Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 70

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The old man’s voice trembled with emotion, even his white beard was gently shaking.

Du-Wei had a sudden recollection of what Courtenay Semel said to him the other day. It is true he can see Courtenay Semel!

This situation is being much more plicated. This old magician actually knows Courtenay Semel, while also an acquaintance of Hussein C the traitor who rebelled against the church and is the strongest knight on the continent.

Courtenay Semel have awaken. Even though she still looked very weak, there seems to be no apparent problem. Du-Wei did not know what was in the two silver drops of liquid that the old Mage just poured out, but the effects are surprisingly obvious.

Light once again returned to Courtenay Semel’s pair of eyes. Shaking her head a bit, she once again stood up in the snow with a face feeling lost. “Hey…… Du-Wei, what really happened…… and why do I feel so weak? You…… Are you okay?”

With this one word, Du-Wei soon realized Courtenay Semel has once again “woke up”.

To begin with, Du-Wei already had a fuzzy feeling this magical creature ‘Courtenay Semel’ seemed to… maybe… it has a dual personality.

One personality is a magical copy of Courtenay Semel’s body, a lonely 200 years old person and likes to pull pranks by dangling a pair of beautiful legs while jumping back and forth in front of Du-Wei.

While the other Courtenay Semel’s personality…… Du-Wei suspected it may well be the real soul of the female Astrology teacher in history, capable of casting and wielding powerful magic. And also likes to call him “Zach”…… God damn it!

At the present, Courtenay Semel is calling him ‘Du-Wei’ instead of calling him ‘Zach’, so obviously, the magical creature is back and the female Astrology teacher went away again.

Du-Wei looked at Saddam Hussein, and then at the old magician. He suddenly felt the matter was far too plicated and it gave him a headache.

“I’m fine.” Du-Wei gave her a wry smile as he spoke, “Do you feel very weak? It’s because you had a difficult duel against the strongest knight on the continent and almost died…… You did it to protect me.”

Courtenay Semel still seemed bewildered. “Me…… Duel? But I am……” Her face showed a slightly headache like expression. Both hands on her troubled face, “How e I can’t remember anything?”

At this time, the old sorcerer have already excitedly walked to the front of Courtenay Semel, his robe was clearly shaking…… Of course the shaking was not because of the cold weather. The old sorcerer even let out a hand, as if wanting to touch Courtenay Semel. But as soon as his hands came up, it soon slowly dropped down again.

A plex expression suddenly appeared on her face. After carefully examining the old magician, she pondered. “I….. I do not know you, but why do I feel like I dislike you…… I do not want to get close to you!”Courtenay Semel looked warily at the old magician in front of her and then took two steps back. “Who are you?!”

With that, her body flew to Du-Wei’s side in a flash and then hid behind him. In a low voice, she murmured, “Hey Du-Wei, I don’t like this old man, he makes me feel very uneasy and very unfortable.”

Du-Wei whispered, “Do you know him?”

“No!” Courtenay Semel suddenly let out a loud abrupt shout, “I don’t know this man! I just hate him!”

With that said, she once again disappeared. Du-Wei knew, Courtenay Semel was currently hiding somewhere on his body without his knowledge.

When Courtenay Semel wanted to hide and not see any other people, Du-Wei was incapable of asking her to e out again.

The old magician showed a weird facial expression as he stupidly looked at the last place Courtenay Semel disappeared from. Then suddenly with a wry smile, he whispered. “She…… She still hates me. Even though she doesn’t remember me, she still hates me…… Haha! ”

Then the old mage’s eyes flashed a bit, slowly focusing his sight to the front of Du-Wei, grinding his teeth as he spoke. “Boy, tell me why would Courtenay Semel stay by your side! Why would she be protecting you? Why is that? Why did she bee like this?!”

“Maybe after this is over.” Du-Wei spoke as lifted Dadaneier into a laying position, and then pulled out a knife to cut the spiked arrow in Dadaneier. Fortunately the arrow ended up shooting through his body. By just cutting off the exposed section of the arrow, one can pull the shaft out easily. He then took out some medicine for Dadaneier and applied it to his wound. Catching a glimpse of the old magician, he asked, “Hey, you should know some magic treatment spell right? Don’t just stand there, help my friend.”

Moments ago, Du-Wei kept handling Dadaneier’s wound while at the same time, he explained the things he knew about Courtenay Semel.

From the secret tunnel in the study room, to when he found the secret magic message that Courtenay Semel left behind. Then about how he released the magic creature sealed inside a painting…..

“So…… She is just a biological magic creature, a copy of Courtenay Semel’s memory in a biological body……” The disappointed expression of the old magician was apparent. He let out a sigh as the light in his eye dimmed down. Seemingly frustrated, he gave Du-Wei a glimpse, then tossed him a bottle of liquid. “Pour that on his wound and he will recover in half a day…… So hold back a little

Du-Wei took the bottle and poured a few drops on Dadaneier’s wound, then conveniently put the bottle away without any hint of rebelling against the old magician.

