Law of the Devil – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Battle Between Magic and Sword

This guy ignored Dardanelle and suddenly used his three fingers like a blade and slashed!


Duwei could see a golden light ing from Hussein’s palm, right before he accurately hit the tip of Dardanelle’s sword! Dardanelle was shocked and he suddenly jumped back. When he landed, his sword was already broken into two, the pieces fallen on the snow, and Dardanelle spit blood and fell down!

Level three Warrior Dardanelle surely was not patible with Hussein…even if Hussein was badly injured! Was this the power of the Top Knight on the continent?
Duwei was afraid and angry, and he yelled, “Dardanelle!”. He immediately made a gesture without hesitation, then two wind sword were thrown towards Hussein. Duwei knew that the enemy was the top knight on the continent, so after the wind sword, he immediately used Dizziness magic.

His spellcasting speed was very fast and this surprised Hussein. But as the strongest knight on the continent was a real man, although he was in bad injury, he was only a little bit shocked about Duwei’s power. He moved his finger a bit, and then air shot out from his finger and easily destroyed the wind knife from Duwei. For the Dizzy Magic, he just sneered a bit, and waved his hand; Duwei immediately felt the flash!

The Dizzy Magic was reflected by Hussein back to Duwei, Duwei then fainted.

Duwei fell down and scolded himself, “I must be the first magician to get attacked by my own magic on this continent. Dardanelle…oh my god. How is he? Will he be killed by that guy?”

The old magician, that old man, why didn’t he have any response? Was he not nearby?

Where was Semel? Even Semel was hiding?!

“Little man, are you a magician?” Hussein had already stood up from the snow. His bandage was still a little bloody. When he stood up, it seemed he still felt the pain from his wound.

Duwei was lying on the floor, the effects from the dizzy magic making Duwei feel dizzy. Luckily, his spiritual power was strong and he just needed to bite his lips a bit, and he felt awake.

Further, Dardanelle had also sat down, his lips bloody. He stared at Hussein, and used the arrow, which was given by the Snow Wolf Mercenaries, and as he shot…


In the echo, Hussein frowned and dodged. Suddenly, the arrow was clipped by his two fingers.

“Great shot, but your speed is too slow.” Hussein randomly threw the arrow back to Dardanelle. Buzz! It shot through the shoulder of Dardanelle! That terrible power brought Dardanelle away for 5 to 6 metres away and harshly nailed him to a tree! Then, the snow on the tree fell down and Dardanelle screamed!

The arrows from the Snow Wolf Mercenary all had hooks! It was terribly painful when this kind of arrow pierced the body!

Hussein sneered and stepped on Duwei, he looked mad, “Sorry, although there is no grudge among us, I have to kill both of you…and in my life, I hate magicians the most!”

His hands had been lifted up, like a knife. Duwei knew that this guy could easily kill him by waiving his hands.

Duwei tried to push Hussein’s foot away, but his foot was as heavy as the mountain!

Hussein watched with mocking eyes as he casually swung down…

At that moment, there was some dark gas ing out from Duwei! Then Duwei suddenly disappeared in front of Hussein! His voice moved at least 3 metres away! Hussein could feel the surrounding immediately. The air flew faster! His body tensed and felt that his hands and legs were tied up by some air current. Then those air currents suddenly became corporeal and tied him up!

Hussein waived his hands harshly, his body flashed, and after a deep breath, the surrounding currents were scattered. Since air was unlimited, there were more and more air currents that were surrounding him. It seemed like there were unlimited ropes trying to tie him up…

“Oh, tying magic?” Hussein looked surprised, but then he sneered, “You really think that such magic can defeat me?”

Amongst his sneer, he suddenly held his arm tightly, and spread them out…

Duwei saw that there was some golden flame ing out from the Knight! Under the golden flame, all the surrounding air was being a golden color! Numerous amounts of air currents were shocked and spread outward!

Hussein looked at Duwei, who was sitting on the floor, and he grabbed something in the air; a sword suddenly showed up on his hand!

Obviously that was not a real sword, it was a golden sword made of light! He then swing his hand, and the sword was thrown towards Duwei!

The bright light attacked Duwei like lightning, but Duwei had prepared to die and he closed his eyes. But at that moment, silver light suddenly appeared in front of Duwei!

That silver light formed into a mirror quickly, and it separated Duwei and the light sword from Hussein! There were some waves on the mirror. The light sword was stopped and trapped on the silver mirror!

Then the golden light and the silver light disappeared at the same time, with the sword and the mirror being destroyed.
“Oh! Magic shield.” Hussein frowned, “I guess I have misjudged. Little man, your magic level is not low!”

Duwei suddenly brightened! He shouted, “Semel! Is it you?”

Semel had already shown up behind Hussein. Her silver hair was flapping with the wind, she looked cool, “No matter who you are, you cannot hurt Jack!”

Then, Semel put her hands together, and then silver light appeared on her body. The light turned into numerous meteors and shooting towards Hussein!

Hussein yelled and turned around, facing the meteors. This top knight suddenly expanded with the golden flame. This time, he grabbed a bit, and the long sword of Ge Feite was already in his hand! Compared with the meteors, his speed was a bit slow. He slowly used his sword and drew a circle…

Suddenly, there was a weird twist! Although the meteors were much faster than the speed of Hussein, the meteors still could not attack Hussein before he finished the drawing. The circle suddenly turned into a light orb around him and acted as a shield, protecting him from the meteors attack…

Semel was shocked too. Obviously, the power of Hussein was out of her expectation. The female astrology teacher felt gloomy, and she jumped suddenly. Her white pretty legs left the snow too, she spread out her arms like she was going to cuddle the sky. Her fingers moved smoothly and started spelling!

At the moment, everything started to change!

The sunny sky changed into cloudy! The breeze started roaring, the clouds gathered! The clouds in the sky were getting thicker and darker! The sun was shaded by the cloud, even…

Shit! There was lightening among the cloud!

Semel seemed like the goddess standing in the air, she pointed at Hussein, “You! Come on! The strongest knight, show me your power!”

Hussein looked at the clouds in the sky seriously and shouted, “Who are you! A powerful magician, doing some secret attack! Are you afraid of showing up in front of me!”


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