Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – chapter 71

Night Mode

No matter from any point of view, Hussein is definitely not a good panion to be traveling with.

Du-Wei has already stayed with Hussein for a day and have prepared for everything. After cutting up some branches, Du-Wei made a suggestion of putting the unconscious Dadaneier on a snow sled. It is an impossible event to expect Saddam Hussein pulling the snow sled when the knight himself also carried signs of injury all over his body. Even with a few looks, Du-Wei can’t help but feel a desire to vomit!

In many places, the fleshes are opened and revealing the inner bones! One wound is even giving off a stinky smell as a layer of tightly wrapped cloth binds around it. Those cuts are just too horrible!

The worst spot was actually Hussein’s stomach where a darker wound the size of a fist showed. I don’t know what he used to soothe the pain but probably things like magic. Upon closer inspection, a ring of muscle around the wound has pletely turned black. Even as the black muscles slowly heal…… the muscles continuously give out a bursting crackling sound!

If the wound kept healing, then repeatedly bursting open again, one can’t image the degree of pain he must be going through.

As Hussein bandages his wound, he explained the reasoning for this injury was due to the presiding judgment Lord of the temple. It is corrosion magic and even holy water cannot cure it. In order to cure this, one would need to find a high class Mage to expend a considerable amount of power to treat it.

The strength of the presiding judgment Lord is not to be taken lightly if he was able to inflict such a wound and almost take Hussein’s life. If it wasn’t because Hussein’s power was so close to a Saint Paladin, he would have probably to a certain degree used his inner energy to close the wound….

In this way, it has caused the knight greater suffering. In order to keep the wound under control from the corroding spell damage, he must always constantly use his energy to keep healing.

Thus, forming a delicate balance, but every moment Hussein suffers from the feeling of a “fresh pain”.

For a single man with such terrible wounds to walk so long in this damn snow, while constantly enduring enough pain to collapse a normal person…… Other than the occasional flash of pain in his eyes, Hussein carried a cold expressionless face that couldn’t even hum a snort. Yet he would still try to straighten his back and waist as he walks.

The temperament of this person is definitely not ordinary.

In this situation, his bad-temperament is even excusable.

Even in his own past life when Du-Wei experiences a toothache, he would also be in an irritable mood. Not to mention the knight’s body is experiencing an enormous level of pain at all times, the fact that Hussein can endure it and not have a nervous breakdown is already considered very good.

Du-Wei tried his best not to annoy the guy whom is like a powder keg and quietly pulled the sled through the snow while following behind the knight.

They headed in the north direction while walking along the Great Lakes. But the winds became more violent the farther north you go. Du-Wei has already covered most of his face with a leather hood and a fur coat, leaving only his pair of eyes unshielded. Even so, he could barely open his eyes while facing the wind.

Other than his eyes, he also couldn’t speak because every time he opened his mouth, a gust of wind and snow would stop him.

Almost entirely out of instinct, Du-Wei intentionally walked behind Hussein because his tall body would help shield a bit of the oning wind.

The walk through the snow is very exhausting and in-between the journey, the two ended up resting twice. Every time, Du-Wei would run off with a knife to cut down some trees in order to make a fire just to keep warm. During the entire time, Hussein didn’t even say a single word. He just sat in silence with his eyes closed and occasionally, some Dou Qi (energy) would appear.

Du-Wei knew that the knight is currently using his Dou Qi (energy) to suppress his injury while also keeping himself warm.

This action is like drinking poison to quench a thirst. Du-Wei is not a doctor, but he is after all an educated magic pharmacist. He can see the knight’s injury is very bad and his body’s health was almost close to collapsing. Using Dou Qi (energy) to forcibly suppress the pain can only last for a while, while his injury will continue to deteriorate.

But what else could be done?

“The old man left behind some holy water; I still have a little bit.” Du-Wei sighed, “Why don’t you use the holy water?”

