads in from them the trio.

Before long, the singing of trumpets could be heard from somewhere. Like a signal, the troop formation separated in the middle, revealing seven to eight strong looking mice’s from behind. The group came forward carrying a single large slate of stone and a not so healthy looking fat rat was sitting on top of the rock.

This being had a fat body like a meatball and full of gray hair. The head had a long pointed mouth with double whiskers on the side and the pair of eyes hinted higher intellect despite the face that the eyeball randomly rolled around. But what was really ical was the fact it was wearing a white robe and a tall pointy hat like that of a magician!

This kind of dressing was very similar to that of a magician from the human world….. Could this rat also be a magician?

“O human! You are a human!” This rat creature that was carried out jumped up from his chair, then stared down at the trio before shouting. Its voice was like that of surprise and excitement.

“You are correct, we are human” Du-Wei cried out, “Excuse me, what are you? A mouse wizard, or a mouse General?”

This meat ball like rat lifted up his stomach as he looked around, then shouted. “I’m the prime minister of this kingdom! You should be bowing to me!”

Du-Wei sighed, “I’m sorry, the three of us don’t have the habit of saluting a mouse.”

With that said, the mice soldiers were about to rush forward but was halted by the Prime Minister. With his eyeball randomly looking around, the Prime Minister broke out into a “HAHAHAHA” laughter. “Human’s capable of ing here are all powerful experts and you are no exception…. But you can’t be too self confident!”

With that said, the mouse Prime Minister stood up straight with two claws open and it started to spell chant….

Yes, it’s a spell! A magic spell!

Du-Wei’s jaw dropped as he watched the mouse chant out a spell from its mouth. This mouse Prime Minister is actually a magician… No, or rather “only” a magician!

Du-Wei immediately sensed the genuine swinging of magic, then suddenly, a flame flared up on the surface of the stone slab in front of the trio. With a roaring sound, the flame spread out on both sides and immediately formed a ring of fire, trapping the trio inside.

The mouse Prime Minister kept chanting a spell from its mouth, then a halo of light ejected from its claw. The light instantly enveloped the trio, causing Du-Wei’s body to feel very tight. “This is binding? Ah, fire magic and binding magic…..


In one mand from the mouse Prime Minister, a field of mice brigades appeared from both sides of the street and stone houses. These soldiers carried in their hand sticks and bows made of wood. With the sound of shoop shoop, numerous wooden arrows were shot towards their location.

Du-Wei was really tied up and restrained, but how can it be possible that this magic is able to stop Hussein? The knight grunted as he shook his arms, then with a swing of his sword in a circle, a golden Dou Qi immediately caused all the arrows to fall downward.

The knight easily shook off the magic shackles. From the look in the mouse Prime Minister eyes, one can tell the Prime Minster was surprised by this as he loudly screamed. “Quick, Kill them!”

With that said, he applied pressure from his hand, causing the circle of fire to shrink around them. Du-Wei gave out a HAHAHA laughter before chanting a spell from his mouth, then two gusts of icy cold wind roared toward the flames, blocking the flames from all sides.

Hussein lets out a call as he casually patted the shoulder of Du-Wei and Dadaneier. The two immediately felt their body was lighter and capable of movement once again. Free from his bindings, Du-Wei let out both of his hands and chanted a spell from his mouth. Afterwards, multiple fireballs flew out from his fingertips and aimed toward the mouse Prime Minister.

The magic power of the Prime Minister was evidently far above that of Du-Wei’s. Seeing the fireball spell monly used by magicians of the lowest rank, the Prime Minister clearly showed a hint of disdain on his face. In a quick spell chant, he waved his sleeves, letting loose several wind blades to deflect the oning fireballs. At the same time, Du-Wei continued to chant the dazing spells that he knew from his mouth.

Lifting his hands up, Du-Wei thew out the dazing spell that was capable of enshrouding the mass of soldiers in a halo of dizzying light. As a result, the columns of soldiers became tipsy and dazed from where they stood, the only exception was the Prime Minister. With a sharp and loud shout, the sound of beating drums suddenly rose up, then he started to chant a few spells causing the strongest mice under his mand to let out a sharp squeal the moment they heard the chant.

