Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 67

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Duwei flipped the next few pages of the diary, but, near the end, the pages were stained with blood. Obviously, Ge Feite kept his diary even when he was in the war.

Duwei continued to read the words Knight Ge Feite had left on the bloody paper.

“13th of February, A Bright Day.
We have been searching in this forest for a month. I feel like we are close to him. Our teams have met up once at our first meet-up point and we can’t find anything. The Judge said we have to bring the corpse of Hussein back; we cannot leave the frozen forest otherwise. These days, I have a tingling feeling that we are close to him. Perhaps, we can find him in as little as 2 days! Everybody is tired. But since Hussein is in the same situation as us, we believe he should be worse off than us since he is alone. We rest by rotation, guard at night, and have delegated certain people to food collection. But Hussein is alone and, according to news from the Judge, Hussein has such a bad injury that his chances of escape are nonexistent!”

“19th of February, A Cloudy Day.
We are heading further to the North and, expectedly, the weather is being increasingly cold. We are still looping in the forest, but, a few days ago, I found some tracks in the snow. From what I saw, they were human’s, and there was only one set of track. I can guarantee that it was Hussein. Excluding him, no one would e to this area alone under this weather.
Yesterday, we found his tracks again. According to his tracks, he is heading to the North of the Big Circle Lake.

I have already informed the other three teams, but they have yet to respond. I am a bit worried, since it has been a few days since I apprised them. Are they in trouble?

That should be impossible! The leaders of the other team are level eight knights. Especially Team 3, it is led by the Judge. Even if Hussein is the strongest Knight in the continent, he is now badly injured, and under this environment, he should not be able to fight against the Judge, who is the Top Magician in the Pantheon,

But, I am still struggling…Is my faith not enough? My heart should not be unstable, even though he was the symbol of our Holy Knights.

No. I should kill him! Otherwise, his name is a shame of the Pantheon forever! Knight Luke, also Knight Kale. They used their life to attack this traitor. If we still let him go away, the Holy Knights would feel ashamed!”

“!!!” After reading those words, Duwei and Dardanelle stopped breathing!

Dardanelle’s hands were shaking, his eyes was enlarged, and looked at the diary book on Duwei’s hand surprisingly. After a long period of time, he finally could say something, ” This…he said….”

Duwei was more calm than him, but his tone was still not stable, “The sentence ‘used their lives’, does it mean…”

They looked at each other seriously!

It was scary!

If a talented top knight in the continent betraying the Pantheon was an unfortunate thing…

Then, this sentence might be the disaster!

The top three knights among the holy knights of the Pantheon!

Hussein betrayed the Pantheon!

The other two it seemed…died already?!

It seemed Hussein had a great battle with the two top knights. The two knight leaders died and Hussein had a serious injury?!

But Duwei thought…it should be like that!

Otherwise, since Hussein was the strongest person in the continent, and one of the top three knight leaders among the Holy Knights, then if the Pantheon wanted to assassinate him, why not send the other leader! Although the Level eight knights were rare, sending level eight knights was worse than sending people who were patible with Hussein!

That was explained! It seemed the other two knight leaders passed away! So, the Pantheon sent the lower level knights!

“This…this is really a disaster!” Dardanelle kept shaking, even his voice!

“Three knight leaders, one has betrayed, and two died! The foundation of the Pantheon has been shaken! Oh my god, this is really a disaster! This event probably will lead to a greater event!” Dardanelle said and suddenly yelled, “Look! Look at the back!”

Duwei was thinking of other things: ‘If he could kill the other two strongest people who were at the same level as him, and he was still alive…this Hussein must be a level nine knight…or had probably achieved the Saint Knight level!

The next page was still bloody. But, what the bloody paper said, was much more tragic!

” 28 February

Another ten days! We lost contact with the other three teams! This is a dangerous signal. Even the magic stone given by the Judge could not contact them, I feel anxious now! Perhaps, the judge was also killed by the traitor? My goddess of Bright! Please protect us!

Today, I finally find something left by Hussein. It was a bloody bandage that proves he is still in bad injury. This is good news for us. According to the blood on the bandage, we can assure that we are close to him! Even if we pay with our lives, we are still willing to plete the order from the Pope!”

” 1 March!

God! Are you really going to abandon your people? Why?! Why do you give so many beliefs and such luck to that traitor!! Why!!! Why when the Judge was also killed by that traitor after the two knight leaders!!

