Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 72

Night Mode


This matter once again involved his Majesty the emperor?

Others may not know, but Du-Wei knew!

Holy Knights? What a joke! Holy Knights are the defender of the temple of light and defender of god’s authority on humanity. God damn it! The so-called strongest under the sky Aragon, Du-Wei understood it the most clearly where his strength came from. It was from making an exchange deal with old Chris, the Devil’s servant.

The power came from the Devil’s power, but this power allowed him to bee a Holy Knight, defender of God?

However, Du-Wei also remembered that the great founding emperor did indeed seem to have a close relationship to the Temple. While he was unifying the continent, he did receive support from the temple. Perhaps he really did join the Holy Knights?

It is not difficult to understand when talking about a founding emperor to draw on all forces available to him. One method of gaining their support is to join the organization and in this case, the holy temple itself.

However, his power came from the devil, but hung it on behalf of god’s name. It is truly ironic.

Hussein facial expression acted in an elusive way, the Knight’s mental state began floating away…… Fortunately, he was not mad. While under the effect of the ice Berry, the already weakened mental powers of the injured will of course be influenced in certain ways.

Du-Wei really wanted to continue inquiring. He wanted to know while the knight was in the sanctuary, what it is that he found within the badge of Aragon.

What exactly did Hussein mean when he said “nightmare”? Could it be whatever was left by Aragon actually came from the Devil?

Hussein’s eyes unfocused and his voice grew fainter and vague.

Originally, a little bit of the ice berry would not be able to put the knight’s tough nerves into disorder. But when faced with so many days of misfortune and torturous events, the knight’s mental state was already unstable.

Like a depressed person drinking, it is particularly easy to get drunk.

Hussein sat and lay sprawled down in the snow while still muttering, “Nightmare…… Nightmare…… I. Nightmare……”

With that said, he closed his eyes and slept with a loud snore.

Plagued with unbearable pain, Hussein has gone many days without sleep and tired himself out. Although when one reaches his limit, he can raise his Dou Qi (energy) to reduce his exhaustion. However, this method was like squeezing the life out of one’s potential, after all, this is not a righteous method.

After a long time without sleep, Hussein finally relaxed his nerves under the effect of the ice berries. That night, he went to bed feeling unusually sweet, not haunted by the pain. With his body fully relaxed, he didn’t even dream and just slept all the way to the next day.

“Good morning.” Du-Wei used one hand to push Hussein awake. After awaking from his deep sleep, the knight felt his whole body bee loose and lazy. In a confused state, he opened his eyes to see Du-Wei’s face up close.

Suddenly startled, Hussein sharply stood up. The knight showed a remorseful face while speaking in a heavy tone, “how long have I been asleep?”

“Not very long, only one night.” Du-Wei curled his mouth, seeing the knight’s body has been stretched to the limit. “If you didn’t sleep, then I’m afraid you wouldn’t have lasted for long.”

Too careless! The Knight rebuked himself inside his heart. In such a place, how could he sleep like a dead pig and pletely lose his senses of the surroundings. To even have someone push him awake, how could he be so relaxed? In this situation, it is absolutely not allowed.

“Well, don’t blame yourself.” Looking at Hussein’s expression, Du-Wei understood the other person’s thought. He smiled and said, “You are a man, not a God. Even a God can get tired and besides, you are seriously injured. You also need a good sleep to replenish your strength. You see? Your spirit and body looked much better than yesterday.”

Hussein took a deep breath and did feel his energy recovered a lot. He clenched his fist and a crunching sound could be heard from his actions, then he stood up to do a few stretching movements.

He opened the tent’s curtain and strode out.

Once out of the tent, Hussein saw Dadaneier was currently using a stone to sharpen a curved blade. The rubbing was making a rustling friction sound and Dadaneier’s face was reflected on the blade’s surface.

Dadaneier gave an unfriendly look towards the knight. No matter what, this guy did seriously injure Dadaneier the other day.

Earlier that morning when Dadaneier awoke, he still seemed somewhat weak, but his injury has already healed. Then Du-Wei immediately explained what happened yesterday to Dadaneier.

Once he was informed that the powerful knight from yesterday; has now turned into their panion. Dadaneier was somewhat shocked and his emotion was having trouble adapting.

