Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 78

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78th chapter “The Animal Kingdom?

Evil Eye kingdom….

Evil Eye King?

Du-Wei had a wry smile as he spoke, “Could it be that this guy has already built a nation here and proclaimed himself king? A animal kingdom? Monster Kingdom?”

Seeing this notice piqued the curiosity Du-Wei had about this “Evil Eye Tyrant”.

“Offer up an eye….” Hussein made a sneering sound, then suddenly took a step backwards. Before Du-Wei and Dadaneier could react, the knight has already cut down with his sword against the giant stone. As the stone split into two halves, a clicking sound could be heard just before the pieces fell down to the ground. Afterwards, there was a trace of golden light in Hussein’s eye as he takes a step forward again. With his feet on the surface of the stone, Hussein easily crushed it into rubble. “I’d like to see this king.”

At this time, the sound of a couple of crows singing could be heard. From afar, the group could see inside the Canyon was a withered tree and on top of the dead branches were a few crows. These crows kept cracking at at the trio and one of the crows could even speak the human tongue as it cried out. “Outside! Outsider!”

Once it finished talking, the crow flapped its wings and let out a cry of “go and inform”. Like a signal, the other few crows flew into the air and headed into the Canyon valley.

Hussein coldly sneered before casually kicking a few rocks near its foot. Then two shoop shoop sounds could be heard as the stones shot down two crows from afar. Suddenly, two sets of feathers could be seen from afar because the birds were pulverized from impact. Despite this, one crow was intentionally left alive to bring the news along.

“Oh, you should have put them all down.” Du-Wei sighed, “It’s not good to let the person get ready.”

“I deliberately left it.” After saying that, Hussein went ahead with big strides as he headed inside the Canyon.

Dadaneier pulled against Du-Wei a bit to get his attention, then with a normal face, he pulled out a small bag from his body. Once he finished removing the multiple layers of covering, many blackish items were revealed. “These items are what I personally carried with me to deal with the golden eye python. The most powerful characteristic of the python is its eyes and if you so much as glance at it, you will fall victim to its petrification magic. These several items were created by the Lister family only after spending a huge price and reading through many ancient books.

Du-Wei only gave the items a glimpse, yet he couldn’t help himself but say, “Sunglasses?”

“What?” Dadaneier asked instead.

“Oh, nothing.” Du-Wei shook his head at once. From appearance alone, the items that Dadaneier took out was similar to an item in Du-Wei’s past life known as “sunglasses”.

Every piece of the item was very small. The two slices of black crystal were polished till it was almost translucent and was fastened to a golden frame to secure it in place. Then on the sides were two leather holsters to keep it fastened to the ears.

“These black Crystals are very rare and only after putting in a lot of effort, were we able to buy them.” Dadaneier smiled, “Do not underestimate these things. Just these things alone cost us 80,000 gold pieces to purchase. We came into these woods with eight people and each person carried with them a piece. Now that I have eight of these in my possession to use among the three of us, it should be more than enough for each of us to wear a piece when dealing with the gold eye python. We won’t have to be afraid of the python and also I think that person called the “Evil Eye Tyrant” has something strange going on with its eyes. Maybe these items will be useful when the times e.”

“Don’t thank me, I should be thanking you.” Dadaneier looked strange as he whispered, “I know it very well, with the power of my party alone, it wouldn’t have even been enough to protect ourselves. Without your help, it would have been virtually impossible to get here….. Regardless of what kind of people you are, I owe you guys a big favor.””Thank you.” Du-Wei didn’t refuse and reached out to take a pair of “sunglasses” to wear.

Once these words “Regardless of what kind of people you are” is out, Du-Wei can’t help but feel somewhat embarrassed. He originally gave Dadaneier a false name, but later on with Hussein joining the team, he could no longer hide it because the knight knew his real identity. It was inevitable that Hussein would call out his real name, even if he doesn’t call out his name, the occasional shouting of “Boy of the Rowling House” is enough to reveal his true identity.

Even though Dadaneier also heard this, he didn’t say anything.

Today, his little facade was shattered like a glass window. Du-Wei can’t help but feel awkward from this situation. Dadaneier has always been very open and honest towards him, but he has been deceiving his fellow panion for so many days. (And during the first meeting with Hussein, Dadaneier tried to protect Du-Wei despite knowing defeat was inevitable) Du-Wei really cherished this relationship.

With a look of shame, Du-Wei whispered, “OK, Dadaneier… I’m not intentionally trying to fool you…… Well then, my real name is Du-Wei and I’m from the Rowling family. My father is Earl Raymond….. I request your understanding because I don’t want the fact that I’m learning magic to be spread among a lot of people.”

Dadaneier laughed, then embraced Du-Wei with open arms. “Whoever you are, you are my friend and benefactor. It doesn’t matter if you are a magician, you are you. I swear that I will help you to keep it a secret.”

The three men kept moving forward until a loud sound of rocks colliding, shouting, and crying reached them from the front.

The trio looked at each other before picking up speed. Du-Wei’s hand-shrank into his sleeve, and Dadaneier readied his bow and arrow, while Hussein strode forward in the front of the group ready to face whatever was awaiting them.

Turning the final corner, the land in front of them opened up, but Du-Wei couldn’t help but feel a little surprised at the scene before them.

Before them was a field about the size of a football stadium or maybe even bigger.

Right here was a city wall currently being built!

Yes, no lie’s, it is a city wall!!

Some tall giant thing was walking back and forth, carrying big slabs of squared stones and piling it up together……

Next to it was a group of diminutive gray beings full of body fur, looking something like that of a Groundhog. Whips in hand while running around, it looked like they are acting like overseers!