In a cold manner, Hussein closed his eyes as he held onto the walking stick. “I cannot touch holy water. I’m a traitor to the church and also under a curse cast by them. Holy water is indeed good for healing injuries, but due to the curse, instead of healing my injuries, it would instead corrode my body. This method of punishment is mon practice for the church.”

Du-Wei thought for a moment as he identified a number of drugs from his bag. Some of these items were left by the old magician, while others were collected on the way when Du-Wei followed along with the Snow Wolf mercenary’s in the frozen forest. Many of these items were crudely processed into medical items.

Even though Du-Wei hates this person, they are still considered partners at this point. And in such a dangerous place where danger may appear at random, Du-Wei may need to rely on this person to protect himself. Du-Wei decided it’s for the best to take out the box of medicine.

Hussein’s facial expression may look kinder, but his voice was still very cold. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

He gave the medicine back to Du-Wei and continued to meditate with his eyes closed.

“Why?” Du-Wei frowned as he spoke, “This is something that I made. It is healing cream with coating powder and added with ‘Chiker synthetic grass juice’, capable of healing wounds. Where else would someone find such medicines in this forest?”

Hussein opened his eyes as he spoke, “I said no, so thank you, but I won’t use it.”

After pausing for a second, the knight finally added a sentence. “My injury was caused by the Dou Qi (Energy) of a ninth level knight; such injuries would continue to carry the Dou Qi (Energy) of the person that inflicted the injury. Ordinary pharmacy cannot heal such wounds. Unless a mighty and powerful sorcerer cast a spell to lift the foreign Dou Qi (energy) inside me, otherwise normal drugs would only increase my pain.

Du-Wei was silenced.

One can only imagine the knight’s experience. He killed two of the holy knight leaders, known as two of the strongest knights within the church. On top of that, he also killed the presiding judgment Lord of the temple and an eighth-level holy knight grouped with a number of senior holy knights!

This is a scary yet brilliant victorious record. But it’s not hard to imagine what he went through after so much bitter fighting. How serious is his bodily injury?

“Maybe this is useful for you then.” Du-Wei suddenly reached into his clothing’s for a moment, pulling out something like a white fruit.

From a point of view, this thing seemed to be a lump of ice, but the top is covered with thin lines. Holding it in his hand, a cool feeling can be felt through the skin. In addition, there is a faint fragrance…… Like an authentic mint leaves in Du-Wei’s past.

But this thing is not something of good. For many people, this item is more frightening than the devil itself!

The name of this thing is called “Ice Berries.”

It is this item that could be used to make a drug like ecstasy. (Before this, Gunnar solskjaer (the fake mage) also considered if they could use this stuff as raw materials to stimulate the mental minds of a human, but the idea was later dropped.)

“Ice berries?” Knight leaked out a surprised facial expression.

“Yes, it is an ice Berry.” Du-Wei spoke with a smile, “This stuff is hard to find. I only inadvertently found this on the road while traveling. You should know this stuff can cause hallucination…… However, if one is taking only a little bit at a time, you can reduce the pain even by a bit.”

Mentally, Du-Wei added another sentence. “Similar to opium….” Even in his past life from the other world, opium and morphine were considered drugs, but has also been used as medicine to relieve pain.

This item is not good or bad by nature, the key is how one uses it.

Saddam Hussein knew his stuff because he didn’t refuse to use it. Perhaps he couldn’t stand it anymore due to the pain from these past few days and nights. He took the ice berry then gently picked a bit with his nail and put it into his mouth…..

This miraculous item really is useful. Not even a moment has passed and the constantly frowning knight already looked a bit more relieved. His eyes opened, showing a touch of fort and his breathing sounded a lot better. “It really is more fortable…. Thank you. This damn pain has tortured me enough to keep me awake for the past few days.”

After a pause, Hussein glanced at Du-Wei. “Have you been studying magic potions? Now, very few magicians would take the time to study magic potions. Most magicians will only focus on magical experiments, while only those that cannot learn magic will go research magic pharmacy.”