After all, this is normal for regarding a man that only yesterday has caused you to vomit blood and nearly killed you. Then the next day you wake up, you are to hug him and bee good friends with him. How can that happen!

The two glanced at each other, making eye contact. After adequate rest and sleep, the knight’s bad temper has gotten a lot better. After all, a person will be in a grumpy mood when they are extremely tired and at this moment, Hussein looked a lot better. He gave Dadaneier a look and hesitated, then gave the other a smile: “Oh, you’re awake…… Well, that’s a good knife.”

Dadaneier didn’t speak, but nodded as he continued sharpening his curved blade. This was actually Du-Wei’s blade; his own blade already shattered into pieces by Hussein. Thinking back on it, he wasn’t even able to take on one simple strike by a wounded opponent. This reality has hurt Dadaneier’s pride, that’s the reason why his attitude was so cold.

But Dadaneier is after all a candid and good man. After a little bit of embarrassment, he then pointed to the wok (A Chinese pan/pot) on the fire. “There’s soup in the wok, you should drink a little.”

“Fortunately, the pot wasn’t broken yesterday or we wouldn’t even have access to water.” Du-Wei laughed from the side and then he went to the snow field, stretching his body. Facing the wind; he performed the outlandish set of routine actions according to what the old magician taught him.

Du-Wei repeated this routine three times, until his body naturally gives off a sense of warmth and the cold wind no longer felt as cold when blew against his body. Du-Wei took a deep breath, ending his movement.

Next to him, Hussein was carrying a smile as he looked at Du-Wei’s action. His eyes acted as if Du-Wei didn’t understand something.

Waiting until Du-Wei was done. Hussein suddenly picked up his eyebrow. “Undying old fool taught you this? I mean this set of routine.”

Du-Wei did not shy away from the question. “Yes, using this to fend off the cold is very effective and seems to have good effects on one’s health.”

“Your practice was good, why not continue?” Hussein smiled.

“Continue? But he already finished.” Du-Wei looked at Saddam Hussein. Then his heart ached at the sudden thought of something.

“I just knew it……” Hussein seemed to whisper a sentence and then with a smile, “Well, listen kid, this set of action you are doing is actually the most basic. I think you practiced pretty well, do you want to learn a new higher level set of actions? The old fool would only teach you the first level of the basic routines and won’t teach you the rest, but I can teach you.”

With that said the Knight crossed his arms and looked at Du-Wei with a smile.

Du-Wei immediately nodded. Du-Wei is increasingly experiencing the benefits of this action, in addition to keeping out the cold; Du-Wei could feel his body getting stronger day by day. Originally with his weak body, he could never have supported himself through so many days in this snow and wind. He probably would have already bee ill, but now, Du-Wei’s body seemed to be even slightly better than his peers.

The Knight immediately went to Du-Wei’s side and asked him to sit down. Then the Knight reached out his hand to slowly touch several bones in Du-Wei’s body, carefully pinching each spot, then closed his eyes in thought for a moment. When he opened his eyes again, he sighed softly. “How unfortunate, you looked pretty smart, but the potential of your body is too poor. I’m afraid you are not born with the potential to be a good martial artist inside you. Even if you learn this set of actions, I’m afraid you won’t achieve the expected results. You probably won’t have a chance to bee a top fighter. A waste…. Such a waste.

With that said the knight shook his head and showed a look of pity.

Du-Wei did not think it was unfortunate. In fact, he did not have much interest in being a powerful Warrior. But if it can make his body slightly stronger, he was still very willing to do so. Du-Wei just laughed, “I don’t feel it was a pity, I had no intention of being a powerful Warrior.”

“What do you know?” Saddam Hussein gave Du-Wei a cold glance. “You simply don’t know what you are practicing! On this whole continent, for thousands of years, only three people have had the opportunity to learn this set of action. Humph….. If a qualified person learned it and practiced hard, he would definitely have the potential to bee one of the strongest on the continent! Sigh…… Unfortunately, your physical condition is far too poor, even though you have the chance to learn it.”

Du-Wei was interested, “This set of action…… What the hell is it?”

Hussein did not immediately reply. He eyed Dadaneier, whom is currently adding fuel to the fire and politely said, “This person is….”

“I am called Dadaneier, I know what you mean. I was just going into the woods to find something.”