These overseers are slightly shorter than the average human… it seems as though a mouse had evolved into a human being. These things looked like a mouse, but walked upright with each step they took. And on their bodies hung barks or animal skins like that of “clothing’s”.

With a vine whip in hand, these things would from time to time whip the stone carrying giants, then scold them in a sharp voice.

And those giants carrying the stones…… Du-Wei was clearly surprised by this.

Those poor “slaves” were actually all Treants!

No, to be more precise, it was a group of Treant “panions”! But soon, Du-Wei detected something strange.

The Treant “Companion” class beings no longer had a body of wood! Instead, their body has been turned into stone! As if caused by some petrification magic, they were moving awkwardly back and forth like mechanical machines, laboriously working without stop.

Moreover, those mice supervisors were very short, but these petrified Treant panions acted as if they were afraid of those supervisors. Or rather, they were afraid the whip in their hands!

These whips in the mouse’s hand seemed to have some kind of magic. Although their heights would only allow their whips to reach the torso of the Treant panions, but the Treant panions howled in pain every time they were hit.

Du-Wei and his panions went closer, but was soon noticed by the supervisors. Immediately, there was screaming and crying in the air, “Outsider! Outsider!……”

Unfortunately, before he could finish another word, Hussein snorted and with a golden flash, the mouse’s head was beaten to a pulp.

This one action caused the other supervisors to be terrified. As they cried out while fleeing in all directions, the petrified Treant panions dropped their stones in hand and stood there motionless. In their state of panic, some of the supervisors ended up bumping into the legs of the Treant panions, knocking themselves out.

“Hey, you acted too fast.” Du-Wei sighed.

“We have to cause a ruckus anyways.” Hussein didn’t care.

Then suddenly the sound of a horn could be heard behind the half pleted city wall. From the city gate, a team of soldiers rushed out.

Du-Wei felt this trip was truly an eye-opener. The supervising mouses could actually walk upright and spit out criticism from its mouth This was enough to pique the curiosity in Du-Wei regarding this animal kingdom, but the best part was the team of soldiers that came out of the city walls. The scene that followed caused him to laugh so hard that his stomach almost broke.

This is a team of cavalry?

Approximately more than 10 soldiers were ing towards them while riding on their “mounts”. They looked a lot stronger than the supervising mouse’s from earlier. Every soldier donned a uniform style armor, but the armor was made from animal skins. In the back, there was even someone holding a linen woven flag and a giant eyeball patten was clearly drawn on it.

And the mount ridden by the cavalry team was of course not a horse…… Instead, the whole team was riding on a team of giant trees.

Although they were not horses, these giant trees looked plete and not lacking in anyway. From afar, it looked like a mouse was riding a silent tree.

But these guys were clearly full of killing intent as they flew out of the gate and quickly surrounded the trio. From the group, a large mouse pointed a sharp spear like stick at the trio, then shouted in a sharp and unpleasant voice. “Outsider, why have you e to the territory belonging to the great evil eye king! State your purpose and pay your taxes!”

Du-Wei slightly smiled, “evil eye King…… I’ve never heard of such a King…… Excuse me, what is it that you want?”

“We are the cavalry under his Majesty the King!” The mouse captain pressed out his chest with pride, “Under the mand of the kingdoms Prime Minister, we are here to rebuild the wall and is also responsible for the checkpoint here! Outsiders, quickly pay your taxes and dig out one of your eyes. Then we will allow you to get out of here safely!”

The Prime Minister? Du-Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or stare…… The evil eye tyrant seemed to be very addicted at playing the game of building a nation…… For there to be a Prime Minister?

However, in any case, having more than 10 mouse’s pointing a stick at three highly strengthened human is hardly a threat…. Even though the mouse’s head was very large.

“We are here to seek an audience with the evil eye King.” Du-Wei couldn’t help but laugh out in a HAHAHA manner.

The Cavalry Captain paused for a bit…… In fact, the kingdom in this Canyon valley had very few visitors. As a captain of the Royal Cavalry, there was very little opportunity to show off his power and prestige to outsiders…… Everyday ordering the Treants to carry those stones was getting pointless. To see the trio of outsiders, the captain was actually very excited in his heart at wanting to show off. With a loud shout, “Nonsense! Do you think you can see the king just because you say so? Quickly dig your eyes out and then get out!”

Du-Wei sighed, no longer speaking.

Hussein started to make his move. The sword in the knight’s hand made a circle, then with a golden ray, the stick in the mouse’s hand was torn apart. The head of the cavalry captain rolled under and beneath the trees, then everyone jumped and scattered away.

Looking at the dead rat, Du-Wei was somewhat nauseated. “Can’t you make this a bit cleaner?” Kicking his shoes to remove some of the mouse hair, Du-Wei shook his head and moved on.

He shouted a few words towards the petrified trees, but these Treant panions had little intelligence and couldn’t speak. So Du-Wei gave up his intentions and continued walking with his two panions through the half built city wall, heading further into the Canyon.

Through the city walls, the scene in the Canyon was immediately different.

Neatly lined with trees on both sides… … All were once lively trees but has now been felled and petrified. Now both sides of the road revealed a kind of eerily deathly scent.

The flooring below their feet was made of wood, but it seems that all the buildings here were made of rocks.

There were actually buildings made out of stones on both sides. All the doors and windows of the buildings were dug out, giving it a clear shape. Du-Wei could see there was something vague looking over their shoulders.

Just like this, the trio blatantly walked into this strange land of a “kingdom”.


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