Law of the Devil – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: The Strongest Knight on the Continent

“Look…in the diary, he mentioned Marquise Lister.”

Duwei’s sentence immediately made Dardanelle want to read his big brother Feite’s diary. This loyal Knight from the Lister Family was also very concerned about any news about his mistress.

He came and stood beside Duwei, and together they read the diary left behind by the dead Holy Knight.

“C 6 January. Today, I met Marquise Lister; she was an elegant and charming lady. I give my thanks to that noble lady, her contribution showed her deep faith in the god, bless her. Today, I punished a man who tried to do something disrespectful to this lady. It’s hard to believe that there is such a despicable magician; I will report this to the Magician Union. Marquise Lister is a devout follower, she should be protected by the Pantheon; even a magician should not insult such a devout follower. It is not acceptable to any of the Knights that such an elegant and pretty lady be disrespected by others.”

Duwei was able to immediately determine that the diary entry was talking about how Ge Feite met Marquise Lister and how coincidentally he helped her kick that evil magician away.

But obviously, Ge Feite didn’t know Marquise was cursed by magic as he left quickly.

“C11 January. Blessed Day. Praise the God Almighty. Praise the Goddess for giving out the light for the whole world.
Today, I received an urgent call from the Pantheon and have to go to the North to join the other Knights of the Pantheon. This task was manded by the White Pope with approval from the Pantheon. I know that there must be some evildoers who offended the Pantheon. It is because we, the Holy Knights, are given our sacred mission only when we have to punish these people. This time, it seems it is not easy to handle. The Bishop has sent three Level Eight Knights and I was appointed as the leader of this task force. God, I am loyal to you even when there are very strong enemies, Ge Feite is willing to use his life to protect the glory of the Pantheon. The Sword of the Holy Knight will kill all evil without hesitation!”

Duwei sighed. From the words, you could see that he was an extremely faithful Holy Knight.

“C14 January. Punishment Day. I am willing to use my blood to destroy the darkness and bring brightness to this world.
The searching team was formed. I went to the Frozen Forest with 10 knights. At this moment, I still don’t know who our target is. The mander of this task force is the Presiding Judge Mr. Murray! I know that this task should be very great and influential as the mander is a Presiding Judge and there are three Level Eight Knights and a total of 40 Holy Knights involved in this task. The Presiding Judge is very serious, he told me that this is an order from the Pope. The enemy we face is an evil guy, he is a traitor of the Pantheon. He is the former Priest of the Pantheon who betrayed his faith. The Pope is angry about it and gave out his order: a trial is needless, kill on the spot.

Anyway, when I read the name on the order from the Pope, I couldn’t believe my eyes…God, please forgive me, I do not dare to have any suspicion about the meaning of the Pope. I believe that the Pope is the representative of the God…but the content of this order made me unable to fall asleep.

Hussein, by the pride of the Holy Knights! One of the strongest Holy Knight, why did you betray your faith!”

Duwei and Dardanelle looked at each other.

“Who…is Hussein?” Duwei looked at Dardanelle, “I am not familiar with the Holy Knights.”

Dardanelle swallowed very hard, he seemed very shocked, “Mr. Hussein…He betrayed the Pantheon! Oh My God, this is bad!”

“Bad?” Duwei didn’t understand.

Dardanelle closed his eyes and shook his head, then took a deep breath and sighed, “You…Harry, you really haven’t heard of Hussein before?”

Duwei shook his head. After he came to this world, he was always withdrawn. After being in disgrace, he almost spent all his time in books and learning. He didn’t care of the outside world.

This Hussein was that famous?

“Among the Knights of the continent, the Holy Knights of the Bright Pantheon are accredited as being the best quality of knights because their faith is the most pious. And, some of them are ascetics who trained themselves hard since childhood. Now, amongst the Holy Knights of the Bright Pantheon, there are three ‘Strongest Knights’ and they are the current leaders of the knights. Hussein is one of those three.” Dardanelle whispered, “Someone said that Hussein is the idol and the aim of all the young knights on the continent.”


“In the past one-hundred years, he was the only one that could bee a Level Eight Knight before 25 and got the honor of being a “Great Knight”; he is a genius! You also know that only Level Eight or above can be honored as a Great Knight and Hussein had this honor before 25. In these hundred years, he is the first one! Then, just after 30, he became one of the three Knight Leaders. Except for Hussein, the other two are already 40 something. Also, the other two Knight leaders are Mr. Luke and Mr. Kale. Luke is a Level Nine Knight, but when he reached Level Nine from Level Eight, he was already 40. Kale also reached Level Nine when he was 40. Dardanelle whispered, “The next step of a Level Nine Knight will be the level of Saint Knight. But in these hundred years, there has never been a Saint Knight on the continent…. The three Knight Leaders of the Holy Knight are only Level Nine.”

“So, this Hussein is also a Level Nine Knight?” Duwei asked.

“Yes.” Dardanelle looked weirder, “As I said, he got to Level Eight when he was 25. So, guess how old was he when he got to Level Nine?”

“30?” Duwei guessed, “But didn’t you say that he became a Leader when he was 30?”

“No.” Dardanelle shook his head with a wry smile, “Much earlier! He got to Level Nine very early, and since he was too young, the Pantheon didn’t allow such a young man to lead the Holy Knights. So, he became the leader when he was 30, and when he got to Level Nine, he was…” Dardanelle took a deep breath, he lowered his voice with respect:


Duwei frowned, “That means, after he got to Level Eight, he gained an entire level within a year?”

“More than that.” Dardanelle’s answer shocked Duwei, “There was a rumor saying that the strength of Hussein is much stronger than Level Nine. But since there has been no Saint Knights on the continent for a hundred years, and Level Nine is already the strongest, Hussein has been recognized as the strongest Level Nine Knight! Some people even think that he is the number one Knight throughout the continent! Even the inner circle of the Holy Knights admits that the strength of Hussein is much stronger than the other two leaders. Also, he was just 26! 26!”

Duwei was impressed.

A 26-year old number one Knight in the continent?!

“In these years, although Hussein didn’t really breakthrough to the Saint Knight Level, everybody thinks that he could be a Saint Knight; the first Saint Knight on the continent in the past hundred years! The Inner Circle of the Pantheon is proud of him, since there has been no Saint Knights for many years. If there is even one Holy Knight that reaches the level of a Saint Knight, it would be good for the reputation and the prestige of the Holy Knights. So, the Pantheon was willing to promote Hussein when he was 30. Before that, in the past, every knight who became the leader of the Holy Knights at 30 all became a Saint Knight!”

The two of them could already guess that something big must have happened if the Holy Knights were sent out. But they just didn’t expect it to be so shocking!

The number one recognized Knight on the continent, one of the three leaders of the Holy Knights, betrayed the Pantheon and was ordered to be killed by the Holy Knights of the Pantheon!

This seemed to be a secret that no one knew about, otherwise, this would have been the most shocking news on the continent!

Duwei and Dardanelle looked at each other and could feel how shocked each other was, of course, they were also filled with questions.

Hussein, a genius praised by the crowd. Became the leader of the Holy Knights when he was 30! He had the highest regard from the Pantheon, had the respect of others, was talented, and was also recognized as a future Saint Knight…He had a bright future!

Why did such a person betray the Pantheon suddenly? Why did he bee a traitor that the Pantheon would want to kill immediately?


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