With that said Dadaneier put down the things from his hand and walked away in big strides.

“Thank you.” Hussein spoke while looking at the fading silhouette of Dadaneier.

All fighters on the continent are aware of this rule. When others are teaching martial art skills, it is very impolite for others to watch on the sideline. Unless those observers wanted to secretly learn it, at the time of transferring their skills, many masters will not let anyone peek at their martial arts.

“Boy, I’m going to first perform a segment and see how much you can remember.” The Knight stretched and moved to a snow covered ground, then performed the first move.

When Hussein moved to the snow covered ground, Du-Wei opened his eyes, carefully observing Hussein’s actions. His set of action pared to what the old magician taught him is similar…… Only similar.

But much, much more difficult!

There are several actions; Du-Wei watched on, almost unable to hold in a sigh….. Unless the person’s joints are able to freely rotate 360 degrees, those movements simply cannot be humanly possible,

And those ligaments…. Du-Wei suspected, even with the gymnasts from his previous world, they would not achieve that level of flexibility!

Watching the continent’s number one Knight standing there, capable of freely distorting his body like a noodle, the scene can’t help but give off a creepy feeling.

After a set of action is finished, a lot of sweat was apparent on Saddam Hussein’s forehead and of course, this is not due to exhaustion but due to overheating.

“These basic exercises are meant to train your body, letting your body increase its flexibility exponentially. In future battles, your strength, agility, speed, and the most importantly is the ability to fight, all will increase exponentially!” Hussein explained.

Ability to fight…… This point caused Du-Wei to feel very touched.

If he can really train himself to bee like Saddam Hussein, soft and flexible like spaghetti…… Then other people’s joint breaking punches will have no effect because his joints are free to bend at will……. This is of course a big advantage.

But…… This can’t be so simple. Otherwise, wouldn’t every acrobats and gymnasts from Du-Wei’s past life be a peerless master?

“Of course, it’s not so easy to improve.” Hussain added. “These are just the basic. When you have mastered the basic sets of actions and your body’s ability have reached a limit, at that time, your body is ready to train in the advanced level contents of Dou Qi.

“Dou Qi?” Du-Wei smiled: “You mean this set of basic action is in fact the basis of the training method?”

“Not normal Dou Qi.” Hussein spoke in a low voice, “You don’t need to know now, wait till you reached the level I think is passable, and then I’ll consider teaching you. Now, do it again so I can see how much you know.”

Du-Wei immediately took a few steps forward. While standing in the snow, he recalled the actions Hussein made and started moving his body.

Du-Wei remembered this set of movement very quickly. Thanks to what the old magician taught him and the basis he had from days of practice, he was able to perform this new set of action without much difficulty. But Du-Wei wasn’t able to perform a lot of actions with higher requirement; after all, he didn’t have the ability to rotate his joints 360 degrees like twisted noodles.

“Very good, you learned very quickly.” Although Hussein praised him, his expression grew regretful. Shaking his head as he spoke, “Unfortunate, how unfortunate…… ”

Hussein could see Du-Wei was able to learn quickly and is very clever, but at the thought of his natural physique, he felt it was unfortunate that Du-Wei is unable to develop into a top expert.

Du-Wei learned extremely fast, after all, his spiritual power, memory and the ability to imitate are beyond ordinary.

Moreover, once one set is finished, Du-Wei would suddenly feel his body having a reaction!


This point was what Du-Wei felt is the strongest at the moment!

When he pleted the set taught by the old magician, his body emitted a faint warm feeling, but this time, it was different…… When he finished the set of action taught to him by Hussein, Du-Wei felt like a fire is burning inside his body. The flame seemed to be very powerful, as if he was actually inside the fire itself!

He was constantly sweating and his tight-fitting clothes were soon soaked with sweat. He even felt thirsty and couldn’t help but want to drink water.

With a very serious face, Hussein pulled onto Du-Wei and then quickly whispered in his ear a bunch of formulas. “Keep in mind, the cultivation of this set of action must coincide with the formula in order to have any real effect! The old fool didn’t know this formula because he studied only magic, so he hasn’t learned any of this. I personally don’t really understand the meaning of these formulas, but you just have to follow the lines.