Today, we finally find the team of the Judge! But, what I saw were 10 corpses! TEN CORPSES! I buried the Judge myself! That evil traitor! He cut the Judge’s head off! I must kill him!!

Duwei choked!

Wow! Even the Judge of the Pantheon was killed!

This Hussein was really cruel! Things were getting more serious! The Judge of the Bright Pantheon was a major core person! The great person of the Pantheon died, this Hussein…..

While Dardanelle was still stunned, Duwei had already continued digging in the snow quickly.

“What are you finding?” Dardanelle looked at Duwei surprisingly.

“The order from the Pope!” Duwei answered quickly, ” Didn’t you see that what he wrote in his diary? Ge Feite got the secret order from the Pope! This order must be kept by the team leader, other people may not know the existence of the secret order. When Ge Feite died, his teammates might also have buried his corpse with his secret order.” Duwei even used the knife and scratched the snow with bare hands, “Perhaps, we can find the answer from the order! What kind of huge things this Hussein did, to make the Pantheon have to assassinate him?!”

Dardanelle’s response was very slow, perhaps because he was shocked by what he read from the diary.

Now, Dardanelle had gotten a lot of surprises! The Pantheon must be weakened much after this disaster!

Three Knight leaders, two dead and one betrayed! The Judge even died in the battle! This must be a shocking news on the Roland Continent!

Duwei was different from Dardanelle. Although he was shocked, he felt more excited. He was not interested in any religion, especially the religion which intervened in the politics of the country. So, he was so excited and curious now, it even seemed like he had heard very great news. He was not worried about the how the Pantheon would be after this disaster.

But, there was something disappointing Duwei. He dug as much as he could, but still could not find the order from the Pope.

“Perhaps, I can find something else from the other corpses?” Duwei changed his attention to the other corpse next to Ge Feite.

When Duwei was ready to dig, suddenly, one of the corpses turned over! Rolled over and revealing a hole!

Then, under that corpse, there was a big palm reaching out from the bottom! The palm was at the edge of the whole, and as the snow fell down, there was one person sitting there!

Duwei and Dardanelle was shocked! Dardanelle instantly pulled out his knife, stepped in front of Duwei and yelled, “Who is it!”

The hand at the edge was frozen, but obviously, that was a hand from human. When that body stood up from the snow hole, with his upper body exposed, Duwei could see that this person was very young with white skin; this person was quite charming and handsome.

In his eyes, it seemed that the pupils exuded a faint glimmer of light!

Instinctively, Duwei felt a chill! He felt danger by his sensitivity!

That person took a deep breath. He looked at Duwei and Dardanelle and then looked at the sky. He said to himself, “One day already.”

Then, he looked at Duwei with a mocking smile, “You, little man, I heard what you said. You said you were looking for something, are you looking for this thing?”

Then, a parchment fell on the ground! Although Duwei didn’t read the details, he could see the signature and the seal on the bottom part!

It was the order from the Pope!

Looking at that guy sitting on the snowhole…he hid under a corpse of a Holy Knight! This man was pale and weak, but his eyes always exuded a faint chill! And he was wearing…

Duwei suddenly looked at his arm…there was a scar! It seemed like it had been scratched with a knife!

This place, was the “third badge” the holy knight left for themselves!

Duwei immediately knew who he was!

“Are you…Hussein? The one who is being hunted?!”

He nodded and his voice was very calm, seems like he didn’t care about that, “You are smart. I am Hussein and I am badly injured. I am afraid I cannot escape further, but those two level eight knights kept on tracking me. I couldn’t run, so I had to find a place to hide. They would search the places nearby, but they would never search the graveyard of their teammates. Unfortunately, you two almost screwed up my plan.”

Then, he smiled a bit.

Dardanelle had already lifted up his weapon and pointed to Hussein!

Hussein! This was Hussein! The strongest knight on the continent!

He looked very weak and with had many bandages. He was pale. Although his tone was calm, it still could not cover his weakness.

Hussein looked at the sharpness of Dardanelle’s knife and smiles, “You think that you can kill me with one knife when I am injured? Sorry, since you found my tracks, both of you need to die.”

His voice was hoarse badly, but with confidence, certainty! He totally ignored the knife in Dardanelle’s hand!


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