The old sorcerer seemed not to care anymore. With a dispirited mind, he slowly sat down and muttered in a low voice. “Courtenay… Semei… Ah… Courtenay Semel…… I really thought you weren’t dead yet.”

“Hey, when can he wake up?” Du-Wei pointed to the closed eye Dadaneier but the old magician acted as if he couldn’t hear what he said.

“Maybe one night.” Saddam Hussein answered instead.

The strongest knight of the continent continued in a cold manner, “It was done by my hand, I know it the best. This little low-level warrior actually dared to challenge me, My Dou Qi (energy) have already destroyed his muscles around the wound and broke his bones plus blood vessels. Even if you have holy water, it should at the minimum take one night to wake up.

Of course, towards a guy that he just fought, Du-Wei wouldn’t show a good face. He grunted then didn’t pay any more attention to the knight.

Du-Wei was rather more concerned about his current situation.

The old magician kidnapped him from his home, and then left him alone in the frozen forest for so many days.

Du-Wei is certain this old magician came to the frozen forests to do something important. But…. Why must he take him?

The old man also knew Hussein, could it be, he knew Hussein was being hunted by the church? Then came here to save Saddam Hussein? But what does this situation have to do with him?

Each person sat for a while as they contemplated their internal problems. Then the old magician suddenly stood up frowning as he listened to the wind, then whispered. “Someone’s ing…… likely the men of the temple.”

With a flicker of his eyebrow, Hussein stood and grinded his teeth. “They are just like ghosts, refusing to disappear !” He then glanced at Du-Wei, “It’s because of this guy. If it weren’t for him, we would not have made such a big motion and be discovered by the temple!”

Du-Wei immediately retorted, “If It wasn’t because you wanted to get rid of us, we would not have fought back. Do you expect us to sit down and die like lambs?! Humph.

“Enough! Just shut up.” The old magician stood up and sighed, “Hussein, you need to control your murderous intent! Your internal magic is growing more and more, this is not a good sign. Now, I will go and distract the pursuing troops……” Old mage turned his head to the side and listened for a moment, then whispered. “Heck, Hussein, the trouble you got yourself into is not small. One…… Two…… Three…… Well, there are more than 20 more Knights and two are eighth-level as well…… hold on…… Looks like there are a few more mages……”

Hussein reacted coldly, “A few days ago I killed the presiding judgment lord of the temple. These mages must have been sent as reinforcements.”

“Ridiculous, too Ridiculous! “The old Wizard kept shaking his head as he repeatedly rebuked him.” You dare to kill the presiding judgement Lord of the Temple of light? Don’t you know, the temple is like a hornet’s nest and you actually dared to poke the hornet’s nest? You better be prepared to face a lifetime of pursuit.”

He waved his hand to stop Hussein from speaking and whispered, “I’m going to distract them, and you get out of here immediately.”

Hussein frowned, “With both of us here, why do we also need to avoid these people? With both of us working together, even if his majesty the pope were to show up, we wouldn’t need to be afraid. Why must we run around like a mouse?!”

Old magician sneered, “Huh! Of course you need not be afraid because you have already bee a enemy of the temple, but I’m different, I’m not their enemy! You’re right though, with me and you together; we can fight off any of these guys. But then I will bee a enemy of the temple and be on the run for a long time! I don’t want my future to be filled with knights and mages of the temple trying to kill me.”

At this point, the old sorcerer glanced at Du-Wei then laughed in a low voice. “What about you? Boy, you don’t want to die right? So you also better leave, otherwise when they overtake you guys, they will kill you as Hussein’s associate. The temple does not require a trial to murder others!”

Du-Wei immediately answered, “Of course I do! I’m neither a strongest knight of the continent, or a powerful magician, I do not have the strength powerful enough to protect myself. So now, I’m going to leave!”

“No! You don’t actually want to go because you don’t actually expect to get away! I have already imprinted a magic mark on your body so your whereabouts cannot escape my induction.” The old Mage continued speaking, “You must follow him, together with Hussein, he will take you to continue heading north.” The old magician kept pointing his finger at Hussein.

Du-Wei immediately felt like he swallowed a coptis chinensis (Chinese medicine plant), “Why! What use am I to you?”

The old mage didn’t answer; he was already up and quickly flew away.

Du-Wei wanted to say ‘what’ but by then, Hussein already had a sullen face. “Don’t incur my wrath, boy. Do you think I like being your babysitter? The old guy is only doing this out of your best interest! This place here is the ice-covered forest……If he lets you go back alone, with your little strength, can you safely leave? I’m afraid that in less than a day, you would be swallowed by the magical beasts!”

Du-Wei really wanted to retort back with “I am not safe here!”

But even Du-Wei knew in his heart, he was only able to securely reach this place because he joined and tagged along with the snow wolf mercenaries. Also the old magician must have also secretly followed them, For example just now, in cases of danger; the old sorcerer would e out like just now….

“Stand up boy.” Hussein struggled to stand up so he grabbed a stick to be used as a walking stick. Then he gently kicked Du-Wei, “Time to move.”

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