This formula is very strange. Under the guidance of Hussein, Du-Wei sat in the snow, closing his eyes to feel the fire in his body. The heat conversed inside his body, like running a high fever. With the guidance of the formula, he used his spiritual power to guide the heat inside him.

Something strange happened!

A stream of hot air seemed endless inside his body, waves after waves of heat hit Du-Wei, almost causing him to pass out. However, while in pain, he also felt a strange sense of fort.

“I’m afraid in this world, not many people liked to be grilled.” Du-Wei laughed at himself.

With his eyes closed, Du-Wei did not know his sweat has drenched his clothes. Even the snow where his butt sat has melted away.

The heat roasted his body, bones, and muscles, while invisibly fixing some of his weaknesses and changing his body. Of course, the naked eye cannot see these changes.

After a long time has passed, Du-Wei opened his eyes to see the sun is already on top of his head. In one sitting, he actually sat all the way till noon.

Hussein sat beside him, with a faint smile as he looked at him. “Well, the first time is usually the longest. Next time when practicing, you won’t be sitting for such lengths as long as you perform the set of action while chanting the formula to guide the heat.

Du-Wei stretched out his hands while his body felt warm and fy. When the cold wind blew against his body, he couldn’t feel the slightest chill and broke out in a sweat.

“This…… Is Dou Qi?”

“It is still too early to think that!” Saddam Hussein mocked him. “It’s just the most basic method of exercise; the distance from practicing Dou Qi is still far, far away! This current training will only improve your fitness a lot, but won’t let you bee a master.”

Then Hussein whispered, “The person whom created this kind of cultivation method left behind these words. (No matter how strong the person is in nature, whether his Dou Qi is good, or whatever is good, it is all just energy. Our body is also energy, but in order to live in this world, we need to breathe the air, drink the water, and eat to supplement the body’s lost energy. However, each body is different as some can only absorb 30 to 40 percent of what they take in, while some can absorb a bit more than others. This method of cultivation makes the person’s body even stronger and purer, lowering the energy consumption and waste. From then on, when you absorb energy from eating, drinking, and even the process of breathing, your body will naturally absorb the energy. If you are a man of cultivation, whether you practice magic or martial skills, your cultivation will be faster than others because your body has been slowly improving. You will also have an easier time producing energy while reducing energy consumption.)”

I see….. In his heart, Du-Wei gives his own definition of this cultivation method. “It’s like a “single-cylinder engine” turning into a more powerful “twin-cylinder engine”!

“Good, now go take a bath. Your whole body stinks!” Saddam Hussein pushed Du-Wei away.

In this weather, Du-Wei just took off his clothes, and picked up a handful of snow to physically rub onto his skin. Without any cold sensation, it was like taking a pleasant cold bath in the summer. Du-Wei was very happy and enjoying the change in himself…… In his view, this can also satisfy his own hearts vanity (excessive pride).

Caught in this snow covered land using snow to brush one’s own body and not feel even a little bit cold…… This feeling is like a very “tough guy”, isn’t it? HA HA.

Seeing the happy Du-Wei bathing in the snow, Hussein sat next to the tent contemplating, and then he sighed softly.

That’s still good…… He cannot say when he might die. If he did die, then no one would be able to pass this on into the future.

No matter how….. Aragon, I have spread out your set of “Stars Dou Qi” method. Although you are my nightmares, but being a warrior, I cannot just look at this amazing martial skill being lost. This absolutely cannot happen.

Well…… Stars Dou Qi, we’ll see if this guy can satisfy me with his progress, maybe I can really pass on the real Stars Dou Qi to him.

Du-Wei did not know, the set of actions he is currently cultivating at this moment, was in fact the martial art skills of Aragon Roland. Nearly a thousand years ago, the founding emperor of the Roland Empire swept through the continent as the strongest and reached the pinnacle among experts by using the Stars Dou Qi…..

The stars… … A word related to the gods.

Of course, our little noble is only practicing the most basic of the physical method, if he progresses quickly enough, perhaps…

“Well then, we should hit the road.”

After stopping slightly, Hussein stood up and waved his hand. A strong wind from his hand immediately puts out the fire and at the same time, covered it with snow.

Dadaneier has already e back and began drawing the tent. All the while, Hussein shouted loudly at Du-Wei. “Boy, put on your clothes, I don’t want to see you naked butt!”


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