Du-Wei smiled, “You said it right. I’m a magic pharmacist. In fact, I don’t even have the qualification to be a magician.”

Hussein did not think it was strange as he spoke in a light tone, “Oh? And what’s your relationship with that undying old fool?”

Undying old fool? Du-Wei thought it was quite amusing.

Due Wei did not answer, instead, he replied with a question. “What about you, what’s your relationship with him?”

Hussein was silent, spending a moment in thought. Then he spoke in a light tone, “Nothing much, just that he could be considered my senior. Our powers came from the same teacher.”


Du-Wei could not help but let out a chuckle, “I hear you are only 30 years old, right? While the old fool is probably a few hundred years old…… You?”

“No, I’m 31 years old. As for that that old fool…… only heaven knows how old he is! Hmm…..” It seems Saddam Hussein did not really want to talk about this. “In name, we are brothers due to having the same teacher, but in reality, I don’t really like him.” After a pause, he no longer continues the subject. “What about you? You look like you are probably not even 15 years old, who are you? Why e here?

“Actually, I’m not even 15 years old and even under the age of 14.” Du-Wei shrugged, “I’m from the Rowling household. As to why I came here, you would need to ask that old fool that question. I was captured by him….”

“Rowling household……” Hussein thought for a moment then suddenly laughed. He really laughed…. While looking at Du-Wei, the once murderous intent on this guy’s face now carried eyes of pleasure. “Ah! I seemed to have heard of you. Even in the Imperial capital, you are very famous. Rowling household’s idiot son, a few years ago, the imperial capital’s circle of aristocratic kept talking about you.”

“You may have heard,” Du-Wei spoke without care of the ‘idiot’ statement.

“Yes,” as if Hussein was immersed in his memory. “Holy knight leader Uncle Luke was also a noble. In the past, I was invited to a banquet of his uncle. At the time, Luke told me that recently the biggest news is the idiot son of Earl Raymond (Du-Wei father), and Luke’s uncle was originally going to arrange a marriage between the families. But when he heard of the news, he was so scared that he didn’t dare mention it again. I remember Luke……”

At this point, Hussein suddenly closed his mouth and his eyes slightly flashed.

Du-Wei also didn’t dare say anything and just kept looking at the knight.

“Luke…… I killed him.”

After a long time of silence, Hussein suddenly whispered a sentence.

His icy cold voice held a trace of untold sadness and a deep pain flashed across the knight’s eyes. He shakes his head as he speaks, “Yes, Luke was killed by me and the other knight leader was also killed by me. They all died under my sword.”

Du-Wei said nothing. Hussein had already turned his gaze into the distance, his voice seemed to be talking to himself. “Oh…… Lord Luke and the other knight leader…… There is also Gefeite, oh poor Gefeite. Like me, we were together in the training house and passed the examination to enter the Holy Knights. It was as if he was like my brother…… But I personally had to pierce through his heart. Let me think, who else…… Oh, there is Stella, the warmed hearted southerner. Whenever he prayed, he always carried a heavy southern accent and we used to always laugh at him. With one strike, he was sliced into two segments by me….”

Du-Wei was suddenly surprised to see a tear slowly roll down from Hussein’s cheek.

“They are all my friends, my brother, my rades. We all trained together, learned martial arts together, and rode together…… Now they died by my sword……“ Hussein’s eyes started to get frantic and he suddenly shouted, “Why! Why!! You know why?!”

He suddenly stood up with bloodshot eyes, staring at Du-Wei and in a low growl. “Do you know why!! Do you know!! ”

“…… I do not know.” Du-Wei frowned as he realized that some of the knight’s mental state was unstable. He cautiously took a few steps back.

“Because…… Hahahahahaha……” Hussein suddenly unconsciously began laughing. His laughter carried a taste of madness, “Because! Because his Majesty the Pope said, ‘Oh, it is the will of the gods!’ Then we must bleed and we must die!! All because of this damn Word! That damn ‘the will of God’!!!”

