Law of the Devil – Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Semel’s Appearance

“!!” Duwei yelled and pushed down the mercenary next to him. He then took out his dagger and stabbed into the thigh of that mercenary without hesitation! He hoped that the pain could wake him up…but Duwei was disappointed!

That guy had been stabbed, but he didn’t feel anything. He struggled and climbed up, ignoring Duwei while climbing towards the lake. His thigh was still bleeding. The blood stained the the ground…

Duwei felt hopeless. He used some magic, but a fireball could not be shot too far …the distance between that ghost and the shore was around five to six hundred steps!

Duwei was still unable to master the flying magic of the wind element. Otherwise, he would fly into the sky and throw a fireball!

Spiritual magic! This was *** spiritual magic!!

Duwei hurriedly struggled to remember what he had read about spiritual magic. But he felt helpless because the magic he knew was not related to spiritual magic. A spiritual magician was at the intermediate level. Based on the current strength of Duwei, he still could not reach that level.

What he could do! The second mercenary had already jumped into the ice hole. Duwei slapped himself. He ran to the front with his utmost speed. There he knocked down a different mercenary, and used rope to tie his legs. Then he used the same rope to tie down another mercenary……

Although Duwei tried his best, he was only one person. After tying up three people, two more mercenaries had dropped down the ice hole!

Duwei wheezed and shouted loudly, “What the hell is that thing!!!!”

“It’s an attack from the ‘Magic Lake Monster’.”Semel said from the back.

Duwei looked back and saw Semel in a red gown standing behind him. This lady looked overwhelmed with fear and surprise. Duwei saw that even her red gown was shaking; you could tell that she was not calm!

“Semel! Shit! Why you are so late!” Duwei shouted loudly, “You know that thing? What is that! How to crack that?! Oh man! The mercenaries are going to die!”

Semel seemed confused. She was stressed and clutching her head tightly. “I…I should know that…I’ve heard that before. What I am doing! What’s going on? I know what this thing is called! Why…there are so many things in my mind…

“There is no time for you to figure out these things!” If Semel were a real person, Duwei probably would have grabbed her and yelled at her. Unfortunately, Semel was just a shadow; he could only stare at her, “Tell me! How do I defeat this thing!”

While Duwei was yelling, at the same time, he was busy tying up Bein Heinrich and Dardanelle. To lessen their speed, he even took out his knife and tried his best to stab the thighs of each mercenary in order to slow them down! Even wounding their legs to stop them was better than letting them drop into that ice hole!

“Think quickly! Semel! Think of the *** way quickly!!” Duwei pushed another mercenary down, then fell to the ground. Duwei was panting. He used the dagger to stab the leg of the mercenary. His hands were bloody and he rubbed his face a bit.

Semel looked at Duwei confusedly. But when she saw the bloody Duwei, she saw that Duwei was ferociously staring at her. When his anxious voice began to call out…

Inside the beautiful eyes of Semel, there was a sudden flash! Then the panic and pain felt by this lady suddenly disappeared. She stood up and her eyes were blank!

Then, this beautiful lady walked towards the lake slowly with her bare feet. The red gown was fluttering slightly. She lifted up her hands behind Duwei…

A sharp melodic voice came from Semel!

The sound was similar to an array; it pierced straight into Duwei’s mind! This sound was so beautiful…but it made people feel a headache, just like something was stabbing into your forehead!

This almost stabbed into the bone marrow… No, it’s as painful as stabbing into the soul! Duwei felt fear and was freaking frightened!

Semel kept singing. It seemed that there were many difficult and strange words and symbols within the sound! Duwei was very sure that the sound was a magic spell!

Semel’s voice overrode the voice of that ghost! The mercenaries stopped at the same time and felt shocked! Then everyone fell down!

It was like they had woken up from a nightmare. After everybody fell down, they shouted loudly! Semel’s voice shadowed everybody’s ears and minds, even their souls! Everybody was trying their best to cover their ears instinctively! But the terrible pain could still not be suppressed!

But because of that pain, everybody regained their mind and their bodies were no longer numb and stiff!

Semel’s voice was getting louder and louder! The song was being sharper suddenly! That pitch was fluctuating and became sharper and higher… it felt like it was pushed toward the point of the wave, and went down repeatedly!

Duwei already felt that the sound vibration would split his brain! He protected his head tightly. He shouted, “Semel! Stop it! Stop!”

Semel seemingly could not hear him. She was serious and walking on the ice step by step! Her body was light and she kept making the sound. The sound wave kept going…

The ghost on the ice suddenly screamed creepily. It made an erotic sound and escaped beneath the ice quickly!

“Huh, want to escape!” Semel sneered, and that horrible sound wave finally stopped!

