Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 74

Night Mode

Once Hussein finished speaking, he lightly waved his sword through the air in self defense. While in the knight’s hand, a muffled ringing sound could be heard even though the sword was broken. The sound carried a murderous chilling atmosphere and while standing next to Hussein, Du Wei can clearly feel a hair raising chill through his side.

Dadaneier was also nervously looking around. “What did you find? Could it be the golden eye Python?”

“No,” Hussein spoke coldly. “Golden eye Pythons are solitary magical beasts, while there are a lot of these things around.”

In the air, there was a faint voice like that of rustling leaves and branches. Then from a distance, a buckling sound was oscillating around the area, causing the snow on top of the trees and rocks to flutter down to the ground.

In addition, Du Wei also heard a strange voice like that of a conversation. The buzzes were not like that of a human’s voice, nor a howl like that of magical beast. Among the shaking sounds of rustling leaves, the sounds of swarming bees could be heard….

Then all of a sudden, snipping sounds could be heard from numerous places, like those of wood breaking.

What happened after was a real eye opener for Du Wei.

About 20 paces from them, a cedar tree suddenly shook as it pulled its roots out from the snow! Shaking a few times to remove the soil and ice clinging to it, the huge roots split into two sections like a person’s leg. Then in a clumsy way, it took two steps forward!

Du Wei suddenly breaks out of his shock!

That buzzing rustling sound was like some sort of wakeup signal. Soon, in the surrounding forest, countless number of trees started to shake as if awaking from slumber! Pulling out their roots from the snow, the trees started to walk awkwardly towards them.

Du Wei and Dadaneier were already frozen in place as they watched. As for Hussein, his face had a thoughtful look as he peered at the living trees.

The “Treants” increased in numbers as they gathered. With more than 10 to a couple of dozen of these huge bulking bodies packed towards them from the Canyon entrance, all the while keeping a certain distance from them. These trees didn’t have eyes or mouths, but they did have a lot of arms! Curling their branches up, many of these “Treants” picked up something to be used as “weapons”.

In the mix, there were huge stones, while some were frosted soil from the ground, and some simply grabbed chunks of ice with their vines.

“They are…… Readying to attack us?!” Du Wei shouted, “We need to move back! Head into the Canyon!”

“Wait a minute, just wait a while!” Hussein spoke in a steady voice, “These are Treants, I know they are creatures…… However, Treants are docile magical creatures. They never take the initiative to attack something, so don’t move! If they are provoked, they can wake up more trees! Don’t forget, we are in the frozen forest, there are trees everywhere!

Suddenly, several Treants standing in the front row lets out a strange ROAR as if stirred by the dialogue between the two. (Du Wei could not understand how these things without a mouth, could let out a roaring sound). While roaring, a few Treants used their “hands” to roll up rocks and ice to throw towards the three men!

With a cry, Du Wei quickly chanted a spell and shot forth two wind blades at the huge mass of ice in the air, shattering it.

Facing a dense barrage of rocks facing down upon them, Saddam Hussein suddenly grabbed Du Wei’s the collar with one hand, then with his other hand holding a sword handle, he shoved it against Dadaneier’s chest to push him out of the way. Afterwards, Hussein also jumped away with Du Wei in tow.

The collision of dense raining rocks echoed in the Canyon. The large open area where the three men stood before have been cratered with countless large holes. Gripped with horror from the scene, Du Wei stared at Hussein as he spoke. “Dude, what did you just say? Mild temper? Never take the initiative to attack? They clearly wanted and almost mashed us into mud!”

From a distance, a Treant came towards them in big strides and crushed one of the stone statues, then uttered a roar.

Behind it, hundreds of large Treants have subsequently issued a flurry of tsunami-like cries.

“Hey! They are not very friendly! It’s like they are about to strike at us! Are we going to stand here?” Du Wei wore a bitter and wry smile.

“Your words are nonsense! There are trees everywhere in this place, unless you can immediately run out of the frozen forest! Otherwise, all the trees throughout the forest can be awakened to be their allies! So don’t provoke them!

“Damn it, I didn’t provoke them.” Du Wei scolded with a smile.

One Treant suddenly bent down and swept at the three men with its huge branches. Also somewhat annoyed, a pale golden light flashed across Hussein’s body. With one swing of his broken sword, a golden light flashed across the tree’s “hand” and sliced it apart.

Once the Knight made his move, he didn’t hold back and went all the way! After setting Du Wei down, the knight leaped towards the front of the enemy. In one move, he bypassed a Treant’s large awl like feet, then with his backhand, he cut the leg in a cross motion. In a snap, the leg of the treant was severed, causing the unstable tree to fall down immediately.