“Knight Hussein.” Du-Wei speaks in a low voice, “You are too excited, sit down first.”

Hussein’s deeply looked at Du-Wei; his eyes still carried a look of weirdness, as if with a touch of disorder.

But he still sat down; this action slightly relieved Du-Wei a bit.

“Hey, young man. You know why I am being pursued by the temple? Why I became a traitor to the temple? Me, Hussein! Since I was 13 years old, everyone considered me the pride of the temple knights! Everyone thought I was the greatest Knight in 100 years! They even think that I am sure to bee the head mander of the holy knight’s order! Only a Saint Paladin can bee the head mander of the holy knight’s order. The holy knight’s order hasn’t seen a Saint Paladin for over 100 years! But I would definitely bee a Saint Paladin! I will be the leader of the Holy Knights of the temple! HA HA! But now, I’m being hunted down like a mouse!”

Listening to the rising rage of Saddam Hussein and how disorderly his eyes looked. Du-Wei started to feel disturbed in his heart!

Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat!

This is bad!

Seeing the ice berry in the knight’s hand, a bite was taken out of it!

Du-Wei understood where the problem is laid!

Iced berries!! He must have taken too much. The magic plant must be interfering with the knight’s mental state. As if taking drugs, the person’s mind would fall into a confused state!


A clear and crisp sound, Du-Wei found the walking stick in the knight’s hand has crumbled into pieces!

“Did you know……? If I can start over, I would never choose to go into that damn sanctuary! Damn….. Sanctuary!!” Hussein grinded his teeth.


Du-Wei knew the name. The sanctuary is the house where they placed and store the badges of the already deceased holy knights.

All of the deceased holy knights would have their badges stored in this hall, receiving the god’s blessing.

“Just two years ago, before I became the third Knight leader…… According to tradition, his Majesty the Pope asked me to be a guardian of the Sanctuary for one year.” Hussein’s voice bees even deeper and his mental state drifts entirely into memory.

“Holy Guardian of the Sanctuary. Every member of the Holy Knights order must go through this before taking on the position of one of the three leaders. When I was awarded the duty of guarding the sanctuary, everyone knew I would soon bee one of the leaders of the holy knights…… However, I didn’t think it was the beginning of a nightmare!! Saddam Hussein suddenly burst into laughter, his smile matched with the ice and snow echoing through the wind, sounding like a ghost……

“Boy, do you know who is it in the history of the temple is the most powerful and greatest of the Holy Paladins. Do you know?”

“…… Well….. Is that you?” Du-Wei was careful in his answer, he felt that the Knight has gone insane and his mental state is somewhat unusual. Better not offend him.

“Me? When pared to that person, I am but an ant!” The tone in Hussein suddenly became that of reverence.

“Countless number of years…. No, even in 1000 of years to e! Countless numbers of powerful people appeared on the continent, number one warrior, number one knight, number one magician and so on and so on. Over hundreds of years, many of these people appeared over and over again. But in a thousand years, only one person manages to obtain this title.

“What title?”

Hussein took a deep breath with his cheeks appearing with a touch of morbid red, “The strongest under the stars!”

The strongest under the stars?

This title is indeed more prestigious than those strongest of the continent titles.

“This man is actually a holy Knight and his Holy Knight’s badge is deposited into the sanctuary.” Hussein shook his head, “Unfortunately, he has bee a nightmare for me.”

Du-Wei has already been hooked with curiosity. He carefully guided Hussein with soft words in order to make him speak, “This man is……”

“The founding emperor of the Great Roland Empire…… For thousands of years, Aragon Roland is the only single person eligible to bee the strongest under the stars! His strength cannot be copied because he is not only the strongest number one magician; he is also the strongest Knight……” Pausing for a bit, Hussein added.

“Holy Knight! His Majesty the Emperor had once joined the order of holy knights! The holy knight’s badge that he once held is deposited into the sanctuary. That badge has bee my nightmare!”


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