Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Chrono Trigger

This was a very unfair battle. Hussein looked around quickly, but he could not see Semel. It was because only Duwei could see Semel.

The cloud pressure was getting lower, and then there was lightning. It seemed like it was the attack for Hussein. Suddenly, there was a lightning like an axe that attacked Hussein!

Hussein didn’t feel any fear even as he was brightened by the lightning. As he lifted up his sword and pointed at the sky, the lightning attacked the tip of the sword instantly, the golden flame of Hussein was burning, and as his sword chopped quickly…Duwei rubbed his eyes, he thought that he saw it wrong.

Hussein had chopped the lightning in two!

Half of the lightning landed on the floor. BOOM! The thick snow on the ground was shocked and loosened, and the black land exposed! The strong air current threw Duwei away directly, he even rolled a bit after his landing! There was a big hole on the ground because of the lightning! Hussein was standing in the middle of the hole. He was still pointing at the sky with his sword. Although he got had wounds, he was arrogant!

” Ha ha ha ha! You really think that I cannot see you!” Hussein sneered. He suddenly used his finger to prick his arm. Then used his blood to rub his eyes, holding the sword and started spelling…

Soon, Hussein’s eyes turned red, and when he looked at the sky, his sight was on Semel. He sneered, “Huh! I can see you now!”

After that, Hussein bent a bit, then came forward hardly, just like an arrow. He was targeting Semel in the sky!

Semel lifted her arms a bit, and then there were some waves that appeared in front of her and acted like a shield. But Hussein’s sword was just like a hot iron stabbing into snow! The golden flame destroyed the waves in but a few seconds, and then the sword stabbed into the left arm of Semel!

Duwei could not help but stop to shout, but Semel sneered, “You are strong…but I don’t have any physical body for you to hurt!”

Then, Semel’s hand reached out and touched the chest of the knight…there was red flame ing out from Semel’s palm, and the knight yelled terribly. His sword was dropped from his hands as his body was attacked. He was thrown more than ten miles away before falling down.

Hussein was struggling and trying to stand up, his chest burnt black, his clothes and bandage also burnt, the wound exposed. But the knight sneered, “Oh, you don’t have a body? That means you are using an illusion to battle with me?”

Semel’s smile suddenly solidified! She was shocked that the sword was still stabbing into her arm!

Soon, there was some black smoke ing out from the sword. The sword seemed to have the power of swallowing, it tied Semel’s arm up! It was gradually eroding her body!

“When you were hiding your body in front of me, I already knew that you may use a magic clone and battle with me!” Hussein gasped desperately, as he was badly injured, and as he finally fell down, “This is my first time to show this new magic to another, you are the first one!”

Semel looked painful, before suddenly she looked decisively. Then she used her right hand to chop at her left arm, which was tied up by the black smoke! The left arm fell down and disappeared with the black smoke before landing on the ground!

Semel’s body was shaking and then fell on the ground, she had lost her left arm and was climbing towards Duwei and said, “Jack! I am sorry…he is very strong…I cannot defeat him without my body…”

Then, there was some silver light flashing on Semel’s body. Her missing left arm appeared again. But Duwei could see that her light was getting dimmer.

“Ha ha….” Hussein smiled barely, “Female magician! I don’t know who you are! You are strong, but you choose to use an illusion to battle with me, and you can only use half of the power…you disgrace yourself! There is no magician on this continent who can use half of their power to defeat me! None!”

When he was talking, he could not stand up properly, but he lifted up his hands suddenly and waved!

There was golden flame on his hands.

Then there was a golden giant knife that flew out, and suddenly, there was some wood cracking sounds ing out from the forest next to him, before the snow fell down. There were more than ten trees cut! All the cut part was sharpened. Then those trees were shot towards Duwei under Hussein’s sneer!

Semel was decisive, and she grabbed Duwei’s clothes and threw him far away! Duwei’s body was thrown far away and he saw that there were more than ten trees targeted on Semel! There was some silver light ing out from Semel’s body, forming a shield to withstand the sharp branches.

But Hussein sneered, “How long can your magic last for, Female magician?! There are many more trees!”

He continued using his flame to cut the trees. All the trees were targeting Semel!

She finally couldn’t hold, and she yelled, “Let’s die together!”

Her red gown blazed and formed a bright red flame!

Semel’s body was burning and formed a fireball, flying towards Hussein. Hussein shouted and he used the last of his power to form a shield. In the horrible magical flame, Hussein just felt that his whole body was burning; his golden hair turned into black, and he could feel his flame was burning among the magic flame.