The weakness of this huge creature is its slow movement. When a tree falls, it would definitely crush three to four panions with it. Like that of a domino, when one falls, the rest goes with it.

The Knight simply rushed into the crowd of trees. Physically small, he kept jumping and running to and fro between the trees. While the treants simply couldn’t hit him, his sword has already cut down seven or eight trees. And many of the counter attacks by the Treants ended up hitting their mate’s body, causing a rolling queue…. (Note I didn’t really understand this meaning in Chinese, so I had no choice but to leave it be from the translator -一rg淙说年列里人仰R翻……)

Just when Du Wei felt reassured, he could hear a distant whirring and buzzing sound picking up pace. It was as if the Treants were being manded, suddenly, all the Treants sent out a roar. No longer acting clumsily as they try to land a hit on Hussein, instead, the Treants shed off their leaves and swept towards Hussein in a razor sharp sound!

This attack was much more horrifying than the previous, even parable to countless magicians simultaneously shooting forth numerous wind blades! No matter how fast the knight is capable of, he is not immune to the attacks from all directions. After rolling around the ground to dodge, his Dou Qi dispersed and spread around his body. The entirety of the knight and the air around him became like that of a golden ball, blocking off the attacking leaves….. In mere moments, the masses of leaves bouncing off the light have piled up like a haystack and almost covered the knight’s body.

It’s not that Du Wei didn’t want to help the knight, in fact, he wanted to help. But just when he peeked his head out from behind a the rock he was hiding behind, two leaves flew and nailed into the rock in front of them. The soft leaves were able to penetrate deeply into the rocks so they had no choice but be honest to themselves and hide.

At this point, the leaves have already covered Hussein entirely, even so, the Knight didn’t give up. Spreading out his arms, the knight took in a deep breath. Suddenly, a vindictive surge of energy erupts from his body and blew the leaves away. Despite being protected by his Dou Qi, he did receive a barrage of attacks over a long period of time, so his body would still be strained. In appearance, Hussein’s eyes now carried a golden glow and the sword he was carrying was shining with a golden light.

Hiding behind the rocks, Du Wei could only hear the sound of a loud explosion…


In one swing, the golden sword instantly cuts down a group of Treants in one area. Even the nearby Treants cracked and broke apart from the impact shock wave of the invincible golden sword Dou Qi (aura). The results were piles of crumbing woods littering the ground.

This one skill of Hussein’s was alarmingly dangerous. After the golden light dims and dispersed, the surrounding 20 meters of land surrounding him was littered with broken pieces of wood. The Treants lucky enough to be further away still ended up lying on the ground. In one sword strike, half of the hundreds of Treants were killed by him!

But this one sword strike obviously consumed a lot of energy from the knight. He was already injured to begin with so his strength was far from recovered. After the use of this skill, his breathing became uneven and a whistling sound could be heard from his mouth. No longer able to withstand the strain on his body any longer, sweat could be seen on his forehead as he held his sword tip facing the ground.

Du Wei and Dadaneier gave each other one look before jumping out from behind the rocks, then quickly ran to Hussein’s side. Immediately, Dadaneier quickly dragged Hussein with him as he ran back towards the rock they were hiding behind. As for Du Wei, ignoring the consumption of magical energy within himself, he shot forth as many fireballs as he could within one breath and lit the heaps of woods on fire. Turning around as fast as he could, Du Wei followed closely behind the other two.

“Run into the Canyon!” Du Wei cried.

“How are we supposed to run?! The entrance leading into the Canyon was blocked!” Dadaneier exclaimed.

The stone throw from the first attack earlier had already blocked off the narrow entrance in the Canyon.

“Then let’s first hide behind the rocks!” Du Wei cried.

The group retreated back to where the two men hid themselves earlier. But behind them, the vibrating rustling and buzzing sound could be heard again from the forest. This time, the sound was traveling even further then before.

“They are summoning more panions.” Hussain sighed, “Let me go, I merely over exhausted myself a bit from that one sword strike…. If it was the normal me, I would take them all down in one strike.

“If it was the normal you, still a Holy Knight, then you wouldn’t have even been chased to this place.” Du Wei showed a wry smile, “You are injured and your strength is only at thirty to forty percent, you can’t cope with the endless amount of monsters. Maybe you can call the old fool out? I think against these things, physical force will be useless against them and the best solution is to use large scale proximity magic.”

“Wait a moment, something seems wrong……” Dadaneier peaks his eyes out on top of the rock to see, then suddenly looked down, “They are not attacking, instead, they are retreating to the back as If waiting for something!”

“What?” Du Wei also sticks his head out.


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