Duwei was startled! When Semel sneered, the voice was still Semel’s voice…but the tone was…!

It was indifferent with pride, even a bit cold, disgusting and despising! It was not the same as the clone magical creature that had always followed Duwei!

Semel floated on the air! She lifted her slim fingers up and her silver long hair cascaded like a waterfall. Within the freezing windy, the red gown was floating around. Then several currents started to swirl!

Semel’s fingertip quickly formed a kind light spot. That light spot then became a small light ball. The sparkle of the light ball was flashing!

“Humble and ugly magic monster…” Semel who was floating in the sky with arrogance and indifference spoke, “ How dare you show your poor spiritual magic in front of me, Semel.”

Semel laughed even colder than before. She just pointed her finger slightly; there was a flash ing out from that light ball……


There was a creepy sound ing out from the ice layer; then a huge crack extended! Far away from Duwei, a faint roar immediately came out from the ice, and it separated towards both sides!

Underneath the ice, the lake water was churning…Soon, there were several mercenaries ing out from the lake!

That distant ghost screamed miserably. Semel then moved her finger a bit; there was an aura enveloping that ghost!

It was like an invisible hand, grabbing the ghost. The body was torn away from the ice surface!

That ghost was struggling in the air, but it could not make any plete sound. The miserable scream continuously came. It appeared to be begging for something.

“ Oh…Beg for mercy?” Semel sneered. She looked down on her opponent and whispered, “You use your dirty voice to take away other’s soul with such a dirty method? Oh…let me see what your dirty face looks like…your camouflage is too ugly!”

Her slim hands pulled slightly on the air!

Duwei was shocked to see that the body of the ghost was split in two by an invisible force!

The body was split into two and dropped into the water, disappearing very quickly. There was a small thing left in the air!

That thing looked like meat covered with sticky mucus. The beige body was just like an octopus without tentacles. There was a little crack; it seems that was its mouth. The bottom part was like the tail fin of the fish. It kept struggling……

“Oh, that’s really a ‘Magic Lake Monster’, you’re such an ugly creature. Still not dead yet?” Semel was smiling callously. Then she stretched out a fingertip, the sharp nail scratched in the air slightly……

Suddenly, that monster got one more wound! There was some green mucus ing out from the wound. Then in it screeched, its upper body and bottom body were dissolved! Semel hummed and continued to scratch with her fingers. The monster was disintegrated and fell into the water. After that, she grabbed something; a green gem flew towards her palm.

“Huh, an adult lake monster.” Semel said, “The magic nucleus is quite big.”

Semel waved her sleeves. There were many bubbles on the lake. The wave pulled the mercenaries who had just fallen into the hole, towards the shore!

Duwei was shocked!

His mind was confused…But the one point he was sure of was: This lady in front was not Semel! He hadn’t known this lady before; she must not be the magical creature who liked swinging her pretty legs in front of him!

She…her tone…and…Shit, she knew magic! She could use magic!

The magic creature, who was an illusion, could use magic?!


Suddenly, an unbelievable idea popped into Duwei’s mind:

She……perhaps, based on the tone she spoke with and the attitude……how she looked when she was teasing the opponent. She was similar to…the real great female astrology teacher! Semel Kira!

While Duwei was still thinking, Semel had walked back to the ground and approached Duwei.

This lady was looking at Duwei who was lying on the ground. There was still some blood on his face……

Semel was standing there and looking at Duwei. There were many stars above her head, but her eyes glistened brighter than the stars!

She kept looking at Duwei for a long time; there was something in her eyes which was indescribably……soft!

“ Dear…the trouble is solved.” Semel’s voice was so soft, like the spring breeze. The callous feeling had disappeared. “Right…Sorry, I promise you I won’t use magic again. But when I know that you are in danger, I am so worried…Zach, you know how much I love you!”

After that, the lady closed her eyes and fell down in front of Duwei!

The first thing came up in Duwei’s mind was: Who was the lady?

The second thing was: Who was the mentioned “Zach”?!


Duwei jumped up suddenly!


Shit! I remembered this name! This name was on the Family Genealogy!

Zach Rollin!! The Patriarch of the Rollin Family History! That was…the husband of the real female astrology teacher! Duwei’s ancestor?!

Ok! Now, he knew who Zach was……so that lady was……

She……Duwei moaned, “Oh my god…she is the real Semel…she is not the clone?”

ED notes:
Duwei’s so awesome he can speak using only exclamation marks!!
‘Freaking frightened’ is the worst state of being frightened.
Semel is totally a diva, she won’t stop singing even if it’s painful.
Zach … seems familiar… where did I hear that name before… *wink wink*


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