Then the body’s of the mice started to swell up and even the muscles bulked up like lumps, causing the fur and skin to burst open, yet, they themselves acted like the idea of pain did not exist. Then their heads doubled in size while its mouth expanded, exposing the awe inspiring white fanged teethes. With a roar, the group exposed their red eyes and white fangs as they rushed towards Du-Wei…

Seeing this, Dadaneier has already let loose an arrow from his bow, revealing his excellent archery. Infused with Dou Qi, the arrow easily shot through three to four mice, just like a skewered fruit candy stick. (If you don’t know tong wue low then just think of kebabs)

Watching the transformed mice’s rushing over, Dadaneier stood beside Du-Wei to block their path. Firstly, he sent a kick at one of the mice and a bone breaking sound could clearly be heard by Du-Wei. Despite flying back and rolling on the ground, the mice immediately got up like nothing happened and continued to rush over.

Du-Wei had a sudden enlightenment. “Blood lust spell?”

As the group came drew closer, Dadaneier pulled out his curved blade and beheaded a mouse, then shouted. “Hussein! What are you doing! Kill these guys!”

Hussein snorted and ignored the oning group. Instead, his eyes were fixed upon the mouse Prime Minister. Giving out a loud laugh, he ran forward in one step…..

Even though there were more than 20 paces in distance, the knight was able to reach the front of the mouse Prime Minister in one step. Despite being so close, the surround mouse soldiers were still unaware of Hussein’s presence. At this moment, Hussein was covered in the flesh and blood of the mice. While giving off an abnormal and nauseating feeling, he reached out his hand towards the Mouse Prime Minister.

Out of panic, the Mouse Prime Minister lets out a screeching scream before rolling off the stone slate, then he quickly summoned forth a lightning strike. The lightning aimed straight at Hussein but with the knight’s strength, a swing of his sword was enough to easily deflect the bolt. Instead of landing on the intended target, the lightning ended up striking on the surrounding mice, burning them into charcoal.

In one palm strike, Hussein easily blew a hole through the slate of stone and picked up the mouse Prime Minister.

Those mice’s around wanted to e over and help but with one sword strike from Hussein, a sudden explosion of flesh and meat rained through the air.

Due to the acceleration spell cast by Du-Wei earlier, Dadaneier and him have almost annihilated the mice’s near them. Even though Du-Wei is a magician, he is forced to face the reality of melee bat. Fortunately, he exercised earlier and his body was much stronger than in the past. Du-Wei never practiced martial arts in his childhood but he did tutor under Knight Robert back in the castle. Compared to the human like mice, he did learn the basics of swordsmanship and on top of that, Dadaneier was covering for him.

Just that these few enraged mice’s were very troubling. When Dadaneier hacked down two of them to death, his body was clawed a few times and even Du-Wei’s leg was bitten once.

Mustn’t get infected with a mouse plague!

Du-Wei inwardly scolded himself with these words as Hussein caught onto the mouse Prime Minister. Uttering a loud cry, the mouse Prime Minister fainted.

No longer under the control of magic, those enraged mice suddenly dropped down due to fatigue. The soldiers apparently didn’t understand the meaning of “courage”. Seeing their leader caught, everyone scattered and fled away after hearing a loud shout.

Du-Wei knocked down a few more like cutting a melon, then threw away the knife covered in blood and flesh of the mice. “Disgusting, will I be infected with the mouse plague?”

“First kill the mouse leader……” Du-Wei plained, “Is this not the Evil Eye Kingdom? Why does it feel’s like a rat’s nest? Could the Evil Eye also be a mouse?”

Hussein lifted the mouse Prime Minister up and was about to chop down with his sword, but the fainted guy suddenly woke up and saw the shining sword. Scared out of his wits, the mouse cried out. “Mercy! Mercy! Hero, please have mercy!”

Du-Wei smiled, “The reason? Give me a reason. I’ll count to three and if you can’t say it, then we’ll kill you.”

“I have a 80 year old mother, a under three years old son……” The mouse Prime Minister shouted.

“One,” Du-Wei remained unmoved.

“I surrender, I will follow you!!!”

“We don’t need a pet mice, two!”

“This … … I can work for you, I work hard, eat less than a chicken, work more than cow!”

“I have plenty of servants already, three!”

Seeing the sword the ing down, the mouse Prime Minister shouted. “I’m also a human!”

“Wait a minute!” Du-Wei stopped Hussien’s sword. Staring at the mouse Prime Minister, “What did you just say?”

“I am also a human … … Or used to be.” The mouse Prime Minister started to shake, “I used to be a human mage!”


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