It’s so terrible that Semel could turn her body into fire flame! Duwei was far away, but he could feel the hot wave too! The snow on the ground melt into water, then evaporated instantly! The ice of the Big Circle Lake behind Hussein was melted and evaporated. Steam was ing out and formed into fog! Duwei struggled and yelled, “Semel!”

Duwei suddenly remembered the sixth magic spell Vivian gave him.

The honest Vivian left the strongest magic she knew to Duwei. According to the power of Duwei, he still could not use these magic. If he used it suddenly, he would be in danger as the magic was too strong and his body could not support it.

But at this moment, Duwei didn’t have a choice.

For him, Semel was not only a magic creature, she was also his friend, who was always swinging her legs in front of Duwei and always pranked him!

Duwei tried his best to support his body and stood up. He spread his hands and breathed deeply. He started spelling…

When he said the first word of the spell, he already felt like there was a black hole absorbing his magic power!

He almost collapsed! But his strong willpower supported him, and he turned his sensitivity power into full mode, as all the magic power was concentrated to support the absorption of the black hole!

After Duwei finished his first spell…around hundred meters from Duwei, the dimension was twisted, then everything in the same dimension became slower!

The water was evaporating, the flame was burning, the snow was melting…

Duwei could still use his weak voice to spell, he felt that he would die soon, his skin started aging quickly, also being pale, his eyes were getting dimmer, he felt like his power and even his blood was detached from his body!

But he still kept spelling!

It seemed like an invisible hand was changing the flow of time in the dimension, and Duwei could see that everything had been slower down, he knew he did it successfully, but the magic power was almost detached!

No, not enough!

Duwei was yelling inside his heart, his power really could not support this top magic! His clothes started being destroyed, he could sense that his body was thrown into a small space, and many invisible hands were squeezing him, tried to squeeze all the things inside out…including the last magic power!

Duwei felt that he could not spell any more, he was exhausted and he could only make a very soft voice…

The time space stopped!

It was an amazing moment.

Hussein still kept his position, the flame from Semel around Hussein’s body was frozen too!

Duwei tried his best to step forward and shouted, ” Ch…….Chro….no Trig…ger”

He still had not yet finished his last spell, but he passed out.

Luckily, the god was still blessing our little noble.

Someone helped Duwei to finish his spell!

” Chrono Trigger! Return!”

There was a old and calm voice, then there was a white shadow flying, thin and stable hands spread out like pushing the milestone!

The old magician, teacher of Vivian, finally showed up.

His face looked serious, and he spelt very fast… he was spelling the same thing as Duwei! The magician could control the time already!

Then, the dimension was twisted again!

The flame turned backward and disappeared at last, formed into one, among this fireball, Semel’s body showed up a little bit…

All the flame was gone, even the ash from the burnt branches turned back into original look…

The dimension was just like rewinding from the movie Duwei watched in his previous life!

The old magician looked serious, he turned the time back to the time when Semel was surrounded by the branches. He stopped spelling.

Then, he waved his hand. Those branches were thrown away by a strong wind.

When the time recovered and run slowly and smoothly again, the old magician immediately ran towards Hussein, he picked up a bottle from his gown and put the things inside the bottle into Hussein’s mouth quickly.

The weak Hussein would not speak any word, he looked at the old magician, his hostility from his eyes disappeared, he tried his best to smile, but without saying any word.

Next, the old magician flew towards Semel, he looked at Semel seriously with a plicated expression. It seemed there was regret inside his eyes, then he sighed and retrieved a white bottle from his gown. He got a single drop of silver liquid from the bottle and thought a bit, and got one more drip.

Two drops were on his finger tips now, and from the spell of the old magician, there was some soft light that surrounded Semel, and the body of Semel gradually bee brighter and visible.

The old magician relaxed and ran towards Duwei. He gave a total of three bottles of magic medicine to Duwei; these were the supplements which many high level magician used for recovery.

Duwei’s skin was moisturized again, and he woke up from his a and coughed. Because of the a, his lung lacked oxygen, so he needed to cough a bit in order to breathe normally!

The old magician was so angry, he stood up and scolded Hussein like father would scold a son.

He pointed at Hussein who was lying on the ground, “You! Stupid kid! When can you get rid of your arrogant and bad temper?”

Then he looked at Duwei and scolded, “You! You are even more stupid! Do you think that your magic power is enough for using Chrono Trigger? If I was not here, you probably would’ve died already!”

Finally, he looked at Semel, and there was some plicated feelings…like….love?

“Semel…Oh My god, I knew that you were still alive!” The magician was shaking, “Semel…are you really Semel….I know it’s you!”


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